Religion Exposed – Taking The Path Above Religion


          The spiritual path, as we have discussed previously, requires personal responsibility for one’s performance of spiritual exercises, following the dictates of one’s Avalokita, and living the ethical life. There is no book of laws as there is in religion, nor is there a just and loving God waiting to punish you for eternity when you fail to obey such laws as provided by those forces existing outside yourself.

The forces of which I speak, have provided the world with religion in order to keep the masses duped, subservient, and cooperative in the face of the endless catastrophes that plague their lives. Religion keeps the masses accepting the allotted karma that is continuously dumped on them, and it allows the occult forces in the world to maintain temporal control over them.

Dominion, his Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters enjoyed total sovereignty over this planet for longer than the human mind can contemplate. Their occult representatives have likewise enjoyed their lesser sovereignty over the masses of people here. When we free ourselves from the traps that have been set for us, and begin to progress spiritually, the sovereigns at all levels become angry and attempt to force us back into the box from whence we have emerged.

Christian religions accept one’s ability to listen to the promptings of the “Holy Ghost” as long as those promptings do not contradict the teachings of those in authority. Any conflict is claimed to be the work of the “devil”, and the Christian is warned of his or her dangerous position with God.


Christians are taught that to meditate, or to otherwise turn within for guidance is dangerous because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. In some circles it is believed that the one meditating fills him or her self up with demons. Such Christians are taught instead, to pray to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he is the only one who can help them. Of course, the answer to their prayers better fit into the box held by their religious leaders, otherwise God will be angry, and the punishment will be exacting. Therefore, to be on the safe side, most Christians blindly follow their trusted occult religious leaders.

Those who deviate are seldom punished by their religious leaders to much of an extent in these modern times, but if they choose to engage in spiritual activities to any extent at all, they are subject to coming under attack by the so-called Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, and even by the occultists of this world.

When a person develops psychic powers, healing powers, or a shamanic capacity that might lead to his or her development of an ability to defend against psychic attack, he or she will often come under heavy psychic attack by either astral or occult forces. Such psychic attack may take the form of energy loss, a depletion of one’s mental capacity, physical pain, nightmares, or even attempts at demonic possession. Attacks such as these are designed to intimidate the individual into going back to church and climbing back into the religious box where he or she can feel safe.

Any path, whether it be one that purifies the ego, including the lower passions and mental obsessions, or whether it involves use of the light in effectuating higher vibratory frequencies, or whether it involves shamanic powers only, constitutes a path above religion. Such development is acceptable to the sovereigns only within the confines of certain occult circles, such as the inner circles of Freemasonry, affiliates of the Golden Dawn, and the inner occult circles of some of the major religious organizations.

Those who stray from organized religion thinking that they will develop spiritually on their own are deluding themselves. If they do not come under attack, then they are not developing spiritually in any significant way at all.

Those who do come under attack will learn how to protect themselves and fight back, or they will have to seek the protection of one who has shamanic powers. The alternative is to go back into the religious box, thinking that Jesus has saved them. Psychologists understand this tactic in terms of crisis psychology. The one who creates the crisis is also the one who arrives on the scene to save the day when death and destruction are eminent.

Anyone who has left organized religion and has began to develop spiritually, knows what it is that I am talking about. The only ones who don’t know are those who have become trapped by the Ascended Masters in the New Age Movement, and are thus spinning their spiritual wheels while thinking that they are ascending as perfected beings.

I have assisted numerous people that have left organized religion and found themselves in big trouble for having done so. Old habits die hard, and as soon as those who begin calling on their old and familiar deities (saviors, gods and angels) go to their knees once again, or at least extend their hearts to them, they find themselves in trouble all over again. The reason for this has to do with the fact that when they call upon such deities, they invite them back in, and in this way, my protection is withdrawn. It would be a violation of spiritual law for me to protect someone against those whom they want to embrace.

Some people return to their religious deities out of fear when they feel that something is attacking them, even if they are adequately protected against such attacks. This is what leads to their ultimate demise, and at this point, only their return to the religious box can save them. They must, of course, give up their spiritual path. Taking the path above religion is not possible for such as these, because they lack spiritual strength, courage and self-determination.

I’ve even had people call me in tears, asking for my assistance, while at the same time telling me that Jesus is the only one who can save them. Is this insanity? You bet! It’s not that there was ever anything wrong with Jesus. It’s that after his death, he became an icon and an archetype utilized by our spiritual enemies. Therefore, to call upon him is to call upon those forces that will attack us, attack us, and attack us until we beg to go back into the box.

We are all aware of those in third world countries who walk spiritual paths unmolested, but spiritual attacks could not return them to a religious box that they were never in to begin with. Neither are they likely to have much of a spiritual impact on the rest of the world. They are simply no threat to our spiritual enemies. To be honest, however, spiritual adepts worldwide could actually be in great danger at this time. There has been a war raging since January of 2004, and I know of one great non-warrior Master who has been compromised by the enemy. How many others have been also, I don’t know.

Not everyone was meant to walk the warrior path, but it takes a warrior’s courage to walk the path above religion, particularly the spiritual path. We live in a world of occultism and karma, where only the strongest may get away with walking above religion. I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve done so for about twenty-six years now at the time of this writing, and my spiritual enemies are still trying to take me down for my support of others who seek their spiritual freedom.

How could I expect it to be any other way, though? I live and breathe on my enemies’ turf, I have defied their power, and I persist in helping others to do so as well. If those that the religionists pray to were not actually the enemies of all humanity, then they would simply allow us our free agency in escaping the trap of religion, even if it brought us spiritual destruction. Instead, however, they attack us demonically because they don’t want us to escape the trap. They don’t want us to develop spiritually by walking the path above religion.

If I were not coming under constant attack, I would think that something was wrong. Indeed, when all is quiet on the battlefront, I am alerted to the fact of a major offensive being staged, and it always comes. This is my responsibility for the warrior path that I walk; but as I stated above, it is not meant that everyone should walk this path. Many people who have come under my protection, either experience nothing in the way of attacks, or they experience a few minor episodes only.

Those religionists who claim to have no problems in the way of psychic attacks, and believe that it’s due to the fact that they walk in the light of Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, or whoever, are deluding themselves. They are free from attack because they pose no threat to those who keep them in spiritual bondage; they do not walk the path above religion.

Do not worry that if you were to walk a spiritual path, that you would suffer the attacks of our enemies. Those few of us who offer spiritual paths, also offer our protection. More so than any others, it is we who come under constant attack. However, once you begin a spiritual path, it is wise not to dabble in the other side by calling upon them for assistance as you once did.



By: Odin




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