Religion Exposed – Religious Deceit


          I was once a religionist, existing within the box that was established for me by a religious hierarchy, society and my family. Therefore, I have been on that side of the fence; but having utilized my sense of self-determination, I have experienced this side of the fence, questioning all that others had told me about their version of the truth.


Out of Egypt came the Pharasitic Israelites with the Egyptian Book of the Dead from which, they wrote the Cabala and established a priest class called the Levites. The Book of the Dead was given to King Solomon who used this book of occult magic to establish a reptilian form of ritual and worship, which is laid out explicitly in the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon, written in his own hand. His temple was established with reptilian signs, symbols and rituals.


When the Israelites/Pharisees were taken into bondage in 586 B.C., they used the ancient Sumerian Texts to begin writing the foundations of the Bible. Their “scriptures” along with the occult god, were passed on to Muslims and Christians as what is now known as the Biblical God. Therefore, it is equally correct to refer to Christianity as being Judeo-Christian and Egypto-Christian in nature, because they are one in the same.


Religion was first established in the world in the form of Judaism, standing apart from the more spiritual traditions in that it established an occult hierarchy replete with a book of laws, and severe penalties for those who violated those laws. From this religion sprang forth Christianity and Islam, both worshiping the occult deities called angels, and the god of this world provided by Judaism.


In a temple endowment ceremony performed in one well known religion, Adam calls on God. When Lucifer appears and Adam asks him who he is, Lucifer replies: “I am the God of this world.” Then he asks Adam what he wants, and Adam requests further light and knowledge, and Lucifer gives him preachers, acknowledging the fact that he gave the world religion.


When Adam rejects the preacher’s teachings, Peter, James and John ask him if he knows who he is serving, and informs him that it’s the Devil. Then the preacher is cast from Lucifer’s presence for his failure to convert Adam to religion, and he asks Peter, James and John what he should do. They tell him that they will teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At this point, the church members think that the preacher will learn about their religion. They believe that their “church” teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but this is in fact not true at all.


Jesus was an Essene, and the Essene Gospel of Peace uses the term “Father” in reference to the “Higher Self.” Therefore, Christ taught the Gospel of the Higher Self when he claimed that he and the Father were one. He taught the Gospel of the Higher Self when he taught that the Kingdom of God was within.


Churches on the other hand, teach that we must look outward to the teachings of the prophets and to our religious leaders. They teach that we need a savior from outside ourselves, and that turning within may lead us astray. They teach that all spiritual knowledge may be found in the scriptures, and that any promptings to the contrary from within, are from the Devil.


Thus, no church teaches the “Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Instead, they teach what is required by Lucifer (the god of this world) in order to keep us trapped. The Catholics say a prayer to “Domine” which is the Latin form for Dominion – the true name of Lucifer. This is the Biblical god taken from ancient Egypt by Jews, and given to the rest of the world.


With the advent of religion, the former spiritual traditions were destroyed except where some of the spiritual adepts were able to take them into hiding and protect them from the religious intolerance and psychic attacks of occultism. Nevertheless, Christ’s esoteric tradition of the Essenes was destroyed by those claiming to be his followers, as were the Gnostics, and the Vitkar of Northern Europe.


Inquisitions bringing torture, murder and mayhem terrorized all those who dared to stand against the religious and occult forces occupying the land; and all this in the name of the Biblical god who was never a factor until the advent of organized religion which was given its birth through the occultism of the Egyptian tradition.


Not until religion was fairly well established in the more civilized regions of the world, did the inquisitions subside. Torture, murder and mayhem, however, continued in certain areas where traditional practices were difficult to stamp out. Midwives and herbalists were burned at the stake as “witches”, in order for the priests and physicians to gain a monopoly on health care and medical procedures.


Christ did not claim to have established “God’s Kingdom on Earth;” rather, he said that the Kingdom of God is within us. Not until the god of this world (Lucifer) established religion, was it claimed that “God’s Kingdom” is on the Earth. No creator-God would have established a Kingdom based upon torture, murder and mayhem, and Christ established no religious hierarchy. No creator-god would be full of jealousy (one of the lower passions of imperfect humans), nor would he punish his “children” for eternity out of anger and jealousy. All these ideas stem from religion capable of torture, murder and mayhem. They stem from an occult foundation.


Even before the inquisition era came to an end, religion took on a false cloak of purity, peace and love while its occult hierarchy established secret occult societies that controlled governments and pretended to operate independently of the religious institutions.


Believing the Biblical god to be the original source of all creation, religious followers pray to the occult hierarchy, and thereby open themselves up to random attacks of a psychic nature. These followers may be sincere in their hearts, believing that their religion promotes nothing but love, peace, truth and freedom, but they are deluded by deceptive words and psychic phenomena of an occult origin. Like Adam in the temple endowment, they ask, and Lucifer answers.


Where there was once respect among the various cultures for one another’s spiritual traditions, there is now religious intolerance. Everyone believes himself to possess the only truth, and all others who believe contrary, are to be cast from the presence of a god full of jealousy and vengeance, to never experience happiness again.


More people have been tortured and killed in the name of this angry god, than any sane person would want to contemplate. Religious intolerance is the root cause of most heated arguments, injustices committed in businesses and companies, and for the dissolution of family ties.


Religious leaders preach high and lofty words from their pulpits in beautiful and grand churches, tabernacles and temples, while their congregations are summarily attacked by occult forces that keep them emotionally tied to the illusion. To break free is to elicit first, loving attempts to bring the “wayward” one home, and if that doesn’t work, then hostility and rejection ensue.


If the one breaking free embarks on a spiritual path, then the occult forces and their hierarchy of so-called angels – the occult hierarchy of Dominion/Lucifer begin to attack from the astral realms, attempting to drive the individual back to the “fold”, where they will remain safe from the evil forces they are compelled to pray to.


Treacherous indeed, is the spiritual path of the spirit warriors who steadfastly fight in behalf of all of humanity, against these evil occult forces and their god of the world.




By: Osolvi



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