Religion Exposed – The All



The modern world has been under the domination of organized religion since its inception in the first century A.D. Many of us refer to this era in terms of C.E., or Christian Era. Under this domination, the world came to accept the biblical god introduced by Judaism, because the destruction of the ancient spiritual traditions left the masses of humanity rudderless in a sea of religious occultism.


The biblical god demands obedience to a book of laws, and his jealous nature allows for severe penalties of an eternal nature for all those who dare to defy him. The Jews are his chosen or favorite ones, of course, and his dealings with humanity prove that he possesses all the ego’s negative traits – those that we attribute to humans. This is the god of the world, and no religionist looks further than him, for to do so is to incur his wrath.


Looking further, however, we discover that the ancient spiritual traditions acknowledged the existence of an original source of all creation. In the most ancient of all traditions, it is referred to as the “Sugmad”. Other known terms are “The Source” and “The One”, while our Norse Ancestors referred to it as “All”.


The “All” is just that – it’s everything. Since it is conscious, everything in existence is also conscious, then. It has no gender, and it is never jealous, angry or vindictive. It does not demand that we bow down and worship it, nor does it provide a book of laws. The only laws that exist besides those of man, are the natural laws of the universe – those of nature, and those that apply to the principles of spiritual evolution. We either benefit from our compliance with them, or we learn our lessons for our non-compliance; but the “All” is never angry nor vindictive, and it certainly does not punish us.


All of creation is the result of an expansive thought on the part of the “All”. It is consciousness, it is the power of Light and Sound, and it is creative energy. In addition, it is the source of the electro-tonal energy-identities that we call quanta, and which have consciousness of their own accord.



These electro-tonal energy-identities constitute the life force inherent within all manifested creation, and they exist as what we call the Higher Self, or Avalokita. This is the “God Within”. The Avalokita, then, is our direct link to the original source of creation, because as a unit of consciousness, it is part and parcel of the “All”. In a sense we are also part and parcel of the “All’, but we are also a creation of the material worlds of dualism, which requires that we have a direct link in order to experience an awareness of the “All”.


Certain manifested forms have exercised their free agency in corrupting various aspects of the “All”, and still, the “All” does not become angry. It just is. Such corruptions include among other things, hierarchal structures of those who have set themselves up as so-called gods, demigods, archangels, angels, and prophets; they are not, however, the source of creation, but rather mere reflections of manifested ego in the universe. Following, is a poem that I wrote describing the “All”. I hope you enjoy it:








It’s inside all things, and outside all things;

It’s above all things, and below all things.

It’s in front of all things, behind all things;

To the right of all things, and to the left of all things;

It’s around all things.


It’s in the sounds you hear, and in the colors you see;

It’s in all the stars that might ever be.


It’s above all the cosmic elements,

And below the smallest mite;

It’s before the cosmic winds,

And behind the sand-covered plain;

It’s around the sun, and through the shade;

On the wind, and over the source;

It’s with the atoms of life, whether long or short.


It’s in the scent of an ocean breeze;

In the taste of pollen, in the smell of a fresh-cut tree


It is seen as the sparkling snow;

As the ice-covered pond, and the wind that blows;

It is seen when the sun crests the ridge;

When the Hawk soars and the Wolf takes a sniff;

It is seen where the rain pours down;

Where none dare go, and where nothing is found.


It’s in the touch of a soft summer breeze;

The shadow of a lover; and in the glistening sea

It’s found in a tear of joy;

In sorrow, and in the laughter of girls and boys;

It’s found in a whiff of smoke across the silent light of dawn;

The cool mountain air, and in the midsummer sun;

It’s found in the breath of a fish; in the song of a bird;

And It’s found in the watery depth of ocean and pond.


It is seen in the cascade of a waterfall;

The rustle of autumn leaves, and heard in

The Valkyries’ call


It is found on the battlefield where honor is claimed;

In the deeds of heroes, and where troth is made.

It is found in knowledge of Self;

In creation, and rebirth;

It is found in the moon’s cosseting glow;

In the touch of fate, and in the mind’s vast hole


It is seen in the creative flow of volcanoes;

And felt in the chaotic powers of clashing tensions – In

Storm clouds, and lightning bolts.


It’s the balance of nature; of cosmos, and self;

It’s the intelligence of our kind;

It’s rationality, and completion of all that’s sublime.

It’s seen in the initiatory rite;

It’s perceived as the moment of being, and the power of Light.


It’s found in Folk unity; in all that’s harmonious,

And also in perfection.


It’s in growth, renewal, healing, and all that’s right;

It’s in a mother’s touch, as well as in Mjölnir’s might.

It can be seen, heard and felt; it’s bright and dim;

It’s all about, but also within.

It’s both life and death; like the sweet balm of

Honeysuckle against the taste of yew.


It can be seen in all cycles of time;

In tradition, and in the soul of our kind.


It’s heard in thundering hooves upon the plain;

Seen in ordered movement, and in the wisdom of all things;

It’s the past of crystalline time swings;

The flavor of love’s passion, and all that will be;

It’s the caress of a lover’s warm breath;

The stillness of winter, and life started afresh


It’s in the genes, a part of each tendril;

It’s a gateway for the Higher Will.



By: Osolvi




This article was inspired by an April 2012 writing that was sent to my e-mail by a friend of mine. It was about: “The True Slave” and was written in reference to those who are aware of their micro-managed existence, yet choose to ignore the facts because such facts run contrary to their mission to fulfill their private delusions.


This mentality permeates not only the political arena, but also the social and religious arenas as well. Most people who have read “Escaping Hell”, “Pulling the Curtain on God”, and who have read my articles and discourses, agree that we have been trapped here like prisoners. Most of those have a desire to work with the Higher Self in purifying that which keeps their vibratory frequencies low in order to transcend this world, and to escape the traps of Dominion. They realize their status as prisoners.


Nevertheless, only a very few of these who are aware, actually pursue their freedom. Some people might go as far as to receive their link-up to the Avalokita or Higher Self, but then they revert almost immediately, to their old habits, totally ignoring the Divinity within them. Do they enjoy their subservience? Maybe not, but It seems as though they are weighted with fear by the very idea of independence from that which they have always known. For many people, personal responsibility is simply too awesome in its reality; its philosophy, on the other hand, is much easier to cope with. Such as these are the true slaves in life; they are always complaining about their plight and wishing that someone would set them free. They are too complacent to set themselves free. They are unable to imagine the reality of existing beyond the pig pen of life.




As the author of the article stated: “The worst flaw of the slave is not necessarily his ability to overlook the truth, but his ability to see it, comprehend it, and then shrug it off anyway because it is contrary to his mission to fulfill his private delusions. For the slave, the truth exists, but is no longer useful….”


Rather than turning within to seek guidance from the Higher Self, the slave seeks egoistic wisdom, and the resulting acceptance of those who are unenlightened. Rather than accepting personal responsibility for his developmental process, the slave sinks back into his old habits of life – his comfort zone.


Yes, we are all prisoners at this time, but only a small handful of us are not slaves. We are in constant contact with the Higher Self, raising our vibratory frequencies and purifying that which is required in order to escape this prison. The majority are literal slaves to Dominion’s agenda, choosing through their inaction, to be ruled by the god of this world. They are slaves in hell, maintaining false hope in a power outside themselves to save them. The prisoners have actually enslaved themselves.



By: Jon Stauffer


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