Religion Exposed – Statement of Discharge


My decision to abandon Christianity in general, Mormonism in particular, and organized religion completely, has nothing to do with an inability to live the word of wisdom, or to refrain from fornication; nor does it have anything to do with having gone to prison, or having somehow lost my faith.


My decision has everything to do with my open minded observation of facts and phenomena, in the face of a series of very profound spiritual experiences. My path is one of knowledge gained from personal experience, and not from faith supported by so-called miracles that can’t quite be explained.


Others should be able to understand in light of the forgoing, why it is that I don’t listen to anyone who tries to shepherd me back into the flock. I have been on that side of the fence, and I am in possession of the knowledge available there. Those who attempt to shepherd me, have not been on my side of the fence, however, and they do not possess the knowledge that I have gained. They are not in a position, therefore, to judge my path, or any decisions that I make relative to that path.


I, on the other hand, am in a position to judge the qualities of that which lies on both sides of the fence. Having existed within the parameters of organized religion, I am very well aware of the fact that religionists view the other side of the fence as being a barren land where people lack morality, spiritual guidance and salvation. When one has strayed, and is eventually brought back into the flock, stories of alcoholism, drug addiction, and other types of sin and debauchery are revealed. In this way, religionists develop their unrealistic views of what lies on the other side.


My story of the other side of the fence is not popular, because it doesn’t satisfy the prejudicial needs of religionists. It reveals a realistic approach to spiritual freedom and enlightenment that is held in disdain by those who would rather remain inside their little box, peering outward and judging that which they know nothing of. Therefore, I have little or nothing to say to those who attempt to shepherd me back into the flock, unless they are open minded enough to listen to that which lies outside the box, and seriously consider the inherent potentials in what I have to teach.






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