Are Vaccines Really Good For Us?

Here is a video detailing some of the truth about vaccines and their effects on us:

 Synopsis / Breakdown:

Vaccinations have caused autism. Perfectly functioning immune systems of babies are born into the world to be vaccinated with vaccines full of chemicals and toxins. The swine flu vaccine has killed people, fact. In the 1980’s the autism rate was 1 in 10,000 and in 2013 its 1 in 50. Much research is biased by the drug companies, fact. There is no research comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated and the level of success is considered worthy once antibodies are created from a vaccine even though antibodies only last for so long.

There is an unsafe assumption that because you have antibodies you will not get sick but there are cases of people who have received vaccinations and antibodies for a specific illness or disease and still contracted that disease or illness, fact. There is research showing that after rats were given vaccines for a specific virus they were still susceptible to the virus and in such studies were given the virus and died from it, after being vaccinated! Just because you have antibodies for a specific disease does not mean you are immune to it and the general assumption is that once you have the vaccine, build antibodies to the disease or virus, you are automatically immune to it. Maybe in some cases the only reason it works is because of the belief or because of a placebo.

Immunization versus naturally acquired immunity would display that immunity is only a short protection if even at all. Vaccination shots have things in them like aluminum, polysorbate 80 which is used as a spermicide, formaldehyde which is a cancer causing substance, 2 phenoxyethanol which is used as an insect repellant, magnesium sulfate which is used as fertilizer.

One of the most powerful industries in the world is the pharmaceutical industry. Is the risk worth it or are we gambling with our health and lives? It is known that junk DNA has been injected into us since the virus is cultured on chicken eggs. Vaccines start with birth and have been associated with asthma, autism, diabetes, ADHD, SIDS and other neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases, fact. The only thing that seems to have changed in the past 20 years in regards to autism is the number of vaccinations given to children. Children have died just after having received vaccinations and out of that number, 90 percent dying within the first 10 days, one third dying within the first 24 hours.  As specific issues and symptons develop in certain cases after vaccinations they appear to get worse. The hepatitis B shot also contains mercury.

There are cases of children getting progressive autism from the hep b vaccine. In particular cases, parents have noticed a difference in their children hours after getting a vaccination. We are encouraged by the medical community and society to get vaccinations for our children. Babies are born immature physically, mentally and in almost every way and then we inject them and their immature bodies from the time they are born with chemicals, toxins and foreign substances. Do they really stand a chance? At 8 weeks old the baby goes to see the doctor for their well baby checkup and can be given up to 7 different vaccines for diseases that they may never be exposed to? How likely is it that they would ever get those diseases? Then the baby goes back for more at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and a year of age. by the time the child is a year old they will have been through 70 different antigen injections, fact. We are not just getting better at diagnosing autism and such conditions but it is actually increasing. Austism is not the result of gene mutations because they happen quite slowly and can’t explain the big rise in autism. If your messing with the immune system of a non developed immature newborn you can expect some horrible outcomes.

Even though vaccines play a role toward the spike in syndromes and conditions such as ADD and ADHD is there a misdiagnosis of those conditions due to the psychiatric establishment? Another problem is the number of allergies in young children as well. Part of the allergic reaction is said to be due to the fact that the immune system in its undeveloped state is given vaccinations with all these chemicals. It takes about 3 years for the immune system to become developed. There aren’t any studies in regards to the safety of innoculating infants with combined doses of vaccinations and why? Who is to profit, the pharmaceutical companies?

There are no exposure studies to show scientifically for sure that vaccines are truly effective. The vaccines are considered effective if the antibody is generated even though with antibodies people still get the illness, virus or disease. Effective is not protective. Has it really been demonstrated or do outbreaks occur even though 90 percent of a population has been vaccinated? If it were true would you see outbreaks in populations that have been vaccinated? After a vaccine is introduced a few decades later the disease actually gets more dangerous. Mumps was introduced for commercial reasons by the CDC and is not needed now. We see booster shots because vaccines wane away. Schools are stockpiling epipens for students with diabetes and disorders because it is so much more common. What about the innate immune system that uses, instead of antibodies natural killer cells which is the first line of immune defense?

The way vaccines are created, mass produced and distributed are done so because it is one of the cheapest ways to do it. Mercury and aluminum in the vaccines are toxic and should not be put in the body. Very low concentrations of mercury have been shown to have significant and large neurodegeneration. It is a contributing factor to neurological diseases such as the ones mentioned and alzheimers. Most of the mercury however is out of vaccinations but still in a few such as the flu shots. It was in the h1n1 swine flu vaccine.

Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and no effort is made to get rid of it in other vaccines. Aluminum that isn’t exreted from vaccines after two weeks goes where? It likely accumulates in the brain and spine. Aluminum’s half life from the brain is 7 years which can result in damage. What viruses are grown on embryos of birds or chickens? Cellular debris from dead birds come in the vaccine because of the way they are filtered and grown. They are minimally purified and there is no testing done to show what debris and other junk dna is floating around in the vaccine! The purification and filtering process of a vaccine does not test for prions which have been linked to mad cow disease. There are contaminants in vaccines that have and can lead to death. There is a virus called SV40 that came in the polio virus which caused brain tumors. In 40 to 60 percent of childrens brain tumors the SV40 virus is found around the tumor tissue. The yellow fever vaccine had the leukemia virus in it, fact.

Vaccines have long term effects and have been shown to have long term cancer effects. Are there long term studies for vaccines before they are approved and administered or only short term? If so, where are they!?

In some cases vaccinations have been deemed ok if only 20 percent of patients fall ill to the vaccine. So its ok if 20 percent get sick? Vaccines are likely created like drugs, to justify the profit of a new pharmaceutical drug and to benefit big pharma. How many vaccines and drugs are created for this reason? Swine flu anyone? Are we willing to be guinea pigs and human experiments for the benefit and profit of big pharma, the FDA and such organizations?

Simple facts state that vaccines kill. Infectious diseases have been reduced not because of vaccines but because of improvement in diet and sanitation methods and education. The paradox papers is education and analysis stating that you are actually more likely to get measles after having the vaccination and the data shows the few that weren’t vaccinated actually didn’t get it. Vaccinations and the vaccinated have been, in some cases responsible for actual outbreaks of the vaccine specific disease. There have been cases of outbreaks where the disease had almost completely disappeared due to cleanliness and education of how the disease was passed around. Only afterward the vaccine came out and was given credit for being the reason people stopped being infected. The CDC, FDA and AAPS have all reported that 90 percent of vaccine adverse effects are never even reported. The idea is that in a population there will be herd immunity from getting vaccines but if vaccines only last a few years then most of the population is actually not immune and there is no herd immunity.

There have been letters to schools from the medical community stating that if the specific school doesn’t have a 90 percent compliance rate in vaccination then the principal can be fined because the school district will get less money from the government! Laws have been removed exempting government entities from being responsible for the damage and death of vaccines. It sounds like they know this inforation also does it not?

  Money laundering with the CDC has been involved in regards to the top official of such research. We should not trust a company involved in shady practices and with a track record of illegal activities. These companies have immunity from vaccine injury and death from the government and are involved in illegal practices and we should trust them to administer vaccines and psychiatric drugs, right?

Doctors even are scared to analyze autopsy samples of victims that had thought to have died due to the vaccine. Why? Are they scared to acknowledge a truth and get attacked by the companies running this nightmare?

No one will take responsibility for vaccine damage and deaths. The medical industry produces medical literature and studies that is pushed mainly by agenda, money and a medical establishment controlled by companies like the FDA and CDC who are entirely profit driven. Professionals that try to come out and blow the whistle are hit with a multitude of walls such as the media refusing to acknowledge such issues in their honest entirety. The media has been threatened by the government when even thinking about blowing the whistle. There is a religious exemption however for vaccinations you can file if your religious beliefs don’t allow for vaccinatios, otherwise welcome to the truth…


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