Religion Exposed – Navigating The After Death Matrix


People in general have a fascination with death far surpassing that of most other subjects. Having been kept ignorant of life beyond this physical realm, having been confined in perception to their five senses, and possessing a natural fear of the unknown, this fascination with death is not surprising.

The physical body may or may not suffer pain from that which causes its death, but there is no actual pain in death itself. In fact, it’s a rather blissful experience as the coarse vibrations of the body are left behind, and the Higher Self can be felt and heard more readily.

In many ways, each person’s experience is similar to the experience of others, but in other ways, each one has a very unique experience at death. A number of people who have died and later returned to relate their experiences, have reported a tunnel through which, they traveled to the light at the other end. This is a trap designed to snare the curious, the mentally distraught, and those who have a fear of the darkness enveloping them. The tunnel leads to one of Dominion’s “astral centers”, which we will discuss later in this discourse.

Other people have reported an experience of darkness that was very comforting, a soft golden light enveloping them, multi-colored lights, and on occasion, even speaking with loved ones on the other side.

One or more family members, if they haven’t reincarnated, may come to escort the deceased to where they reside. Often, it is one or more members of a religious group who come to provide an escort, as they have been preparing for the person’s arrival on the other side.

If the individual is to return to the physical body, the DNA Template, or Etheric Double will still be inhabited, and this tells loved ones that it is not yet their time. Sometimes their loved ones will simply float away, but other times they will tell the person that he or she must go back. Often, the person speaking is an astral entity who pretends to be a deity figure such as Jesus, and sends the person back to the physical thinking he or she has been in heaven.

Quite often a person who dies, possesses heavy emotional attachments to people, places or things of this world, and inadvertently becomes earthbound. Trying to continue her lifelong duty of living her son’s life for him, a mother might continue to inhabit the etheric double, following her son around, nagging at him. If she fears that her husband might have a relationship with the woman next door, she will hang around to make life hell for him in any way she can.

Under normal circumstances, the etheric double is released within a few minutes, but no more than a few days after the death of the body. However, this template for the DNA generally remains in tact for about two weeks, unoccupied. For this reason, many of the ancients used to cremate the body.

This has to do with the fact that after a person leaves the double behind, it can be picked up by any astral entity passing by, and used to play tricks on friends and family of the deceased. In Northern Europe, such an entity was referred to as a “Drauger”, or “The Walking Dead”. Cremation destroys the etheric double, and there is no possibility of desecration in this way.

Once the deceased has moved on to the astral plane, his or her experience becomes unique. Those who are of a very negative nature possess an astral sheath of negativity which keeps them in the lower frequency levels associated with the lower astral realms. If they can manage to purify their negative energies, their experience will naturally evolve to the higher realms of the astral plane. The lower emotional passions have a lot to do with these lower realms of existence.

In order to understand the nature of both personal and group differences in the astral experience, we must first understand the nature and significance of archetypes.

Basically, an archetype according to the dictionary is an “original model”, or “prototype”. More specifically, however, the term archetype refers to an energetic phenomenon which manifests the results of our hopes, fears, and our emotional reactions to experiences – both real and imagined – as well as our long-held belief systems. We create archetypes, both as individuals, and as whole groups, and even as races of people. Archetypes take the form of mental constructs which not only manifest in the unconscious as personal and group preferences and propensities, but also manifest in the astral realm as actual places, beings and available activities, such as missionary work for various groups.

Certain mythological deities may be created, as well as their associated heavens through the empowerment they receive from ritual practice, the singing of songs, and/or prayer. Therefore, the imperative for every member of a religion is to support the archetypes for the facilitation of each one’s entrance into the religious group’s heaven.

Those who have read the information section of the website, know that they can establish within themselves, the archetypes associated with an astral world called “Mani-Om-Sah”, or “A noble structure complete with a solid foundation for all that which is to come.” Then, at the time of death, either one’s Higher Self will provide escort, or one of the Einherjar who teach in that world will come to introduce the individual to his or her place of refuge, learning, and transcendence.

Those people who leave this world with no belief system also have no archetypes which provide an astral abode, and are thus targets for what I have termed the “astral clowns”. They lead people here and there, wasting their time and draining them of all their energy. Eventually, they find their way into one of Dominion’s astral centers, which we will discuss shortly. Before we do that, however, let’s briefly discuss those who have no real expectations for the after-death state. Many of these will experience a blissful darkness, and begin to have fond memories prior to falling asleep and drifting through their unconscious. This is what Tibetan Buddhists call the Bardo.

Those who either remain awake, or who are awakened after some time in the Bardo, and experience confusion and depression, are usually taken to an astral center where they are confined until they begin to take responsibility for themselves. Even those with religious archetypes and established heavens will eventually be taken to an astral center.

The astral centers are an unnatural phenomenon, established by the forces of Dominion, called archangels. The ancient Egyptians spoke of them in terms of “pylons”, or sometimes “Forts”. Very advanced technologies allow the keepers of these astral centers to infuse a person with Sound and Light frequencies that provide a feeling of love and bliss. In this way, the unwary astral traveler feels that this is where he or she needs to reside, and the religionists feel that they are in the presence of God.

Once trapped, the individual is subjected to indoctrination, judgment, allotted karma, and reincarnation. Above all others, religionists will accept their judgment, believing it to be the “will of God”; and in a way, it is.

As long as people have been praying to Dominion, attending the churches set up by the forces of Dominion, and playing in the collective unconscious, it matters not that they may have reached the heaven of their religious group. Their karmic ties to family, friends and even enemies will keep them bound to the cycles of birth and death, with the emissaries of Dominion passing judgment and allotting karma. Welcome to the “Judgment Day”.

Those who have broken through the illusions of Dominion, have increased their vibratory frequencies through spiritual purification and runic attunement, and thus have transcended this world, will have the opportunity to either establish their own astral sanctuary, or to find a safe resting place in Mani-Om-Sah.

Mani-Om-Sah exists at a higher vibratory frequency than that of the upper astral plane, and is therefore outside the control of Dominion. There are no astral centers there, and no judgment day. This is a place for learning and personal development. Eventually, when reincarnation is desired, you may choose to do so from the astral realm that you originally inhabited, or you may ascend further up, first. When you do take embodiment, it will be in the dimensional realm corresponding to the astral realm you are evolving in at the time.

Rather than undergoing the cycles of birth and death as you have been doing here in this realm, you will live indefinitely, making your ascension in body form, from one dimension to the next. Only if you are killed, will you go back to an astral realm (again in Mani-Om-Sah), then reincarnate from there, to continue your journey above the realms of Dominion.

Mani-Om-Sah exists at a higher vibratory frequency than the astral realm it is associated with, all the way from the 3rd dimension, through the 12th. At each level, are teachers and guides called Einherjar, as well as manifestations of the runic elementals in humanoid form. These are direct manifestations of the “All”, or the original source of all creation. In most circles, the “All” is referred to as either “The One”, or as “The Source”.

In our abode (Mani-Om-Sah) at the 3rd dimensional astral level, the world consists of twelve continents. Cultural differences acquired on Earth require varied educational approaches in our abode. Due to the fact that everyone will be of like mind and vibratory frequency, however, friendly exchanges and trade will occur from one continent to the next, without conflict. Those of the lower vibratory frequencies cannot reside in Mani-Om-Sah.

Those who are escorted to one of the higher astral realms, yet have loved ones at the 3rd dimensional astral level, will have the opportunity to participate in assisting their evolutionary process of astral ascension. None of us will ever be stuck at one level, because mental, emotional and spiritual evolution is always an ongoing process.

Certain aspects of some of our discourses provide not only ideas, but also instruction on exactly how to create your own sanctuary in Mani-Om-Sah. Runic knowledge will acquaint you with the energies and personalities of the runic elementals, and certain ritual forms will help you to strengthen your archetypes.

By learning how to navigate our way around all the traps of the astral plane, not only can we transcend this world, but we can use the astral as a gateway to the universe, eternally moving forward without any concern whatsoever, that we might be trapped once again by Dominion and his force of so-called angels.


Jon Stauffer

Institute Instructor




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