Religion Exposed – The Delusion Of The Masses


Everyone has heard the popular phrase stating that religion is the opiate of the masses, but few are aware that religion is but one aspect of mass delusion. The notion that either one single, or even several beings existed distinct from manifested creation, and established universal law, then created the entire universe from galaxies to solar systems, and finally all biological forms, including all physiological and neurological processes, and did this from nothing, is simply ridiculous.


It is true that I wrote a chapter in “Escaping Hell”, entitled “Creation”, where I discussed the fact that the source of all creation is the “All”, and that this could be called “God”. However, I also made the fact clear that the “All” is not a conscious entity as we consider living beings to be. I discussed an expansive thought which became everything, and I described it in terms of quantum physics. Scientists have made the mistake of viewing life as having come into existence due to an accidental “big bang”, which is just as ludicrous as the creation theory of religionists.


There certainly was a creation, and it certainly did issue forth from a source of intelligent thought; but to relate to that intelligent thought in terms of human anatomy, or even of human consciousness, demonstrates an immature and uninformed state of human consciousness. The reason for our inability to fully conceptualize this source of intelligent thought, has to do with the fact that existence as we know it is merely a microcosm of a much greater macrocosm. In other words, we exist much the same as the smaller existences we recognize through our microscopes.



The need some people feel to believe in a loving and nurturing humanoid being of great power that we can call God, is an emotional weakness born of the confusion, conflict and ignorance created by those claiming to be our creator gods, and their servants who keep us trapped and ignorant through religion. Certainly, there are direct manifestations of the Sound and Light with whom we can identify, and who are responsible for many phenomena of a universal nature; but they are available to assist us, not to rule us and exact vengeance against us.


Odin and Omin are direct manifestations of the Sound and Light respectively, but they also gave manifested existence to the one who eventually claimed his throne as the god of this world. I am speaking of Dominion here. He is of both the Sound and the Light. He gained control over our galaxy, backed by other negative forces, and threatened the existence of 4th dimensional earth called Tara. I’ve written of this occurrence elsewhere, so allow me to state just briefly, that the split between those loyal to Tara and those loyal to Dominion resulted in our arrival here on 3rd dimensional earth. We were loyal to Tara, so Dominion attacked us. This in a nutshell, constitutes the basis for the mythological story of the “war in heaven”.


By taking our magnetic time loop which provided the experience of the moment of being, or the here and now, and pulling light quanta into it, Dominion established an electromagnetic time loop which changes octaves constantly. This provides us with the illusion of linear time, and also causes us to reincarnate over and over again, with increasingly shorter life-spans. This act of adding light to the magnetic time loop, won Dominion the nickname of Lucifer, which means “Light Bearer”.




Lucifer, as we know, is the god of this world; therefore, it should not be surprising to realize that in this realm, we are wandering through a matrix wherein people seem to be individual members of various groups and races, but who are nevertheless, increasingly dominated by a ruling elite through the subconscious mind, via the collective unconscious. People are not aware of their condition because at the conscious level, it appears that they possess individual, rational thought; which, for the most part they do. However, we live in a holographic existence consisting of tonal vibrations, and everything is basically subject to a scenario being played out like a video on a computer. This is our illusion in a nutshell.


Our individual, rational thought encounters a problem where the collective impacts our psychic faculty. Those who are yet unpurified and who take their freedom of thought and expression too far, are often induced psychically to abandon any politically incorrect belief systems, even if it’s only for a moment. For some reason, certain people are untouched by the psychic attack, and that probably has to do with the nature of their Avalokita. The majority, however, remain vulnerable.


Such people may have anti-social, anti-orthodox, anti-religious, anti-government, and/or anti-conformist views; but being totally unaware of the programming of their subconscious minds, they will spontaneously support the institutions (federal government, NAACP, news media, Southern Poverty Law Center, etc.) that they consciously understand to be detrimental to free agency, financial sovereignty, and to the survival of the sovereign races in the world. I refer to this as the “Vampire’s Matrix”.


Although many have not fallen prey to the controls being established, the number of people who have done so already is alarming; and the number continues to grow daily. The most alarming aspect to all this, is that these people do not believe that they are betraying what they consciously stand for. Their conscious and unconscious minds are misaligned, and they are totally oblivious to their condition.


For example, one who knows for a fact that our news media tells lies, printing only what the government tells it to print, and knows this from personal experience, will believe something outrageous printed about someone he knows personally as a friend, simply because it was printed in a newspaper article. I have witnessed this for myself, on numerous occasions.


People who know that the U.S. Federal Justice system serves international industrialist agendas, will suddenly argue that we can make the system work for us if we just use it properly – that wrongs committed, are eventually rectified in the end. They forget completely, the financial motivations, and the social agenda, while arguing that those who are oppressing us aren’t really so sinister after all.


In George Orwell’s book, 1984, the people were largely controlled through what was called “Double Think”, and “Double Speak”. It was amazing how people could believe one set of facts, then by the simple use of double speak, turn around and believe just the opposite. The book never did describe any psychological, biological or neurological mechanism by which people became so susceptible to double speak; nor did it indicate why the controls failed to work on some people. However, these controls can be identified clearly today.


I have written elsewhere, regarding the effects of VHF waves from F.M. radio, as well as the cycles of light from television and movie screens. In this way, the subconscious minds of all viewers are opened in a state referred to by scientists, as an open-eye trance state. In this way, the subconscious is turned into Swiss cheese by both overt and subliminal programming.


Astral tags, as well as viruses carrying powerful entities, also serve as control mechanisms. The government’s remote viewers have been serving as the “thought police” for many years now; and of course, informants are everywhere.


Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious leaders, as we have already been made aware in a previous discourse, are beholden to Dominion and his archangels. Allow me to briefly analyze the name Dominion in accordance with the dictionary definition:


Dominion is a modification of the Latin, dominium, fr. Dominus. (1) Domain (2) supreme authority: sovereignty (3) pl. an order of angels – see celestial hierarchy.


Celestial Hierarchy n. (1768) a traditional hierarchy of angels ranked from lowest to highest into the following nine orders: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.


Latin: “In manus tuas, Domine”

“Into thy Hands, O Lord”

This is a traditional Christian prayer, still used in the Catholic Church today. The Vampire’s Matrix, indeed; and Dominion/Lucifer is the vampire.


Lucifer is not the Satan of Christian mythology, nor is he the mythological “devil” existing in hell, which tempts us. That role belongs to the ego. Actually, he is the god of this world, and he is the god of the Old Testament who said: “Let there be light”. Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, pray to him without even realizing who he really is. When people I talk to come to realize these facts, those who cannot give up their prayers, try to tell me that they are sending their prayers out to the real god who created this earth.


People need to realize that we exist within the domain of Dominion. This is his turf, and he has given us a process by which we can send him and his hierarchy all our energy for their collective empowerment over us. This process is the process of prayer. It doesn’t matter who we think we may be praying to; if we pray, those prayers are intercepted by the custodians of this world; Dominion and his hierarchy. This is why the one referred to as Christ turned his disciples inward to find the Kingdom of God. The Higher Self/Avalokita, being indigenous to the true spiritual planes, is our only conduit past Dominion. We talk to the Avalokita (not pray), and receive our spiritual guidance from that source – from within.


When the masses that claim to follow a spiritual leader who tells them that the Kingdom of God is within, can be duped into seeking outside themselves for that Kingdom, they are most certainly deluded; thus, the delusion of the masses. For the most part, they haven’t even figured out that their religious hierarchies are occultists, worshiping Lucifer as the “good god”.


Since Dominion was the creation of Odin and Omin, he is their responsibility, then. The Spiritual Law of Ego Sovereignty forbids higher dimensional beings from interfering in the affairs of those existing in the lower realms, so Odin and Omin had to take physical embodiment here in this 3rd dimensional realm, in order to deal with Dominion. The Norse myths were created as a veiled record of that which occurred in this regard back in very ancient times.


The creation myth begins with a description of fire and ice, which are metaphors for expansion and contraction. These, of course, describe light and sound quanta, as light is emitted from the sun on its expansion cycles, while sound quanta is expelled like water from a sponge, on its contraction cycles.


As the mythological account progresses, however, it no longer describes creation in this aspect. Rather, it describes the creation of our path back to the home we had before Dominion attacked us, in the 4th dimensional realm. The Frost Giants and Fire Giants constituted the Niflungar (Nefilim) and Reptilian Anunnaki, respectively. These enemies of our people kept the knowledge of our origins, and the way to escape this realm from us. Thus, the mythological accounts of Odin’s antics describe his process of deceiving the enemy, and gaining an awareness of: a) the illusion of which we’ve been kept ignorant; b) our origins; c) how to correct our situation; and d) the Runes, which constitute access to, and use of the forces of the universe, as direct extensions of the “All”.


While the forces of Dominion (referred to as the Giants) attempted to keep vital information away from us, Dominion himself maintained several aspects of the illusion. A quantum computer maintains our electromagnetic time loop, causing us to age with increasing rapidity, as the cycles of time become shorter and shorter, forming a foundation for the belief in time as a movement from the dead past, through the present, and on to the future.


This quantum computer also maintains an unnatural stratum in our atmosphere, consisting of highly charged electrons called ions. This is our ionosphere which, with its abundance of electrons, refracts the natural light emanating from the sun, preventing us from perceiving psychic and subatomic phenomena, and instead providing us with the illusion of a vast spatial field of unmonumental insubstantiability. This relegates us to the five senses for the most part, and makes scientific achievements very difficult. It also allows the forces of Dominion to function as magicians, and to convince us that they are “Angels of God”.

Our departure from the 4th to this 3rd dimensional realm resulted in our development of an unnatural collective unconscious (called the Akasha), which keeps us trapped in this realm by our belief in the reality of our illusion. The delusion of the masses involves the maintenance of Dominion’s established illusions, constant deceit on the part of his minions through religion, suppression of the truth regarding our origins, suppression of the knowledge of universal/runic forces, and humanity’s inability to think outside the box that was established for us.


To obtain our freedom, we must cast aside the emotional need for a savior, and gain the knowledge required to save ourselves. A belief in the so-called “Grace of God” will gain us nothing but eternal slavery; but dispelling the illusion will allow us to reestablish personal and collective sovereignty. By turning within as all the saints and sages throughout history have told us to do, we can transcend the delusion of the masses.




By: Osolvi


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