Religion Exposed – A Treatise On Religion – Begin The Awakening

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By way of an introduction, allow me to state that many people who read this will immediately label me as a “conspiracy theorist”. This seems to b a popular label used by those who have no other defense to use in behalf of that which they so dearly love and trust.


The fact is, that when two or more individuals get together and plan a way to secure either money, public cooperation or religious servitude in furthering an agenda, we have a conspiracy; but many people have been duped by the politically correct crowd and its propaganda machine into believing that conspiracies are merely theories that are concocted by paranoid and deluded individuals.


Are we to actually believe that our judges, lawyers, politicians, priests, and corporate moguls are so true and loving, that none of them would ever come together to conspire something for their own gain? So ridiculous are those who go around spouting forth about conspiracy theories, that they never stop to think that all people conspire all the time, and none do it better than those in high places, who have a lot of money to make by doing so.


Since so many people go through life with blinders on, I’ve decided to begin this treatise with a short discourse that I wrote a few years back, entitled “Cultural Blindness”, because it discusses something called “believing is seeing”. No, I don’t have dyslexia; I meant to say it that way. We like to think that when we see something, whether it’s in a physical sense, or whether it’s seeing as in perceiving a new reality, then we can believe it. In actuality, the opposite is true more often than we like to believe. Enjoy!







          In his book “Lila”, author and philosopher Robert Pirsig tells of sailing into port at Cleveland, when because of misreading the chart he believed he was actually some twenty miles up shore in a completely different harbor. Yet the landscape seemed to tie in with the chart – until he remembered having discounted discrepancies between the map and the land, convincing himself that changes had been made to the shoreline since the chart was produced.


Writing about himself in the third person, Pirsig states: “It was a parable for students of scientific objectivity. Wherever the chart disagreed with his observations he rejected the observation and followed the chart. Because of what his mind thought it knew, it had built up a static filter, and immune system, that was shutting out all information that did not fit. Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing.


“If this were just an individual phenomenon it would not be so serious. But it is a huge cultural phenomenon too, and it is very serious. We build up whole cultural intellectual patterns based on past “facts” which are extremely selective. When a new fact comes in that does not fit the pattern we don’t throw out the pattern. We throw out the fact. A contradictory fact has to keep hammering and hammering, sometimes for centuries, before maybe one or two people will see it. And these one or two have to start hammering on others for a long time before they see it too.”

  1. Pirsig, Lila: An Inquiry into morals

(London: Black Swan, 1992), 392-93.




Hitler’s enemies, since World War Two, have convinced us of that which they call “facts”. We have grown up believing that what we have been taught about Hitler are indeed true facts. Official history in this regard, is like the map, or chart. When we encounter discrepancies in the official history, they are like the land. Our natural tendency is to reject our observations, and follow the chart/official history. This is our static filter in action, causing within us, a manifestation of that phenomenon described by Mr. Pirsig as: “Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing.” We continue to believe in official history, regardless of facts that come into our awareness through our own observations.


This principle is seen in action in the context of politics and religion, as well as in history. Politically speaking, television, newspapers and magazines are the charts provided for our use. Religiously speaking, the charts are scriptures and religious leaders.


The President can prove himself to be a liar over, and over again; but if the news media carries his word about weapons of mass destruction in a particular country, the public will believe him, and even send their sons and daughters out to bleed and die for his personal interests in the oil business.


Likewise, our personal experience of a spiritual nature can provide facts that contradict the intellectual patterns established for us by our religions, and we will invariably throw out the facts, and keep the patterns.


Mr. Pirsig was a very insightful man, able to analyze himself objectively, and thus, learn something about humanity as a whole. Our religious leaders, our political leaders, and those who write official history, are keeping the masses duped, because they understand the principle that: “Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing”. They use our “static filters” against us, always keeping us twenty miles down shore from where we believe ourselves to be.


It’s no wonder, then, that Americans cannot prevent their eventual enslavement. They cannot awaken to reality, because they keep tying in the landscape with the chart, by discounting the discrepancies. They cannot rid themselves of their static filters; or in this case, “reality filters”.




By: Osolvi




This is my treatise on religion, and it is based on both historical and scientific fact, as well as on my personal experiences of an empirical, a spiritual, and a shamanic nature. The reader should not, therefore, judge my treatise in accordance with his or her own lack of such experience, throwing out the historical and scientific facts. Accept or reject it as you will, but don’t make the mistake of judging it; for to do so, is to reject the observation while sticking to the chart. Continue to ignore the facts in favor of the established patterns, and for you, believing will be seeing.


I understand that many people need organized religion in their lives, and that it has provided them with the structure that they needed at some point, and that it probably still does. In the pages that follow, I come down pretty hard on religion, but I don’t mean to convey the notion that I believe everyone should abandon it. I do, however, feel that those who have come to need it are most unfortunate indeed.



My obvious attitude has nothing to do with a belief that religion is totally bad and that it has nothing to offer anyone. I realize that many people experience a sense of community, loving support, and security in the hope that it offers those who fear what to them is the unknown when having to depart this world.


My attitude has everything to do with those who gave us religion, the reason they gave it to us, and the traps that religion employs against the unwary. In this case, I guess it is accurate to say that ignorance is bliss. In addition, I sometimes write with somewhat of an abusive touch (not always), and it is easy to mistake this for something that it is not. I am not bitter in the least bit; in fact, I think that although true, much of what I write is a little humorous. So read what I have written, take it seriously, but don’t become distraught over the facts – I haven’t.


This treatise is a compilation of numerous discourses that I have written over the years, and these will appear in the order that I have selected, each with its own title. I have taken the liberty of interjecting additional thoughts and explanations between discourses and I hope that these will be helpful. The discourses have been taken mainly from segments of “Esoteric Studies”, as well as from others that I have saved. Some others have come from my book, “Pulling The Curtain On God”.


The first discourse is entitled “The God Of This World”, and it sometimes makes reference to a book entitled “Escaping Hell”. This is another book that I wrote. This first discourse also makes references to certain things regarding the Biblical God, and these things may be a bit hard to swallow at first. However, some of the discourses that follow will more than adequately solidify my position in the first. Enjoy!







Everyone – Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, are all taught that the god to whom they pray is the highest authority in the universe, having created all of humanity, the earth upon which we live, and all the heavens including the stars, sun, and everything else in existence. Even the Hindus, Buddhists, American Indians, and New Agers believe in a god who created all this, even if their belief systems do not take on the form of organized religion with a book of laws and religious dogma.


Does anyone ever stop to think about whom this god is, that they pray to? Do we ever stop to seriously consider the nature of this god? As was pointed out in the book “Escaping Hell” on page 21 (See: Mormons are taught, and many other Christians have been astute enough to realize that Lucifer is the god of this world. Still, though, everyone tends to believe that they pray to a god higher than the god of this world. Are there two gods then?


It has been said that the god of this world has the power to bruise man’s heels. Let’s think about this for just a minute. Someone who has “God” status has only enough power to follow us around kicking at the backs of our heels? Does this make any sense to you? The presence of incongruities such as this one always indicates that there are important factors missing from the equation.


Let’s begin with the fact that Lucifer is only a nickname. We’ll get to that nickname in a little bit, but for now we should be aware of the fact that his real name is Dominion. We should also be aware of the fact that the Christian Church from which all others emerged (or at least whose Bible they utilize), has an ancient prayer to “Dominus”, or “Dominium”. This, of course, is the Latin form of Dominion. The prayer is in Latin: “In manus tuas, Domine” – “Into thy hands, O Lord”.


In discovering the nature of this god to whom everyone prays, we can draw from both Christian and Jewish sources. Even the Koran utilized by the Muslims, quotes heavily from the Old Testament which has god telling the Jews to slaughter all non-Jews without mercy, and not even to leave a dog alive. Taking such examples to heart, Muslims also have a history of slaughtering all non-Muslims, referring to them as “Infidels”.


Christians have a bloody history of converting the so-called heathens not only at the point of a Christian sword wielded in the name of god, but also through cleverly devised methods of torture. Even in modern times, those who pray to god, go to war against one another for purposes of greed, power and control, all believing that god is on their side. By providing so-called miracles for all warring factions, god keeps them all believing that they are his favored ones. In this way, then, he sanctions what everyone does to each other, along with all the murder and mayhem that seems to be justified as long as governmental authority sanctions it.


As was pointed out on pages 20&21 in the chapter entitled “Hell” of the book “Escaping Hell”, religionists notoriously absolve god from any responsibility for the atrocities committed in his name, by pointing out the fact that he gave us our free agency. Nevertheless, they believe that god continues to support those involved in such atrocities, as his miracles on the battlefield are acknowledged…for all factions. From pulpits all over the world, religionists can be seen and heard telling stories of such miracles.


On the other hand, we must critically examine the nature of this so-called free agency if we are to come to an understanding of this god to whom we pray. The fact is, that if we don’t do as god says, and in the way he says to do it, while pretending to like it, then we get punished without mercy, just like the examples provided by his followers in the Old Testament, by those in the Muslim countries, and by the Christian Inquisition. The only difference is that god’s punishment lasts for an eternity.


In our religious teachings, we are taught that god is our loving, kind and benevolent Heavenly Father on the one hand, while on the other, we are taught that our failure to appease him will result in some sort of eternal punishment and damnation. In other words, we are taught to accept a god that seems to be bipolar. He loves and accepts us if we obey well enough, but those who fail for whatever reason, are hated by him – his love, then, is “conditional” in the extreme.


As chapter four of the book “escaping Hell” pointed out, psychologists have noted that narcissists have unrealistic expectations of unconditional approval and admiration. Didn’t god get mad and destroy the earth once because the people wouldn’t pay attention to him? This fact should cause any thinking person to take pause and reconsider the implications in the commandment: “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me”. How can he have such unrealistic expectations of unconditional approval and admiration without extending the same to us and still be considered worthy of godhood?


As chapter five pointed out, the Biblical god made a bet with a demon (some sources say it was Satan) that ended up causing Job a whole lot of pain and misery. Religionists excuse this petty little game of one-up-man-ship as a mere test for Job; but it literally pulls the curtain on god, who needed to prove to a demon that his followers would continue to worship him from a position on their knees, regardless of their suffering. It marks the god of this world as a narcissist.

Even god himself doesn’t seem to argue with this point of view. He says openly, that he’s a jealous god, so why can’t we all get a clue? Jealousy is an extreme form of envy, which is one of the “seven deadly sins of narcissism” as accepted by psychologists everywhere. The notion that the term “jealousy” may be an inadequate translation does not work, because the Bible is replete with examples of his bipolar nature, as noted above. Therefore, the god of this world is a bipolar narcissist.


I would never make such accusations against the real creator of our universe. The bipolar god of this world, however, is not the original source of all creation. He simply took over, just like the huckster who took over Oz.


The book “Escaping Hell” describes how Dominion trapped us here by converting the original “magnetic” time loop of this earth-realm, into an electromagnetic time loop. He pulled the opposite directional flow of light into the Sound aspect, which is magnetic, and made it electromagnetic in nature, which provides the illusion of linear time. Thus, Dominion earned the nickname of Lucifer, which means “the bearer of light”, or the “light giver”. This is indeed, the Biblical god who said: “Let there be light”.


When we pray, our prayers do not go to a God that exists above and beyond the god of this world. First of all, we were all taught that the god we pray to is the Biblical god. Secondly, we exist in Dominion’s trap where his angels and archangels receive the power from all our thoughts, our emotions, and our prayers. Thirdly, we have never even contemplated the nature of a God existing above and beyond the Biblical god. We only know about the bipolar narcissist. This is the god that all religion teaches us about, and this is the only god we have ever known.


In one-way or another, everyone is taught to fear god. Those who say that they love god rather than fear him, say this only because they devote themselves to his service, obeying him and never questioning him. If they weren’t so devout, however, then they would have cause to fear him. In this way, then, they do actually fear the god they pray to. He is a jealous god, and by personal admission, a vengeful one as well.


For religionists, the Biblical god is a jealous and vengeful parent commanding all the inhabitants of Earth to humble them selves before him, to erect costly edifices to him from which his “Word” must be preached, and to sacrifice their time and money to his servants. Doesn’t this sound just like Lucifer?


The 13th chapter of Romans provides additional proof that Lucifer/Dominion is actually the Biblical god as well as the god of this world. The New World Translation, the New International Version, and the Gideon’s Bible are most profound in this regard, while the King James Version is a bit more ambiguous. Comparing it with the others, however, leaves no doubt about the message it puts forth. Allow me to quote from the New International Version.


“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.


“This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor”.


The claims of many, that their religious leaders do not preach this radical interpretation of the Bible do not hold water. It is a fact that unless we are “legally” married, then we are considered to be living in sin. In other words, if the government does not recognize our marriage, then neither does god.


If the government tells us to go out and commit murder for political reasons, then god sanctions it. In fact, everyone fighting for his or her own government against one another is committing murder that is sanctioned by god. Therefore, not only is it nonsensical to say that god is not responsible for the exercise of our own free agency, but we must acknowledge our responsibility under religious law, to uphold the laws of the land, which actually places all government authority in a supervisory position under the god of this world. For this reason, both the Mormon and Catholic churches have conducted so-called “witch hunts” against patriots within their memberships who promote the establishment of freedom.


To say that the churches’ leadership must behave in this way in order to continue their existence is to say that Lucifer who is the god of this world is actually in charge, and no other. It is not rational to think that the god provided by religions for us to pray to is any other than Lucifer himself.




In continuing, I should go into something regarding the nature of god, and exactly who we are. For this purpose, I will now present a discourse entitled, “God’s Theft Of A Legacy”.








Due to a general tendency among the people to separate in their minds, the one we call Dominion and the Biblical God, I have chosen to reference God in the title, even though I am talking about Dominion. People still do not wish to acknowledge the fact that they pray to Dominion every day.


The age-old questions, “Who am I”, “Where did I come from”, and “Why am I here”, have not been adequately dealt with by either science or religion. The scientific community as we know, is under the controlling hand of those “authorities” who serve the agenda that keeps the masses of sheep ignorant, lying to us, even regarding the true nature of the sun and how it warms the earth.


In order to keep us believing that life could not exist elsewhere in our solar system, official science tells us that the sun is a ball of gases on fire, which heats the earth with radiant heat. In other words, that heat travels through space until it hits the earth. We are told that if we were too close to the sun, we would burn up. If we were too far away, we would freeze, and there could not be life on any other planet in our solar system, for that reason.


The fact is, however, that if we go up on a mountain, getting closer to the sun, it gets colder. If we get closer to the sun in an airplane or jet, we better have a de-icer, or everything will freeze up, and we’ll crash. Even closer to the sun yet, in outer space, temperatures are so low, as to stagger the imagination. So, where then, is the radiant heat? There is none. We have been lied to, just like the children in Europe were lied to after the establishment of Catholicism, when they were taught that the earth was flat.

The truth of the matter is that energy rays from the sun strike our atmosphere, and heat is then generated. It is colder in the thinner atmosphere, and it gets warmer at sea level, because of the denser atmosphere. So, under the control of those serving an agenda to keep us ignorant, the scientific community lies to us. It remains silent on the subject of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth, and then teaches the false notion of our evolution through sub-human species from one common ancestor for all the races.


Religion obscures our origins by keeping us focused on one common ancestor who was supposedly created by God in some miraculous burst of air from his lungs, into the dust of the earth. The answer to the question “who am I”, then, becomes: “I am a child of God”. Anyone with a rational mind, of course, knows that this is no answer at all. It provides no clear concept of who we were before our existence here, and it denies Dominion’s theft of our legacy.


The answer to the question “where did I come from” is obscured by the same simple-minded concept (I came from God), while the answer to the question “why am I here”, comes cloaked in the same kind of arrogant dismissal. We are told that as immature souls, we had to come here to receive bodies so that we could grow and learn – to be tested and gain wisdom in order to return to God one day. In other words, we are told that we have been sent off to a school of sorts.


If this is a school, then it’s the most dysfunctional school I could ever have imagined. The teacher is nowhere to be seen, but we have fellow students telling us that they get to speak to him. Each one tells us something different, of course, and if we don’t get this all figured out somehow, then we fail the test, and are punished for eternity. On the other hand, if we find the right student to follow, and succeed in being obedient, then regardless of what we’ve learned or not learned, we get passed on the test, and graduate to heaven with honors. And what about the babies who die without being tested? The students who have taken charge, tell us that they are more valiant souls, and therefore don’t need the experience of Earth. No school for them and no testing either. I guess school isn’t really that important after all – not that we’re in a real school anyway, mind you.


The sad fact is that Dominion has succeeded in not only stealing our legacy, but also in hiding the fact of a legacy from us. Instead, he has us believing in fairy tails, afraid to question him, or even the other students who are in charge of us.


Both science and religion, under the guiding hand of Dominion’s student teachers, have done a fairly efficient job of withholding just the right information to keep us believing in certain things, and disbelieving others. It is important to them that we believe ourselves to be alone in the universe, and to believe that all of humanity was created by the same humanoid god, and evolved from one common ancestor. To question any of this is to risk eternal punishment.


I won’t go into a lot of detail regarding the events that brought us here, because I covered tem in the book “Escaping Hell”, and in the 1st Discourse entitled: “The Serpent’s Dance”. I will, however, discuss the age-old questions.


Who am I; or more accurately, who are we? We are very ancient souls who have been gaining experience in the universe for longer than we can imagine. The Creator is known variously as: the “One”, the “Source”, and the “All”. It is in everything, feeding everything, and It is everything. As tonal frequency of Light and Sound, everything in existence is of the “All”; everything is alive, and has consciousness.


Since our existence is essentially that of tonal frequency, it is easy, then, to understand our relationship to everything else in existence, as being an exchange of tonal frequencies. Our personal identity, for example, is established by a particular vibratory harmony to the Sound Current. The Sound Current by the way, is a matrix of sorts, consisting of Sound quanta that moves in waves, and serves as the foundation for all manifested existence. Therefore, our personal identity is part and parcel of the Creator, and we share an energetic oneness with all of creation.


So, we are ancient souls with consciousness, personal identity, and personal will. In addition, we have evolved through the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the insect, and animal kingdoms, and finally into human form to continue our evolutionary process. Still, in light of all this, our human existence goes further back than we could ever hope to remember. We evolved in human form through the dimensional realms, and attained 4th dimensional existence, living on Tara with great technologies.


On Tara, we were called Turaneusiam. This was a race which was provided with a 12-strand DNA package denoting us as those who were to gradually ascend through the various dimensional realms until finally emerging as “Silent Ones” destined to work in he service of the “All”, or the Source of all Creation.


Although this previous existence of ours carried great significance in the universe, it does not make us great beings, especially today. It does, however, give us a clue as to who we are, as well as a perception of the nature of the legacy, which was stolen from us.


Although we are the creations of a source we can call God if we wish, we can also see that we possess an identity that has been lost to us somehow. As we proceed in this article, the exact nature of that identity, as well as how it was lost, will be made clear. Who we were and how we lost our identity, has everything to do with the loss of our legacy.


As we become aware of this previous existence, we will come to a realization of the truth behind the mythological version of the so-called “war in heaven”. This explanation also answers the question as to where we came from, and provides an avenue for answering the question “why are we here”?


Some readers are wondering abut the improbability of all this, but if we consider it in the context of the fairy tails we have already accepted, not only is it easier to accept, but it also makes sense.


As I noted earlier, there is no need for me to go into a lot of detail regarding our arrival here and the establishment of Dominion’s kingdom, because I have covered that elsewhere. However, to answer the question regarding our status as victims in Dominion’s agenda, as well as that of other negative forces in the universe, an understanding of Dominion’s nature as an entity is required.


Allow me to discuss just briefly, the actual hierarchy from the “All”, downward. We know, of course, that the universal forces we call the runic forces (or just Runes), are first, as direct extensions of the “All”. Sound and Light quanta were manifested as dual aspects of the “All” in these worlds of dualism below the Great Abyss. Odin was manifested as a direct extension in conscious form, from the Sound Current. We are not speaking of the mythological concept of Odin in manifested form on Earth, but rather in the form of pure spirit. It just so happens, that the Turaneusiam and their descendants, the Indo-Europeans still understood their origins, and used Odin’s name.


Odin’s counterpart was Omin, who was manifested as a direct extension in conscious form, from the “Light”. She appears in the myths as “Frigga”. Sound makes up the positive pole of the universe which carries the male attributes in these worlds of dualism, while Light makes up the negative pole which carries the female attributes.


Together, Odin and Omin manifested a conscious spiritual being from the runic force known in Sanskrit as Hūñ (Hyoong), which embodies both Light and Sound. Then they manifested two others; one from the Rune Sūīka (Soo-ee-ka), and the other from the Rune Sāh (Saw). Each of these possesses Light and Sound combined as a balanced polarity, but Sūīka manifests the fire element, while Sāh manifests the water element in the form of ice.


We can understand the basic nature of all five of these beings, by conceptualizing the pure spiritual intelligence within us, known variously as the Atman, Avalokita, Manitu, the Hamingja, and the Higher Self. Basically, this is their nature, and we all have a Higher Self; but rather than being direct manifestations of Sound, Light, or of certain runic forces, our Higher Selves consist of electro-tonal, energy-identities with specific harmony to the Sound Current.


In other words, Odin and Omin are direct spiritual manifestations of Sound and Light respectively, while the other three are direct spiritual manifestations of specific universal forces known as runic forces. The Higher Selves of all of humanity are electro-tonal, energy-identities, given personal identity through their specific vibratory harmony to the Sound Current. Now, let’s apply these concepts to an understanding of Dominion.


It was intended for Hūñ to manifest in the material worlds of dualism, and eventually serve as a balancing force between the positive and negative polarities. In an unprecedented move for power, E.T. races which were already unbalancing the universe and manipulating Sound and Light to support personal agendas, succeeded in gaining the cooperation of this extraordinary being called Hūñ. Thus, he became known as Dominion, which is derived from the names Odin and Omin.


Turning against the “All”, Dominion deprived the universe of its up and coming “Silent Ones”, by blowing the energy grids on Tara with radio waves designed to kill all the Turaneusiam. The spiritual adepts had protected us only well enough to prevent total destruction, and we were sucked into this 3rd dimensional realm where Dominion now keeps us trapped. This is the real story behind the war in heaven, and it describes how Dominion stole our legacy, which would have been our emergence as “Silent Ones” working in the service of the “All”.


Other E.T. races attempted to release us from Dominion’s trap, and what were called the “Electric Wars”, ensued. That which has been written by other authors on this subject is only about 30% true, but the writings are accurate regarding the fact that during these wars, the various races, which had been seeded here, were held temporarily, on other planets where they were again seeded. The white-skinned cloister race known as Hibiru, had subdivided into the Hebrew and Aryan races, as they were called at that time. The Aryan race was taken to Mars.


When the E.T. race of Sirian Anunnaki blew the energy grids of Mars one million years ago, fourteen of the original twenty-one Aryan tribes made it back to Earth, carrying the Turaneusiam 12-strand DNA package. Their star gate portal opened up in the Caucasus Mountains. This explains several facts as follow:


  1. A 1999 Scientific American article revealed an archaeological discovery in Spain, of ancient Europeans with modern faces in a mass grave, dating back 800,000 years.
  2. The Giza plateau, where the Great Pyramid was built, was formerly known as “El-Kahira”, which was derived from the Arabic noun, El-Kahir, which was their name for “Mars”. For a long time the Sphinx was painted red, the color associated with Mars. The Egyptians used to call Mars: “Hor Dshr”, or “Horus the Red”. According to researchers, Mars was also known as “Horakhti” or “Eastern Star”, and the east-facing sphinx was also known as Horakhti, or…Mars.

It’s interesting to note that the “Pyramid Wars” noted by Zechariah Sitchin in his writings of the ancient Sumerian texts, actually constituted wars fought between the Sirian Anunnaki and the Aryan Turaneusiam. Unfortunately, the Anunnaki won those wars, and established the Reptile-based tradition of the pharos that we study in history classes today.


  1. The words on a tomb in Rome dating back prior to the 4th century A.D. state: “I am a son of the Earth and the stars of the sky, but I am of the celestial race. May the knowledge be passed on”!
  2. King Arthur’s “Camelot” means: “Martian City”, or “City of Mars”.
  3. When White people of European descent are immersed in sensory deprivation tanks for long periods, their circadian rhythm has a frequency of 24hrs. 37min., which corresponds not to the rotational period of Earth around the sun, but to that of Mars.


In destroying the libraries in Tunisia, Libya, and in Alexandria Egypt, the early Christian church assisted Dominion in stealing a very significant legacy, and turning it into something entirely different. To fully understand this however, we must go back into history, and examine the embodiment of the other four beings associated with Dominion prior to his sojourn in the material worlds of dualism.


Odin and Omin took embodiment on Earth because they were responsible for Dominion. According to spiritual law, they could not interfere with the natural course of events occurring in the lower dimensional realms without those inhabiting these realms, requesting their assistance. Therefore, Odin and Omin (Frigga) gave birth to Sūīka calling him Baldur, while Nep and Nokkvi gave birth to Sāh, calling her Nanna.


Together, these four were to gain awareness of the Higher Self, and begin to facilitate the journey home for the Turaneusiam. Unfortunately, Dominion’s loyal followers were able to effectuate the death of Baldur, and Nanna chose to take the funeral pyre with him.


Odin and Omin continued with others of the Æsir, but having to fight a physical battle (known mythologically as Ragnarok), kept them within the collective unconscious controlled by Dominion. This led to the mythological phenomenon known as the doom of the gods, because we will not beat Dominion on his own turf.


A prophecy, however, also found its way into the myths. This was the prophecy of Baldur’s return. The great question, which has perplexed mythologists for centuries, is “What did Odin whisper into Baldur’s ear on the funeral pyre”? The simple answer to this question is: “You’re coming back, and we’ll try it again”.


The prophecy of Baldur’s return may have been relegated to mythology, but his trip to Hella’s realm is a sure indication of his intended rebirth, because to the Northern Europeans, Hel was a place of stasis where the deceased prepared to be reborn. In Old Norse, this was called “Aptrburdhr”.


The account of Baldur’s return after Ragnarok specifically references a second Ragnarok, since he didn’t return to fulfill that prophecy, following the one which occurred around 10,000 B.C.E. The second Ragnarok has been ongoing since January of 2004, and when the time comes, Baldur will fulfill his duty, and a gateway for our people will open, allowing us passage out of Dominion’s trap.

Most people will not accept this passage however, because they lack the capacity to critically examine that which they have been taught since their birth. For them, Jesus has taken the place of Baldur, and they have forfeited their legacy. For others, the mental discipline required in such examination is simply non-existent. Even those who have already embraced the old tradition existing prior to organized religion, it’s easier to accept the idea of Baldur’s return sometime in the future, than it is to accept the fact of his return now.


Have we even thought about how Baldur would make his appearance? Certainly, coming from the sky in a blazing chariot is out of the question; and trust me when I say that he could never waltz into the offices of either the Odinic Rite or the Ásatru Alliance to announce his return without being chased out and probably arrested. Consequently, only a few will recognize their passage from Dominion’s trap, and take full advantage of it.


The enemy had to destroy the libraries in Tunisia, Libya, and in Alexandria, in order to usher in the “Dark Ages”. Only in this way, could they make descendents of the Turaneusiam forget their origins and their legacy, giving us spiritual slavery in return. Our salvation lies not in a “savior” from among the Jews, who was put to death. It lies in our acceptance of personal responsibility, and a willingness to learn, that which is required in transcending this 3rd dimensional trap. Only in this way, can we ever hope to regain our legacy.


Who are we? We are ancient souls who have evolved through eons of time. We were once Tarans who were destined to transcend the material worlds of dualism, and to assist in the governing of the universe, answering to no one but the “All”. We are Turaneusiam who have a responsibility to our Creator, to regain our legacy.


Where did we come from? As you have seen, this is a complicated situation. We came first from the “All”, then from Tara against our will, then from various planets, including Mars.


Why are we here? Because we have been trapped by Dominion, and duped by his loyal servants into serving the purpose of his agenda.


Although both aspects of our legacy – that of Baldur, and that of the Turaneusiam – fell under organized religion, ultimate responsibility for this theft falls on Dominion, the god of this world. It is our sacred duty to take back from Dominion, that which he has stolen from us.




To more fully understand the situation that we are in it is now time for some history. Therefore I present a discourse entitled, “The Serpent’s Dance”.









Organized religion has always suppressed knowledge among the masses, repressed freedom of thought and action, and oppressed the people socially and politically. Christians are well aware that the Pharisees who created the priest class of Levites, thereby giving birth to Judaism, also repressed the people severely. Oppression occurred at the point of a Roman sword, and knowledge was kept within the temple.


Catholicism gained political authority, and continued to oppress the people, only this time with a Christian sword. Those who refused to repress their thoughts, had their heads cut off, or were burned at the stake. In this way, knowledge was suppressed as Europeans were forbidden to speak of their heritage, philosophy, math, science, or even of their origins. Their great libraries in Tunisia, Libya and Alexandria Egypt were destroyed, and the so-called dark ages were ushered in as the children were taught in school that the earth was flat, and dragons awaited those who ventured too far from shore.


We are all aware of how oppressive the Muslim religion is, and even in modern times, Christianity suppresses truth and represses thought and action. When I attended Brigham Young University, a processor teaching my Adolescent Psychology class restrained him self from discussing certain practices among psychologists in the field, because as he said, those practices were not consistent with LDS doctrine, and he would have jeopardized his job.

By suppressing the fact of reincarnation, religion has been able to establish fear of punishment by an angry and vengeful god. By suppressing the fact of man’s presence on Earth far beyond six thousand years ago, religion has been able to establish a belief in our unique existence in the universe, totally alone, and without neighbors. By suppressing the fact of creation occurring as the result of Sound and Light activity stimulated by the “All”, religion has been able to establish a belief in a humanoid-type god, and thereby place us in submission to an extraterrestrial entity by the name of Dominion, or Lucifer, and all his “angelic” forces.


At the same time, and due to all the suppression and repression going on, we have had the existence of extraterrestrial races and their visitations hidden from our awareness, just like parents hide their act of Christmas or Birthday shopping from their toddlers. Most governments attempt to keep the masses ignorant of extraterrestrial visitations as well. This is probably due to the fact that we are gradually being prepared to accept these visitors as our “creator gods”.


The LDS Church claims that God’s true name is Elohim. Elohim, however, is a Hebrew plural form meaning “Deities”. In actuality, these are an extraterrestrial race of beings that are partial to the Jews.


Most of us have experienced what we call UFO sightings, and this is not surprising, since this phenomenon occurs hundreds of times daily, all over the world. It’s time that we throw off the shackles of our repression, and begin to think for ourselves.

Back in time, during what has been termed the “Biblical Era”, the inhabitants of the Middle East produced cave drawings of men in space suits standing outside their flying saucers.


Of profound significance, is the fact that the ancient Sumerian texts describe “Gods of Heaven” who had come down to Earth. They describe their vehicles, and even the eventual creation of civilization.


Anu was the great king of the gods, and the one by whose grace others could be crowned as kings. The second most powerful deity of the Sumerian Pantheon was Enlil, whose name means “Lord of the Airspace”. He was Anu’s eldest son who, at some point, descended to Earth, and thus became the principle god of Heaven and Earth.


Ea (known by many as Enki), was another son of Anu. According to an autobiography appearing in the Sumerian texts written by Ea himself, he was born in the Heavens and came down to Earth before there was civilization.


Ea was mankind’s greatest benefactor, bringing about civilization, and serving as a protagonist at the councils of the gods in behalf of mankind. Sumerian and Akkadian deluge texts depict Ea as the god who, in defiance of the decision of the assembly of Gods, enabled a trusted follower (the Mesopotamian “Noah”) to escape the disaster. We should realize, however, that the term “mankind” is a reference to the specific creation of Ea, which we will discuss shortly.


Inanna (better known as Ishtar) was a goddess who was known to fly. Excavating the Assyrian capital Assur from 1903 to 1914, Walter Andrea and his colleagues found in the Temple of Ishtar, a battered statue of the goddess showing her with various contraptions attached to her chest and back.


In 1934, archaeologists excavating at Mari, came upon a similar but intact statue buried in the ground. It was a life-size likeness of a beautiful woman with an unusual headdress adorned with a pair of horns, which indicates that she was a goddess. This 4,000 year-old statue has a helmet with what are obviously pilot’s earphones, along with the stones, straps and rectangular box at the back of the neck, which constitute the “contraptions” spoken of in other texts, and which appear on other statues.


Cylinder Seals with engravings of these “contraptions’ worn for the purpose of flight, or celestial travel as it has been referred to, are numerous indeed. Such an object was called a “Me”. A “Mu” was a cone-shaped “chariot”, or command cabin actually, fitted upon a rocket that was called a “Shem” (fiery rocket).


The so-called gods and goddesses were called “Nefilim” which term stems from the Semitic root NFL (to be cast down). It means: “Those who were cast down upon Earth”. These were the people of Shem – the people of the rocket ships.


Being the sons of Anu, both Enlil and Ea were known as Anunnaki. This race carried a reptilian genetic structure. They also constituted the fallen angels, who were fallen from Dominion’s grace due to their attempts at playing god. The creation of a worker race in southeast Africa resulted from the crossing of their genes with those of what the Sumerian texts call a “local creature”. Our archaeologists have determined the local creature to be Homoerectus. Thus, we have our answer to the so-called missing link problem.


This worker race was created 300,000 years ago, by the “fallen angels” who arrived here 150,000 years prior to their creation of this race, according to the texts. There were 177 books written, constituting the original Old Testament material, and today, these are replete with rabbinical notes. Thus, they are kept out of the hands of Gentiles. A book written by Enoch refers to the race of blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryans (a Sanskrit term meaning Noble, in reference to the White race of Europeans) as the Satans because as he says, they follow Satan. It’s important, however, to understand who Satan is. This is not a reference to either Lucifer, or anyone residing in a place called hell. Satan is a Draconian, and the Anunnaki greatly fear him and his dominating presence. This is why Christians have created such terrifying myths surrounding him.


The Draconians, remember, are an albino race, so when Enoch first saw Aryans, he noted their features and mistook them for albinos, not knowing the difference. Being himself, an Anunnaki, he carried an understandable prejudice.


Elsewhere in the Book of Enoch, he states that the Satans are the only ones who have access to heaven. The reason for such a statement has to do with a genetic seal called the Templar Axion Seal that was placed on the fallen angels and the Sirian Anunnaki in particular, which prevented their ascension from this 3rd dimensional realm. If they couldn’t leave, they couldn’t make war in the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional realms.

A Templar is an inner-earth star gate, which is the actual vehicle for ascension. The seal consists of severed DNA strands. The 6th bass tones of the 1st, 5th and 6th DNA strands were severed, and this was the original meaning behind the “666”.


During the time of Enoch, only the Satans (Aryans) were not sealed, and therefore had access to heaven, as he called it. Today, due to the spread of DNA from one group to another, many Aryans are also sealed. Likewise, some from other races are not. After escaping all the other traps that Dominion has set for us, this is the one that could potentially keep us here.


Those who have registered for the discourses, or who take the workshop will, along with a particular lecture/discourse, have the Templar Axion Seal released if indeed, it is present. I will personally check every single one of you. This is a good reason not to share the discourses. One who is not registered will not be released.


One other fact that I found of interest in the Book of Enoch was his assertion that the Satans were here before the fallen angels. The Anunnaki, contrary to popular opinion then, did not create all of humanity on Earth. As Ea stated in his autobiography, they created civilization, and then a worker race.


We should not engage in egoistic speculations regarding the qualities of the various races, even though each one is unique in its own right. The fact is that we are all stuck here in the same hell. Our responsibility is to work together in making our escape, and in doing so we’ll probably discover that we all have much to offer. There are certain facets, however, which must be acknowledged.

I won’t go into a lot of detail regarding the Satans, but it is interesting to note that supporting Enoch’s revelation, was an article in a 1999 issue of Scientific American magazine, telling of an archaeological excavation in Spain which revealed mass graves of ancient Europeans, dating back 800,000 years. These people had modern day features. The Anunnaki arrived only 450,000 years ago.


Many archaeologists believe that Aryans arrived on Earth about one million years ago. In support of this theory, is the fact that when we are placed in sensory deprivation tanks for a prolonged period of time, our circadian rhythm matches the rotational period of Mars around the sun, and not that of Earth.


The Nefilim then, who are mentioned in the Bible, are a relatively recent arrival to Earth, having come just several thousand years ago. According to the ancient texts, they established on Earth, a rest place for the night, to receive the “gods”, and called it “Babylon” – “the Gateway of the Gods”. The Old Testament follows exactly, as Zechariah Sitchin pointed out, along the lines of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian texts regarding the arrival or the gods, their activities, and their departure.


Therefore, although Christians distance themselves and their beliefs from ancient Babylon in theory, their acceptance of the Israelite god or gods existing prior to the great deluge demonstrates their actual bond with the Babylonian gods in spite of the fact that they have denounced all of them but the one who warned Noah of the coming deluge.


This god was a Reptilian Anunnaki of course, and one of the fallen angels of Dominion. As noted in the book, Dominion became known as Lucifer when he established our electromagnetic time loop, saying: “let there be light”. Therefore, he is actually the god of this world.


The Norse mythologies contain records of the battles that the ancient Northern Europeans fought against the extraterrestrials they referred to as giants rather than gods. The Anunnaki appear as the Fire Giants, while the Nefilim or “Niflungar” in Old Norse appear as the Frost Giants. These are not all there were. The Storm Giants were an albino race known in the universe as the Dracos. Then, there were the Sea Giants that appear on ancient Sumerian cylinder seals as a Bi-pedal Dolphin type of extraterrestrial. The Dracos are of a Dragon-Moth type genetic structure, and of course we already know the Anunnaki to be reptilian in nature. The Nefilim look like the Aryan race, as can be seen in the features of the statues mentioned earlier.


The texts describe the Anunnaki as rank-and-file workers, under the direction of the Nefilim. There is a reason for this. The wars between the Norsemen and the giants as depicted in the mythologies, took place 10,000 years to 13,000 years ago. The Sea Giants were almost completely exterminated, while the Fire Giants (Anunnaki) were severely decimated. Therefore, the latter joined forces with the Frost Giants (the Nefilim), becoming a lower class race. Subsequent mating among the Anunnaki, Nefilim and Dracos has caused their descendants to be categorically referred to simply as Anunnaki.

With the advent of organized religion, we were forced to forget our origins, and through suppression, repression and oppression we accepted extraterrestrial races as the angels of a god named Dominus. On a tomb found in Rome, and dated between the first and fourth centuries A.D the inscription read: “I am a son of the Earth and the stars of the sky, but I am of the celestial race. May the knowledge be passed on”!


Obviously, that man in Rome feared for future generations, and as both history and scientific discovery point out, his fear was not unfounded. According to Dr. Arthur David Horn, a former professor of Biological Anthropology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, the Anunnaki are of a reptilian genetic line that manifests in countless ways throughout the universe.


The reptilian nature of ancient gods is not a phenomenon that is unique to Mesopotamia. The Central American cultures had their winged serpent-god, Quetzalcoatl; the Hopi Indians had their plumed serpent-god, Baholinkonga, and the American Indian culture is awash with serpent imagery, including the mysterious serpent-shaped mound in Ohio.


The East Indians speak of the reptilian gods called the Nagas (these were a race of “demons” in Indian legend, and their name means “those who do not walk, but creep”); The Egyptians had their serpent-god, Kneph; and pharaohs were often pictured with serpents.


The Phoenicians did not worship a serpent, but on demon status, they had “Agathodemon”, who was a serpent figure. Neither did the Northern Europeans worship any serpent. In fact, three appear in the myths; actually, one of these three appeared in a saga. Nidhog is a dragon-type reptile that gnaws at the roots of the “World Tree Yggdrasil”, which represents the spirituality of the Europeans.


Jörmangandr is the World Serpent that encircles the world, and which Thor must engage in battle at Ragnarok, the battle that marks the so-called “doom of the gods”.


Fafnir appears in a saga as a dragon hoarding his gold, and is slain by a hero named Sigurd. Reading the saga (The Sigurd Saga), one cannot avoid the obvious conclusion that the dragon is a man carrying the reptilian gene.


According to professor Horn, it seems that the actual Anunnaki could reveal their true nature at will, and it is believed that there are still those here who can do so, even today. Before the time of Sumer between 5,000 and 4,000 B.C there flourished a culture known as the Ubaid civilization which produced figurines of their gods that are clear representations of reptile-like humanoids. In fact, David Icke printed a picture of an Ubaid lizard figurine holding a lizard-baby in the picture section of his book, “The Biggest Secret”.


The voodoo practitioners have a god they call Damballah Wedo, who is depicted as a serpent, and the Hebrews had Nakhustan, the Brazen Serpent. The ancient British god known as the Dragon-Ruler of the world was called HU, and from this, we came by the term Hu-man. The winged-disc symbol of the Sumerians, which is found all over the ancient world was normally featured with two serpents. Therefore, we can see that the symbolism of the serpent and its association with ancient gods abounds throughout the world.


Many people are discovering the fact that ruling bloodlines all over the world are reptilian hybrids. As a matter of fact, Credo Mutwa, the Zulu Sanusi, tells the story of the “Chitauri”, or the reptilian race, and says that they are the same as the Anunnaki. He tells how they have controlled humanity for thousands of years, and how they are the ruling bloodlines of the world today.


Credo says that there are few literal depictions of the reptilian “gods” because the people were told that they would die if they ever revealed what they really looked like. Instead, the people used symbols of snakes, crocodiles, and so on, including fish (because of the scales). The Chitauri were known, he says, as the children of the Python, or children of the Serpent. Serpent or python symbolism exists in every corner of the world, including on the headgear worn by the Egyptian Pharaohs.


In 929 B.C King Solomon and others formed a coalition under the symbolism of the serpent. A Jewish friend of mine provided me with a copy of the “Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon” to read. As one of the Hebrew-Anunnaki hybrids, his Temple was adorned with illustrative symbols and ritual implements of a reptilian nature. His “Staff” displayed two intertwining serpents, and served as the model from which the American Medical Association fashioned its trademark.


Is it becoming clearer now, exactly what constitutes the hell in which we live? The so-called “One God” of this world, who is Dominion, has a hierarchy of angels who, just like him, are extraterrestrials. The Anunnaki are referred to in some circles, as the Sirian Anunnaki, because their home planet is in the Sirius Star System, which can be viewed from Earth by telescope.


The hybridization program of the Anunnaki included every single race on Earth. Being the “chosen ones”, however, the Hebrew-Anunnaki hybrids have been selected to rule over all the others. The reason for their status as the chosen ones is logical. First of all, the hybrid elite endeavored to establish the reptilian gene throughout the entire Jewish race, rather than keep it amongst themselves. Secondly, their Semitic language evolved from the language of the Nefilim who established ancient Sumer. Thirdly, King Solomon took the tradition of the Egyptian Pharaohs from the “Book of the Dead”, and established it ritualistically in his temple.


Doesn’t the Old Testament have god telling the Jews that he would give them dominion over the entire earth, and that they would possess that which all others owned?


Before coming to the realization of the nature of this world, I marveled at the fact that all the races seem to support the ruling elite called Illuminati, which obviously consists mainly of the Jewish elitists known as the Sephardim. I understand now, however, that for them, it is not a racial thing, but an Anunnaki hybrid thing, and they have their pecking order.


Having infiltrated the ancient Egyptian Mystery School, the Hebrew-Anunnaki hybrids succeeded in destroying the original Egyptian civilization. Both Aryan and Hebrew-Anunnaki hybrids eventually infiltrated and destroyed esoteric groups such as the Essenes (of which Christ was one), the Gnostics, and even the Vitkar of Scandinavia. They infiltrated and destroyed Rome, utilizing the Catholic Church, and they even filled the ranks of Freemasonry. More recently, they have infiltrated the White Racialist movement, the New Age movement, and even the militias in America.


The various alien races, although promoting the same overall agenda, nevertheless have their internal conflicts. These conflicts tend to spill over, into the various cultures and religions, depending on the particular nature of the hybrid elitists, themselves. For instance, the Jews and Muslims are mortal enemies because Jews are Anunnaki hybrids, while the Dracos rule the Muslims. The Japanese and Chinese have never gotten along with one another, because the Japanese are Anunnaki hybrids, and the Chinese are Draconian.


The Anunnaki rules Christianity, but like the Muslims, the Asian-type Buddhists are ruled by Draconians. The Black race carries Anunnaki blood, but there are also hybrid elites within the Black race, who carry more of the gene. These are found among the Bantu/Zulu people of Africa, who sold Black slaves to the Hebrew-Anunnaki hybrids from Europe. It is interesting to note that Black Muslims who carry the Anunnaki gene, but who are ruled religiously by the Draconians, do not appreciate Jews at all, who also carry the Anunnaki gene.


Religionists everywhere believe that their god, their savior, or whatever, is going to return to straighten everything out, and establish peace on earth. The only problem with this plan, however, is that everyone’s idea of straightening things out is something different. We know that Dominion is a bi-polar narcissist, and all those who honor him as Lucifer, or otherwise owe a debt to him as their karma broker, have created this mess for us. Christ certainly won’t return, because he stood against all these guys two thousand years ago, and it’s not likely that he’d be inclined to do so again.


There will be a return, though, and someone may even pose as the Christ, just for the benefit of Christians. The agenda of the Draconians, however, will not allow for Anunnaki rule. Therefore, the most likely scenario is that a one-world religion will be established, under which everyone will be enslaved.


In light of all these facts, it’s easy to understand why we are taught to fear god. In his book, Enoch describes the ascension for those Satans who make it, and then he indicates the plight of those who don’t. He says that when the “Lord of the Spirits” (Dominion) comes, those Satans who are left here will approach him in order to seek mercy, and to be released from their social abuse. However, the archangel Faunal will serve as a buffer, and not allow the Satans to approach the Lord of the Spirits.


We are soon to find out what a hellhole this really is, if we fail to make our escape. Many people believe that our so-called creator gods are returning to establish peace, and at first it will seem that way. Miraculous cures will benefit the sick and afflicted, but as our trust is gained, our benefactors will prove to be our slave masters. Not only will the sheep be fleeced, but many will be butchered as well. What else do shepherds do, after all?


Most people will simply repent and beg for mercy, accepting whatever reward or punishment is their lot. I ask however, who among you are fed up enough to make your escape?


After reading the next discourse, it’ll be easy to understand why taking the path of the evolutionists is just as ludicrous as taking the path of the creationists.




Evolutionists Vs Creationists



Standing in opposition to the creationist theory proposed by Judeo-Christianity, most evolutionists believe that man evolved from apes. They believe this theory to be scientifically based, since Charles Darwin is claimed to have propagated it; but those who have studied Darwin’s theories agree that he did not put forth the idea that humans evolved from apes. His theory was actually based on a concept of evolution in the context of survival of the species. Other educators after Darwin’s time printed an ape-to-man concept of evolution, and gave it credibility by attributing it to Charles Darwin.


Those who have provided us with a pseudo-scientific explanation of the origins of man are extremely adamant that their theories not be contradicted. So politically correct is the theory that man evolved from apes, that when an archaeologist printed her discovery of modern human footprints right next to those of a dinosaur, her funding was pulled, and she can no longer work as an archaeologist.


An evolutionist once argued that this archaeologist was a Christian fundamentalist, and therefore, was probably promoting her own agenda. Not only was she not a Christian fundamentalist, but the emotional reaction of this evolutionist is evidenced by the fact that she wasn’t even aware that her finding blew both, the evolutionist and the creationist theories out of the water. It provided for the existence of homo-sapiens in so-called pre-historic times, long before the supposed creation of Adam.


Our educators have built a box with which to compartmentalize the beliefs of those who find the creationist theory to be intolerable, and thinking outside this box is simply unacceptable.

Adherents of the evolutionist theory are as closed minded, emotional, and irrational as the religionists are. They will argue against the archaeologist’s discovery on the premise that both sets of prints were found in mud, and that carbon dating is inaccurate. At the same time, they support their own beliefs with carbon dating, and are totally willing to ignore the fact that carbon dating is not an issue in any case, because the prints occurring in the same strata of mud places them in the same timeframe, and at the time when dinosaurs are believed to have roamed the earth without humans. Besides all that, it’s irrational to argue against her discovery, because it was not a theory, an assessment, or anything like that. It was simply a discovery.


This archaeologist’s career was ruined because she dared to print the truth of her discovery. She was either daring, or extremely naïve. In any case, are we now to place our faith and trust in such educators who obviously have an emotional need to keep us thinking inside the tidy little box that they have provided for our emotional security? This box resulted from an unwarranted concept of evolution which was falsely attributed to Mr. Darwin in order to gain popular support for an obviously false concept of man’s origins. Anyone who fails in the face of such glaring contradictions, to question the motives of those who educate us, is of the same mentality as the Christian fundamentalists.


This situation causes me to consider whom it is that might wish for such a dogmatic mindset among those who have rejected Christianity. Without going into great detail, allow me to state a few findings that I have established in other discourses, based on facts that I have researched.


The International Zionist Jews control our educational systems, media, publishing, and scientific research, to the extent that such control is possible. Anyone who wishes to take exception to this may contact me, and I’ll provide the proofs that have made Jewish friends of mine tell me that I was in the know.


Jews direct the world’s economy and industry, and are ultimately responsible for environmental pollution. At the same time, they started “Greenpeace”, and direct world conservation. By working and financing both ends, they always remain in control of the outcome in any situation. For this reason, we still have pollution, big business is unaffected by EPA standards, and smaller corporations cannot compete, because the standards make competition too costly. Does anyone smell a conspiracy here? It has always been a tactic of the Zionists to establish their hearts’ desire, and then to establish a contrary force so that people believe something is being done while the hearts’ desire is fulfilled. These financiers of national governments control world affairs by financing opposing factions, then they determine the course of events by controlling who receives the money required to bring certain goals to fruition.


It has been no different in the matter of our seeking of the origins of the various species. Judaism was established by the Pharisees who had infiltrated the Egyptian Mystery School, and later gave the world Islam and Christianity – both of which are Judaic in nature. The schools of esoteric wisdom belonging to the Essenes and the Gnostics, as well as the Vitkar of Northern Europe were subsequently destroyed along with the great libraries of Tunisia, Libya, and Alexandria Egypt, which contained our peoples’ knowledge of math, science and philosophy, but also the knowledge of our origins. The Christian church ushered in the “Dark Ages”, and the dumbing down of the world was complete.


Christianity established its creationist theory; but once the Reformation spread throughout Europe and an age of so-called enlightenment dawned, the Zionists required a contrary force in order to keep everyone within their box. This contrary force was developed from the erroneous notion that man evolved from the ape. Exactly what is this box, you ask? And what do the concepts of evolution and creation have in common that seem to serve some unspoken agenda? They both assume that all of mankind shares one common ancestor; this is the “box”. In order for each of the races to accept the demise of their kind, they must first accept the notion that all of humanity constitutes one big family; that all races are brothers and sisters with one common ancestor.


The logical question, then, is: “What alternative theories or philosophies do we have to select from?” If a creationist viewpoint is to be adopted, the only logical choice is that of one’s own ancestral heritage. Since I am of the Aryan race, Odinism would be my choice. Of course the East Indian and Tibetan traditions are of an Aryan origin, but those existed at the esoteric level. The exoteric tradition for the masses has been altered drastically, to accommodate the needs of another race of people. Odinism remains the best bet for Aryans; thus, there exists mythology and associated ritual practices at the exoteric level. If there are any who wish to engage in an exoteric tradition in addition to these esoteric studies, then I suggest that they seek their roots.


Although greater truths lie beyond the myths conveyed in the exoteric teachings of all traditions, these have been obscured by the mists of time. Therefore, those who do not wish to steep themselves in mythology, have the logical choice of either piecing together the historical and scientific facts that were stripped from public awareness with the destruction of ancient libraries, by studying alternative historical and scientific sources of information, or gaining an understanding of our origins in an esoteric vein, through runic attunement. A combination of these latter two avenues is preferable.


In order to regain the knowledge of our origins, we must first walk the esoteric path to achieve direct assistance from the Avalokita. The only other alternative is to accept the findings of those of us who have already walked this path. With the assistance of the Avalokita, we can be directed to people, books and other sources of information. Then, we can receive guidance regarding, that which is useful and/or truthful, as well as that which is incorrect. Further light is then shed on our racial history by the runes, as we learn to visit with each one on the inner planes. For instance, Zechariah Sitchin has translated the ancient Sumerian texts. We can accept the authenticity of these texts, because the Avalokita endorses them. We can also consider them to be authentic because they accurately map out our entire solar system, while modern man did not complete his discovery – or rediscovery of all the planets until the 1940s. Of course, it goes without saying that we must consult the Avalokita regarding certain issues in the translation that resulted from his natural bias.


The Sumerian texts describe the Anunnaki as people from another planet who came here to mine gold, and who eventually combined their genes with those of a “local creature” (Homo Erectus, according to archaeologists), to create a worker race to do their mining for them. Certain educators have used this fact in order to establish the erroneous notion that we are all the creations of the Anunnaki, and this is where the false concept of all races sharing one common ancestor comes into play. We must analyze all the available data, however, in order to see the fallacy in this.


The texts describe the first creation of this worker race, calling him the Adim/Adam, which translates out to “the black-headed one”, according to Zechariah Sitchin. They refer to the whole race that was created thereafter, as the LULU, or “humans”, and Mr. Sitchin places this creation in what is now known as southeast Africa. He has dated this occurrence at 300,000 years ago, which provides the only answer to the evolutionist’s quandary over their missing link. We know, too, that early religionists misdated Biblical events when they ushered in the so-called Dark Ages.


We must be careful of Mr. Sitchin’s writings, of course, because he carefully weaves his translations in with the Old Testament (the Jewish Torah), to create the false impression that all the races evolved from Jewish loins.


Sometimes the Anunnaki are referred to as “Those of the Fiery Rockets” who were cast down; and sometimes as the “Fallen Angels”. It is interesting to note that one of the Books of Enoch (the one held by Jews, replete with rabbinical notes) speaks of Aryan kind as being the “Satans”, stating that we are the only ones who have access to heaven, and that we were here before the Fallen Angels. This is due, of course, to the fact that at that time, few if any Aryans possessed the DNA corruption.


In this light, then, it’s easy to surmise that like the Anunnaki, the Aryans also came from another planet. Many wars ensued, including the Pyramid wars, as well as those described in the Mahabharata. Ultimately, the Aryans lost their technologies, and the reptilians began to consolidate their power. Of course the Avalokita concurs with this fact, and directs us to a book entitled: “Voyagers II”, with the understanding that only about 30% of it can actually be relied upon.


It has been proven that Aryans did in fact arrive here before the Anunnaki, because the Sumerian texts place Anunnaki arrival on earth at 450,000 years ago, while in 1999, Scientific American magazine published an article about the discovery by archaeologists in Spain, of mass graves of people with purely modern Aryan facial and skeletal features, dating back 800,000 years.


In Voyagers II, we learn about a long history, with many wars and power struggles of a galactic nature that relate to the wars just mentioned above. During the Electric Wars for instance, several races of earth were shuttled to various planets. It is not told what races went to which planet, but the Rune Ŗe provided me with a very profound experience on Mars, where the energy grids were blown apart about one million years ago, destroying an Aryan civilization, and causing survivors to make their way back to earth. The Anunnaki, who eventually followed us here, effectuated this. They and their hybrid elite, therefore, have always been our enemies. It’s interesting to note that when Aryans are placed in sensory deprivation tanks, their circadian rhythm comes to match the rotational period of Mars around the Sun, and not that of earth, meaning that we were seeded on Mars at one point in the distant past, for colonization purposes.


What I have presented here does not even begin to tell the story of man’s origins, but it should answer the question as to whether or not we all share one common ancestor. David Icke has seized upon the Anunnaki and human hybrid theme, writing some very provocative material. He has made widely known, some very important facts, but some of his earlier writings claim the ruling hybrids of the world to be what he calls the Nordics. In doing this, he removes the “heat” from the Hebrew hybrids, which govern over all the others. Indeed, Anunnaki-human hybrids exist among the Aryans, the American Indians, the Asians, Spanish, and even the Black race. We should be aware however, of the fact that the Norsemen of Northern Europe (the Nordics if you will) are the only ones who ever fought against the Anunnaki in the last 450,000 years.


Humanity’s history goes so far back, and involves so much, that the concept of creation is nearly a moot issue. It did, however, occur. I won’t go into creation here, because it involves runic technology as it manifests in the context of quantum physics, and I wrote a chapter on the subject in my book: “Escaping Hell”. At this level, our understanding of creation is way beyond either the Christian or the Pagan mythologies, and it assigns the concept of our having evolved from apes, to the level of absurdity.



I apologize for the fact that I cannot provide the reader with a tidy little box for the understanding of humanity’s origins, but our history encompasses many millions of years, with numerous “new starts”. If I could provide such a box, you would then have to suspect my motives. The best I can offer are sources of research material existing outside the box, including the Avalokita and my own personal experiences and discoveries; after all, our ancient enemies have destroyed all our history and have rewritten it to suit their needs.


On a tomb in Rome, is an inscription made in the 4th Century, not long after the final destruction of the Aryan libraries, which reads: “I am a child of the earth, and of the stars. May the knowledge be passed on”. As we know, the knowledge was not passed on, because we were led into the Dark Ages brought about by the Christian Inquisition. The choice is ours; we can discover the mysteries and learn to think outside the box, or we can stubbornly confine ourselves to that which the enemies of all humanity have provided for us.




The next discourse is unique in that it exposes the true nature of religion, which is very much contrary to what we have been led to believe. Many Christians are pure in heart, without a doubt. They have been duped, however, into believing that their purity is the same as that of the God to whom they pray.

A few concepts have been repeated from other discourses, but this is beneficial in establishing them in the memory, so that the dots, as they are called, may more easily be connected.








I was once a religionist, existing within the box that was established for me by a religious hierarchy, society and my family. Therefore, I have been on that side of the fence; but having utilized my sense of self-determination, I have experienced this side of the fence, questioning all that others had told me about their version of the truth.


Out of Egypt came the Pharasitic Israelites with the Egyptian Book of the Dead from which, they wrote the Cabala and established a priest class called the Levites. The Book of the Dead was given to King Solomon who used this book of occult magic to establish a reptilian form of ritual and worship, which is laid out explicitly in the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon, written in his own hand. His temple was established with reptilian signs, symbols and rituals.


When the Israelites/Pharisees were taken into bondage in 586 B.C they used the ancient Sumerian Texts to begin writing the foundations of the Bible. Their “scriptures” along with the occult god, were passed on to Muslims and Christians as what is now known as the Biblical God. Therefore, it is equally correct to refer to Christianity as being Judeo-Christian and Egypto-Christian in nature, because they are one in the same.


Religion was first established in the world in the form of Judaism, standing apart from the more spiritual traditions in that it established an occult hierarchy replete with a book of laws, and severe penalties for those who violated those laws. From this religion sprang forth Christianity and Islam, both worshiping the occult deities called angels, and the god of this world provided by Judaism.


In a temple endowment ceremony performed in one well known religion, Adam calls on God. When Lucifer appears and Adam asks him who he is, Lucifer replies: “I am the God of this world.” Then he asks Adam what he wants, and Adam requests further light and knowledge, and Lucifer gives him preachers, acknowledging the fact that he gave the world religion.


When Adam rejects the preacher’s teachings, Peter, James and John ask him if he knows who he is serving, and informs him that it’s the Devil. Then the preacher is cast from Lucifer’s presence for his failure to convert Adam to religion, and he asks Peter, James and John what he should do. They tell him that they will teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At this point, the church members think that the preacher will learn about their religion. They believe that their “church” teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but this is in fact not true at all.


Jesus was an Essene, and the Essene Gospel of Peace uses the term “Father” in reference to the “Higher Self.” Therefore, Christ taught the Gospel of the Higher Self when he claimed that he and the Father were one. He taught the Gospel of the Higher Self when he taught that the Kingdom of God was within.


Churches on the other hand, teach that we must look outward to the teachings of the prophets and to our religious leaders. They teach that we need a savior from outside ourselves, and that turning within may lead us astray. They teach that all spiritual knowledge may be found in the scriptures, and that any promptings to the contrary from within, are from the Devil.


Thus, no church teaches the “Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Instead, they teach what is required by Lucifer (the god of this world) in order to keep us trapped. The Catholics say a prayer to “Domine” which is the Latin form for Dominion – the true name of Lucifer. This is the Biblical god taken from ancient Egypt by Jews, and given to the rest of the world.


With the advent of religion, the former spiritual traditions were destroyed except where some of the spiritual adepts were able to take them into hiding and protect them from the religious intolerance and psychic attacks of occultism. Nevertheless, Christ’s esoteric tradition of the Essenes was destroyed by those claiming to be his followers, as were the Gnostics, and the Vitkar of Northern Europe.


Inquisitions bringing torture, murder and mayhem terrorized all those who dared to stand against the religious and occult forces occupying the land; and all this in the name of the Biblical god who was never a factor until the advent of organized religion, which was given its birth through the occultism of the Egyptian tradition.


Not until religion was fairly well established in the more civilized regions of the world, did the inquisitions subside. Torture, murder and mayhem, however, continued in certain areas where traditional practices were difficult to stamp out. Midwives and herbalists were burned at the stake as “witches”, in order for the priests and physicians to gain a monopoly on health care and medical procedures.


Christ did not claim to have established “God’s Kingdom on Earth;” rather, he said that the Kingdom of God is within us. Not until the god of this world (Lucifer) established religion, was it claimed that “God’s Kingdom” is on the Earth. No creator-God would have established a Kingdom based upon torture, murder and mayhem, and Christ established no religious hierarchy. No creator-god would be full of jealousy (one of the lower passions of imperfect humans), nor would he punish his “children” for eternity out of anger and jealousy. All these ideas stem from religion capable of torture, murder and mayhem. They stem from an occult foundation.


Even before the inquisition era came to an end, religion took on a false cloak of purity, peace and love while its occult hierarchy established secret occult societies that controlled governments and pretended to operate independently of the religious institutions.


Believing the Biblical god to be the original source of all creation, religious followers pray to the occult hierarchy, and thereby open themselves up to random attacks of a psychic nature. These followers may be sincere in their hearts, believing that their religion promotes nothing but love, peace, truth and freedom, but they are deluded by deceptive words and psychic phenomena of an occult origin. Like Adam in the temple endowment, they ask, and Lucifer answers.


Where there was once respect among the various cultures for one another’s spiritual traditions, there is now religious intolerance. Everyone believes himself to possess the only truth, and all others who believe contrary, are to be cast from the presence of a god full of jealousy and vengeance, to never experience happiness again.


More people have been tortured and killed in the name of this angry god, than any sane person would want to contemplate. Religious intolerance is the root cause of most heated arguments, injustices committed in businesses and companies, and for the dissolution of family ties.


Religious leaders preach high and lofty words from their pulpits in beautiful and grand churches, tabernacles and temples, while their congregations are summarily attacked by occult forces that keep them emotionally tied to the illusion. To break free is to elicit first, loving attempts to bring the “wayward” one home, and if that doesn’t work, then hostility and rejection ensue.


If the one breaking free embarks on a spiritual path, then the occult forces and their hierarchy of so-called angels – the occult hierarchy of Dominion/Lucifer begin to attack from the astral realms, attempting to drive the individual back to the “fold”, where they will remain safe from the evil forces they are compelled to pray to.


Treacherous indeed, is the spiritual path of the spirit warriors who steadfastly fight in behalf of all of humanity, against these evil occult forces and their god of the world. Those who refuse to examine what we were given, and who gave it to us, are lost indeed. Toward a greater understanding, I present the next discourse.





Many Christians take exception to the term Judeo-Christianity, as though Judaism and Christianity are two separate entities. They don’t want to believe that Jews gave Christianity to the world as an offshoot of Judaism; but at the same time, Christians share the Old Testament with the Jews, including their prophets and history.


The Jewish Bible consists of: 1) The Torah; 2) The Prophets; and 3) The Writings. The “Torah” includes the first five books of the Old Testament, while “The Prophets” includes another twenty-one books, and “The Writings” includes thirteen more – all of them from the Old Testament. Jews and Christians, then, share thirty-nine books of scripture in common.


The only difference between the Jewish and Christian Bibles is that Christians have an additional twenty-seven books that comprise the New Testament. Some Christian Bibles have added seven more books to the Old Testament, although few Christians are aware of this fact. These books are: 1) Tobet; 2) Judith; 3) I Maccabees; 4) II Maccabees; 5) Wisdom of Solomon; 6) Ecclesiasticus; and 7) Baruch.


It’s important to note here, that the books of the Old Testament that are best known to Christians constitute the Jewish Torah. They are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. I say that these are the best known to Christians, because they remain foremost in the minds of those Christians who do not study the Bible, and who rely on their childhood memories of the Bible stories of their favorite Jewish prophets when trying to teach their own children.


I often hear a Christian say: The Jews had the truth, but they broke their covenant with God, and a new one was made with the Christians who were adopted into the House of Israel through baptism.


First of all, there is nothing stating that God had an adoption program making Jews out of Gentiles. Secondly, the book of Hebrews in the New Testament states clearly that the Hebrew God fully intended to make his new covenant with the “House of Judah”; not with a bunch of Gentiles forsaking their ancestral tradition. Jesus himself, stated in Matthew 15, that: “I am not come but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” He was not referring to those of the “Lost Ten Tribes”, which Christians believe Gentiles to be part of, either. He was referring to Jews. The twelve tribes were Jewish tribes; and gentile, like goy or goyim, is a reference to non-Jews.


In Matthew 15, Jesus is rejecting a gentile woman who wants him to cast a demon out of her daughter. Certainly, he did as she asked, after she begged and “worshiped” him; but then he turned and left without a word. To Jews who were intended to follow him, he always said: “Come, follow me”, after a healing. Therefore, it is clear that Jesus knew that gentiles should not betray their ancestral traditions. It is equally clear that the Jewish god’s new covenant was not to include the Gentiles.


In order to come to an understanding of whom the “lost sheep of the House of Israel” are, let’s look at the so-called “exodus” from Egypt. Considering the fact that Moses is the only Biblical character for whom there is absolutely no supporting archaeological evidence, we must seriously consider the possibility that his story was a fabrication. Then, considering the fact that the Jews exiting Egypt took the Egyptian mysteries and the Book of the Dead with them, it is clear that they had infiltrated the Egyptian Mystery School. Then again, the Old Testament makes it clear that Joseph of old, who was supposedly sold into Egypt, ended up controlling Egypt’s economic structure. All-in-all, it’s difficult to escape the fact that the Jews were not freed from bondage, but rather “expelled” from Egypt for the same reason they’ve been run out of every civilized nation in the world – for being parasites on the back of society.


These Jews were the Pharisees who took the Egyptian mysteries and started a priest class known as the “Levites”. The dictionary states that a Pharisee is: “A member of an ancient Jewish group that emphasized strict interpretation and observance of the Mosaic Law.” When these Levites/Pharisees were taken with the rest of the House of Israel into bondage in Babylon, they began writing the Old Testament. To cover their tracks and who they were, they created the story of Moses, and became strict observers of the “Law of Moses”, which was their own creation.


It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who made up the body of Pharisees, but we can get a clue from the fact that Levi, himself, was a son of Jacob and Leah. Therefore, the common belief in: “The blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”, constitutes a belief in the blessings of the Pharisees. It’s a fact that Jews today, who adhere (or should adhere) to the kosher dietary laws, are all descended from the Pharisees, because these laws involve prohibitions against certain foods as contained in Leviticus II, and in Deuteronomy 14. Leviticus, of course, is a reference to the Levites who were Pharisees. Then again, the encyclopedia states: “The dietary laws are considered implications of the divine command to ‘be holy’ – Leviticus 19:2.”


It might be argued that many Christians, as well as Muslims also follow the dietary laws without being descended from the Pharisees; so why do Jews who follow them have to be descended from them? Many Christians follow out of ignorance, as do Muslims. Their ancestors had their spiritual tradition stripped from them, and either Islam or Judeo-Christianity is all they know. Jews, on the other hand, know exactly whom they are, have kept the records of their tradition, and are not in the least bit confused.


This brings us to the subject of Jesus. For now, let’s put aside the fact that he didn’t come to the Gentiles whether they were baptized or not. The fact that he didn’t like what the Pharisees stood for is inescapable. He flew in the face of their religious decrees, and he chased them from the Temple with a whip, turning over their tables, because they were engaged in a usury system for which they have always been known worldwide. The questions are several:


  1. Why would Christians in general, not only participate in, but actually condone and support the Pharisees’ usury system as it manifests through banking, Wall Street, and fiat money called Federal Reserve Notes? Shouldn’t this be considered contrary to the wishes of their Savior?


  1. Why would a Christian follow the Pharisaical tradition? Certainly, their observances are dictated by the Hebrew god as established by the Pharisees.


  1. Wasn’t Jesus an Essene? This was an esoteric tradition, far removed from that of the Pharisees.


  1. Weren’t the Essenes destroyed during the Christian Inquisition, along with Gnostics everywhere, and the Vitkar of the Northern European tradition?


  1. Why would a Christian reject the writings of Christ’s tradition of the Essenes, and believe the writings of the Pharisees to be the “Holy Word of God?


  1. Why would a Christian adopt the prophets of the Jews as his own, while rejecting his own ancestry?


  1. Could it really be that easy to dupe people into believing that all the races of the world evolved from Jewish loins in just a few thousand years; even when evidence of multiple races goes back thousands of years?


  1. Doesn’t all this seem wrong, somehow?


  1. Don’t you ever wonder about the tradition of our ancestors – the one you were deprived of?


The greatest contradiction in the world is that of Christianity. It stands in opposition to nature’s laws, to the concept of survival of the species, and to that which Christ was known to believe regarding races and cultures keeping their own traditions. Christianity provides an illusion to ensnare the ignorant masses, while the diabolical Jew controls their common destiny. This is Judeo-Christianity!




So far, I have presented some very controversial topics, which cannot adequately be addressed by the world of Christianity. I know, because personal experience over a period of forty-three years has taught me this to be a fact. The question remains, then, as to what we will do about it. I have addressed this subject in the following discourse.










I can perceive the reality in our enemies’ view of humanity as being mere “shells”. Dominion has done a wonderful job of creating a world of people so ignorant, duped and trapped, that we can only admire his genius.


As empty shells, humanity stumbles around, expecting others to fill them up; and so they do. Religionists fill humanity with false hope, fear and superstition backed by fairy tales, while the occultists enslave them through a usury system they cannot understand. Educators fabricate history, physical anthropology and science for the purpose of keeping the masses in a box, while the entertainment industry creates public opinion and establishes our perceptions of reality. Any who might seek their freedom are quickly reminded of their dependency on the “system”, as soon as they require refills on the many medical prescriptions that they are addicted to.


In addition, our culture consists of a number of sub-cultures. There are religious sub-cultures of course, each one replete with its own trigger words and phrases designed to keep the minds of its members aligned with the collective mind set. Biker clubs also constitute a sub-culture, as do police, prison guards, convicts, construction workers, truck drivers, etc., and the list continues indefinitely.


As mere “shells”, we tend to hold steadfastly to that which we grow accustomed to, because lacking in self-awareness and self-determination, we seek support in life.



Cowboys, truck drivers, construction workers, mineworkers, etc. all tend to drink beer of one general type, because it fits into their sub-culture. A premium beer may taste better, have a higher alcohol content and therefore require less consumption, but the collective mindset has brought on a lethargic mentality, and each individual is comfortable with that which is old and familiar. Even the majority of Utahans who complain that the state allows only 3.2% beer, will stick with that over another brand when it is made readily available to them.


In the southern states, it is common to hear someone say: “My grand daddy was a Baptist, and my daddy was a Baptist; so I guess I’ll just die a Baptist.” This reveals the lethargic mentality of which I speak, and it manifests more subtly than most of us realize.


Men and women alike, are involved in marriages where there is no love, and very little in the way of intimacy. Watch what happens when one partner seeks intimacy outside that relationship, though. One who was simply used to the relationship, now claims that his or her love has been desecrated, and where there was no desire for intimacy, now that one is hurt because the intimacy that should have been his or hers has gone elsewhere.


We’re not talking about the betrayal of one’s love here; we’re talking about the threatening of that which is old and familiar. A man’s wife becomes like his old and familiar beer, while a woman’s husband becomes like the quilt handed down from her grandmother. People become used to one another, and they refer to their situation as being love so that they don’t have to go through the pain of dealing with the reality of it all. They don’t want to hurt children, and they don’t want the castigation of loved ones. In this same way, people get used to their religion, and even if they come to a point in life where they question its validity, they will defend it angrily when someone else denounces it.

A religion becomes as familiar as an old worn out pair of shoes, and the lethargic mentality prevents people from not only seeking truth, but also from accepting it when the facts are presented to them. Religion is like the old pair of shoes or the familiar beer, and it’s much easier to hold steadfastly to the old support systems than it is to be self-determining, and it’s easier to keep everyone happy and thinking kindly towards us.


Nevertheless, everyone speaks bravely of such ideals as self-determination, freedom and personal responsibility, but when it comes right down to it, they don’t even have an understanding of the mechanisms that render them impotent. They pray to their oppressor, thinking him to be “God”, and they maintain a false hope in someone –a savior even, who is more powerful than themselves, who they believe will take pity on them if they will but worship him. In this way, they hope to be saved from their retched emotional state where action and desire remain dichotomous. They cannot grasp the reality that universal law demands personal motivation and responsibility, and they cannot grasp the reality of their enslavement to Dominion and his so-called angels, any more than they can understand that which keeps them enslaved to cheap beer and a loveless relationship.


The one called Christ that humanity looks to for their salvation, told them that the key to such salvation exists within them; but they are so duped by, and attached to religion, that they either don’t believe it, or they fear to turn within themselves. They cannot turn loose of the old and familiar beer in their miserable lives, and they cannot turn loose of the old and worn out religions that contradict their so-called savior.


Now that you have read this, you can either choose to do something about it, or you can go back to sleep and bury yourself in video games, television, movies and religion. Everyday life has all that you need to keep your mind occupied, and prevent you from having to face the awesome responsibility of becoming accountable for your own destiny, which is probably a concept that remains incomprehensible to you at this time anyway.


On the other hand, if you feel that you are ready to become free and self-determining, simply do that which is required in order to release the shackles that have kept you bound. The question is not about what should be done; the question is: “What will you do?”




Since Christians have made the topic of debt bondage a popular one, I felt that it might be appropriate for me to address this issue, since someone took the liberty to enlighten me on the subject via email.





“Debt Bondage”




It has recently come to my attention that Christians are discussing a concept that they call debt bondage. In fact, I received not long ago, an article on the subject of understanding debt bondage through the scriptures. I find this somewhat ironic, since those who have placed the world under debt bondage, also produced the scriptures.


My response, which follows, is not a lengthy dissertation, nor is it intended to educate anyone on the subject of debt bondage; rather, it is a very concise statement of the overall situation.


Christians will never understand the true nature of debt bondage until they come to understand certain facts. The first clue is in the LDS understanding that the god of this world is Lucifer. His real name is Dominion, and he is the Biblical god. He is also a “karma broker”, dumping his karma, along with that of his so-called angels and archangels into the collective unconscious. This becomes world karma to be dispersed throughout humanity. This becomes our debt, and this is our bondage.


Rather than turning to our captors for understanding, we should busy ourselves escaping bondage. This is what I’ve written two books and a dozen discourses about, as the result of my life work. Although I have two web sites, neither do I seek converts, nor do I have a religion to offer anyone. We, at Mani-Om-Sah simply offer a way out for those who are strong enough mentally and spiritually, to take personal responsibility for their situation in the universe, and to make their escape along with us. All religion is a trap.


At the end of this response, I said: “Thank you for your brotherly concern in spiritual matters, but my path is one of transcendence, and not servitude”.


I realize the cultural, political and financial aspects of the bondage referenced by these well-meaning Christians, but they must realize that any scriptural references are for those who have placed us in such bondage, and not for the rest of us. The real bondage is that of allotted karma, compliments of the karma broker and his hosts of angels and archangels. It involves the trap of reincarnation, which our captors wrote out of the scriptures when they produced the Bible, and it involves our ignorance secured by a blind faith in the infallibility of our captors. An escape from debt bondage cannot occur by turning to the teachings that our captors have produced around Christ. It can only occur, as we turn within to the Higher Self, also known as the Father, or the Avalokita.


This is what we at Mani-Om-Sah offer to those who are strong enough mentally and spiritually, to follow the admonition of their so-called “Savior”, and give up the security blanket provided by those who have placed them in bondage. If we remain as little children, then we will never obtain the freedom required in exercising personal responsibility. If we remain as “sheep”, then we will continue to be fleeced until the day we are finally butchered.




As if this isn’t enough, let’s have a look at a social phenomenon that few people ever attribute to those who gave us organized religion.








There is a cultural whirlwind ripping apart the foundation of our social institutions, creating confusion, hostility, and even guilt. Such is not the result of a natural evolutionary process. To understand what is going on, we must understand the agenda of our enemies.


As we know, the one god highly revered in Judaism, Islam and Christianity, is none other than Dominion himself. We know also that these three religious systems which were established by the Anunnaki (also known as cherubim, or angels) and their hybrid ruling elite are all patriarchal in nature. Knowing that such authoritative rule is Dominion’s way, the question naturally arises, then, as to why his hybrid elite is now promoting matriarchal domination over men.


This apparent contradiction may be understood by examining cultural development in terms of specific characteristics relating to gender. During times of social development after planetary upheavals, the ravages of war, or microbial invasion, the necessary divisions of responsibility naturally favor men as social authorities. This has to do with the fact of women providing childbirth, which places them in the role of nurturing those children and providing a secure home environment for their relatively slow process of physical and mental development. Men, who are naturally stronger in a muscular sense, are well suited to fighting predators, whether they are human or animal. They are also the most likely candidates for bringing home food to feed the family, as well as for building and repairing the homestead.


As we know, Earth’s history is one where the cycles of construction, development, destruction, and reconstruction have been constant. For this reason, the three major religions established by Dominion’s hybrid elite, have maintained male-dominated societies. Men being physically stronger than women (in general) serve as protectors; and when the tribe, clan or nation requires what others possess, they become predators. We can forget about the silly notion that if women were in charge, there wouldn’t be all the wars, because women are more naturally ruthless than men are. Women do not naturally direct the warrior men, because during an era of reconstruction, they are busy giving birth to future warriors, and nurturing the young. For this reason, men naturally lead in the social direction that reconstruction and conflict dictate.


I’ve heard many an argument regarding the fact that with all our new technologies, the need for brute strength and force is no longer required, and that women should, therefore, be respected in what has always been the domain of men. Women, who are jealous of the traditional social divisions of gender, ignorantly accuse men of oppressing women; and certainly, a lot of that has occurred. Nevertheless, we must understand the roots of the situation, and refrain from casting blame upon those who act out a role that they were taught from birth. We must also recognize Dominion’s hand in all of this, as it manifests through the vehicle of religion.


When left alone, as our Norse ancestors were for many centuries, men and women will naturally balance things out, establishing cultural equality as that which existed in ancient Scandinavia. Certainly, harsh circumstances necessitated that the Norse people establish social division, but such divisions were void of the oppression witnessed since the advent of Judeo-Christianity, and Islam.


In contradistinction to all this, we are now witnessing a reversal of roles, as Dominion’s hybrid elite effectuates an agenda through television, movies, publishing, education, social organizations, political campaigns, and the legal system, to place women in leadership roles, while minimizing the role of men in society. Men are now taught that to be who they truly are, they must learn to cry; and homosexuality is not only encouraged, but protected by law. In addition, left wing liberals openly advocate the destruction of White males in our society.


The purpose behind the reversal of male and female roles has nothing to do with altruistic men in positions of power, suddenly deciding that women should be in charge. Neither does it have anything to do with a change of Dominion’s mind, his agenda, or even any perceived allegiance he may have to one gender over the other. It has to do with the fact that his agenda does not include the type of destruction that will necessitate a total restructuring of civilization, culture and technology. His agenda involves the establishment of a single world culture to be governed by his archangels and other ETs, who will dictate to their hybrid elite. With this agenda in the making, Dominion can now establish the matriarchal world society that he actually favors. For this reason, the patriarchal religions will eventually be abolished in their present forms. They will be absorbed into a New World Religion, and matriarchy will become the new order. The only possible exception to this may be Judaism, since Jews are Dominion’s “chosen ones”; but time will tell.


The purpose of a matriarchal society has nothing to do with the feminist view that war is the result of the male ego’s inability to lead civilization. It has everything to do with keeping men, who are naturally strong, from making decisions that would lead to an overthrow of Dominion’s rule. The leaders and/or decision-makers must be controlled; and such control is exerted psychically through the Astral Body. Although both men and women are susceptible to psychic control, there is one major difference between the two as follows.


The nervous system of our physical bodies is a mere reflection, and even manifestation of what we know as energy meridians. We have a physical nerve ganglion in the back, which corresponds to a more subtle energy ganglion. In men a preponderance of the subtle ganglia is connected to the Mental Body in the Aura; whereas in women, a preponderance of the ganglia is connected to the Astral Body. For this reason, women not only tend to be more emotional, but they are less likely to break any psychic controls placed upon them. Of course, this will not apply to male spirits who are experiencing cross gender incarnations as female. Likewise, female spirits experiencing cross gender incarnations, as men are less likely to break the psychic controls than other men are. The so-called gods and angels have had their hands in cross gender incarnations to a great extent lately.


As I have discovered in exploring the 4th dimensional realm associated with this planet called Tara, Dominion has succeeded in converting that world civilization into a matriarchal order, from one originally based on equality of the sexes. By contrast, our patriarchal order has never abused women anywhere near the extent that men are abused on Tara. The reason for this has nothing to do with women being lower than men in an honorable sense. It has to do with the fact that although domineering at times, men have a natural instinct to protect women (which women use against men, constantly). In addition, abuse of the kind that exists on Tara, would have made the reversal we are now undergoing, nearly impossible, and thus would not have served Dominion’s purpose at all.


When I first became aware of Tara’s matriarchal situation, I began to wonder how people who lived so long (essentially being immortal) could have their tradition and values as thoroughly twisted as they have been. As we know, Tarans do not live short lives like we do, and then reincarnate to do it over again. The intent is for them to live 30,000 to 40,000 years working toward their ascension to the 5th dimension.


Having assumed control over Tara’s spiritual adepts by way of hybrid elites, however, Dominion has succeeded in halting the ascension process, altogether. His minions have had 800 years (their time) to program the subconscious minds of all Tarans, as they are now doing to us through radio and light frequencies associated with FM radio and television. Manipulating cross-cultural incarnations (which Tarans must now experience), and using media and education to instigate social upheaval, the Taran tradition of sexual equality eventually gave way to matriarchy. What has been 800 years their time, has amounted to 500,000,000 our time. Thus, a very gradual process of subconscious implants, incarnation after incarnation proved effective.


As Tarans eventually die, they must be reincarnated as stated above. Since Dominion pulled their astral plane to D-3 by way of a time warp, however, they now have two other options. If they can succeed in raising their vibratory rates sufficiently, they can pass on to D-5 astral in the after-death state; otherwise, they must pass on to D-3 astral, and reincarnate here. This has more and more Tarans confined to Dominion’s electromagnetic time loop, all the time.


One of Dominion’s plans, in the event that he were to lose the final battle that we have been engaged in, was to establish Tara’s time loop coil on the electromagnetic spectrum as he did here. However, I see this emergency plan of his as dust in the wind.




Since the concept of morality is generally known only in the context of organized religion these days, I felt that we should understand the concept as our ancestors once did prior to the conquest of religion.








In ancient times, morality had its roots in nature, supporting both that which maintained the natural order of creation, and that which was good for the family, clan, tribe, or nation.


Our Norse ancestors, probably being not much different from the rest of the world in their time, had a concept of social rules and demarcations expressed in terms of the “Ingardhr” (that which is inside), and the “Utgardhr” (that which is outside). Rights, responsibilities, protection, and law pertained only to those of the Ingardhr of a particular family, clan, tribe, or nation. Right and wrong was determined by that which was either good or bad for the group or community as a whole, with consideration given for positive relationships with others. As a moral code, this view protected the sanctity of a people’s culture, economy, resources, spiritual tradition, and national interests.


Those of the Utgardhr were not necessarily despised, or even denied access to the Ingardhr. Discretion or discrimination, however, was utilized in making a determination as to who and/or what should be considered as a potential political or social threat, and thus, kept on the Utgardhr. Such threats were rightfully considered bad for the Ingardhr; therefore, protecting against such potential threats was considered to be a moral virtue.


Our ancient ancestral systems of morality came under attack by those who controlled powerful nations through national debt and a system of financial and resource usury. These same financial powers created institutionalized religion, replete with a book of “laws” with which to control the masses, and forced it upon the ancients at the point of a sword. Thus, the world was gradually educated to a Universalist point of view, with morality no longer involving nature’s laws; but rather, a book of laws.


In ancient times, morality was a matter of conscience established by community, spiritual and national interests dealing with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It did not consider either political or personal motivations outside the parameters of that which was good for the community, a matter of spiritual obligation, or that which was required in protecting the interests of one’s civilization. Now, however, it is considered good for the community to embrace international interests in order to secure the safety of one’s community. In this way, then, the community has allowed itself to be conquered and dominated in order to avoid conflict with a warring entity.


At one time, the protection of family, cultural norms, local economy, and of the land’s natural resources, was always considered to be good for the life, liberty and happiness of a community, and thus, worth fighting for. Such protection involved the family’s property, the children’s education, and even the family bloodline. It involved the maintenance of cultural norms in order to provide young people with a sense of belonging, a sense of community, and allegiance. It involved the protection of the local economy, in order to prevent outsiders with no community allegiance, from gaining a financial stranglehold on the community. Finally, it involved the protection of a community’s water and mineral rights, in order to maintain the community’s sovereignty, and to prevent bankers and industrialists from stealing the inheritance of a civilization.


The life, liberty and happiness of a spiritual tradition are dependent upon its freedom from political mandates, and governmental license and restriction. A spiritual tradition must be subject only to that which a community deems to be within its moral standard of review.


The life, liberty and happiness of a nation is not dependent upon that which is considered to be politically correct; but rather, that which protects community, spiritual and national interests. The internationalists that have been conquering the world, have many people believing that nationalism is somehow linked with Nazis, and they have demonized them in unholy ways in order to dupe us into accepting the notion that we have been conquered through our naivety, and that it is somehow a good thing. The protection of life, liberty and happiness could always require violence, or even that which we have been duped into viewing as prejudicial, discriminatory or racial behavior.


The term prejudice, as we know, has been much abused. Stemming from the concept of pre-judgment, it has been used to stereotype those who utilize their natural powers of discrimination, and to cast them in a negative light for their audacity to protect their communities and cultures, their spiritual traditions, and their national interests. Discrimination is a divine gift, which places the human species at a great advantage over animals in nature, which rely only on instinct, without the advantage of a discriminatory mind. If we cannot discriminate between that which is beneficial or harmful, then we become a target.


That which we have come to view as racism is generally a result of the use of our powers of discrimination as regards the common behavior patterns of other races. I find it ironic however, that such distinction has become something awarded by political decree, rather than by behavior alone. We must come to realize that we now live in an “Age” where political correctness has become the morality of the masses, and that the terms good and evil are considered only in that context.


No longer do we feel confident in our personal conscience established by community, spiritual and national interests. Instead, we must consider the possibilities of public censorship, the loss of our careers, lawsuits, and even incarceration above the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as regards our communities, spiritual traditions and national interests. If I protect my family against burglary, robbery, rape or murder, it will be considered that I have violated the rights of one who invaded our home.


If I prevent homosexuals from gaining an influence in the lives of my children, it is not considered that I have protected nature’s imperative to propagate the species; nor is it considered that I have prevented the desecration of a spiritual tradition. The new morality of political correctness states that I have committed the forbidden act of discrimination – the very act that is required in securing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for me, my family and my community.


If I make a public outcry against “usury”, it is not considered that I am attempting to protect my community against those who wish to financially enslave me, my family and my community, and to steal all our wealth. Instead, I am publically slandered as being a “conspiracy theorist”, as being anti-Semitic, anti-government, and anti-social.


If I attempt to educate my community or nation, the new morality of political correctness considers that I am denying the rights of those who promote the politically correct agenda, and labels me as a terrorist. My community then considers me to be evil.




If I refuse to commit miscegenation with other races; or if I teach my children to avoid such acts, it is not considered that I am protecting my bloodline, the existence of my dying race, or my religious and cultural heritage. Instead, the politically correct crowd considers me to be a hater who flaunts his bigotry, and who considers his own race to be superior. Only Jews, Muslims and Blacks can do this.


In Europe and America, if a community is wary of selling property to those who maintain an allegiance to outside religious or political groups (whether racial or otherwise), or refuses them job opportunities that are reserved for the indigenous population, it is not considered that the community may be utilizing its natural powers of discrimination in protecting its cultural norms and social values, not to mention the community’s natural resources and economy. The politically correct crowd accuses the community of racism, bigotry, and neurosis.


If I take a stand against immigrants, whether legal or illegal, who openly claim to be conquering my nation or a portion thereof by sheer force of numbers, it is not considered that I believe in the right of the indigenous population to remain unconquered. Instead, political correctness demonizes me as a hater, and a racist. It considers me to be evil.


If I advocate the moral principal of protecting the existence of a dying human species by way of separatism, and that species happens to be White, then it is not considered that my love is a moral virtue. Instead, the politically correct crowd considers me to be a White Supremacist, and even a terrorist, totally devoid of any moral virtue, whatsoever.


No longer are the people free to consider morality in terms of that which is good for, beneficial to, or protective of themselves, their children, their communities, their spiritual traditions, or their national interests. Instead, they must consider international and foreign interests and cultures over their own welfare. Universalism is politically correct, and the moral structure of nature and nature’s laws is no longer acceptable on its own terms.


A very powerful group of occultists who constitute Dominion’s chosen ones, established organized religion, and now fund national governments. They have established, and are still molding that which is considered to be politically correct, and they have given us statutory law to govern morality.


Even our religious institutions have discovered that if they wish to maintain any semblance of a moral voice at all, they must teach adherence to statutory law, and that which is politically correct as a moral virtue. Indeed, we now live in an age where political correctness has become the morality of the masses.




It is now time to examine the spiritual principles that were known to our so-called heathen ancestors. At the same time, we will make a comparison to the so-called spiritual principles adhered to by those occultists that gave us organized religion.




Spiritual principles of

The so-called heathens




While making an inspection of the old temples at around the time of 4266 B.C Heru-Tata-f, the royal son of Men-Kau-Ra discovered the oldest chapter of the Egyptian Book of the Dead in the foundation of an ancient temple, dating back to 4500 B.C.


The Egyptians had received religious doctrines that were not the same as those existing prior to the natural disaster. The mysteries they came to possess involved gravitational, magnetic and electrical means to effectuate astral connections and altered states of consciousness for initiatory experiences. Such as these are not required in the esoteric process of transcendence, but they are required for those with a corrupted DNA package that prevents ascension from these lower dimensional realms.


The Great Pyramid was actually built by those who became the Great God Force for the ancient Egyptians. The fact that they themselves could not have built it is evidenced in the other eighty-nine Culture and religion cannot be separated. In order for any ruling authority to create and maintain the type of culture it desires, it must force adherence to its own religion. Conversely, any people desiring freedom from the oppression of a ruling authority must foster group unity with the establishment of their own political party, religion, or spiritual tradition.


Jews desired centuries ago, to become the ruling authority the world over, but have never been willing to share their religion with Gentiles. For this reason, they pushed Christianity on us with all its Jewish precepts, prophets and history. This was the motivating force behind the Christian zealots as they raped, burned, pillaged and plundered their way around the world in the name of their Jewish Savior. A similar situation exists among the Muslims.


As Zionism now threatens to exterminate the other races through miscegenation and world slavery, our ancestral religions are of greater importance to us than ever before. Without them, the people will never embrace their racial souls. Without them, we’ll lose our racial souls!


When I studied various world spiritual traditions, I did so at the esoteric level. Therefore, the so-called heathenistic and historical aspects of many traditions are unfamiliar to me. For this reason, I will not attempt to write about them, and instead, have chosen to write about my own. Those of other traditions, I am sure, will be able to relate to that which happened to my ancestral tradition if they have any knowledge regarding their own.


For centuries we have been taught that our ancient European ancestors were of pagan tribes, worshiping the sun, the sea, trees, and animals. We have been taught that our heritage is that of Godless heathens who possessed no spiritual attunement, or conceptual awareness of inner development, whatsoever.


Christianity, although rejected by Jews, was nevertheless, promoted among the Gentiles by those Jews. Thus, Catholicism rose up within the Roman Empire like a cancer, demanding that all warriors put down their swords, and bow before priests. Only these were authorized by a Jewish Lord to use the sword against those who would not convert.


Desiring to establish itself world wide as the one single religion for mankind, Catholicism approved the torturing and murdering of many millions of our noble ancestors in the name of their Jewish Lord. At this time, they destroyed most evidences of our very sophisticated, esoteric heritage. All claims of paganistic heathenism came from the Vatican, and persisted throughout the centuries, as the history was written by a political and educational structure completely dominated and controlled by Catholicism.


Our Northern European ancestors had developed a very rich cultural heritage founded upon a religion that served mythological, ritualistic and esoteric purposes. Catholicism assimilated much of this heritage, partly because the new religion had no heritage of its own, and partly because such assimilation assisted the Christians in maintaining a stranglehold on our people.


They assimilated the twelve days of Yule, and called it Christmas, falsely claiming that Jesus was born on the 25th of December, while even the so-called “Brotherhoods” (Masonic Orders) know that he was born on October 4th.


To assimilate our Spring Equinox, they claimed that this was the day Jesus rose from the dead. The name of the Goddess honored by the Anglo Saxons in spring was “Ostara”, which gradually devolved into “Easter”, and this is the day that Christians celebrate the resurrection of their Jewish Lord. They even desecrated our Holy Hammer Sign by adopting it and calling it the Sign of the Cross. The only difference was the unclenching of the fist and using fingertips instead. Also, the accompanying words were different.


Although early Christianity rejected the Masonic Brotherhoods, it was nevertheless, given its birth and impetus by these brotherhoods, which were formed by the Jewish elite (Pharisees) who carried the ancient mysteries that they took from the Egyptians. Many people have been led to believe that these bearers of the mysteries constitute the supreme elite of humanity, possessing esoteric secrets of the ages, which few are capable of understanding. It’s a fact, however, that few understand the events that took place in ancient times, which gave rise to this very dangerous group.


Various races the world over, including our Northern European ancestors, possessed esoteric mysteries in accordance with their respective cultures during the last Golden Age which was at its peak at about 11,500 B.C. Sometime between 6700 B.C. and 4500 B.C. during the last Silver Age, there was a natural disaster which destroyed many civilizations. In Egypt, the Spiritual Adepts practicing the mysteries were among those who were killed.


There is substantial evidence supporting the fact that an advanced race from a planet in the system of the double star Sirius visited earth at around 4500 B.C., and inner plane investigations on the space/time track bears this out. The ancient Egyptian New Year was established with the heliacal rising of the Star Sirius in 4240 B.C and the founders of the Egyptian religion named their supreme being, Osiris. Sirius is the only fixed star with an unvaried cycle of 365.25 days, and it was the basis of the Egyptian calendar.


We can imagine who may have built the Great Pyramid, when we consider the major pyramids in Egypt that were built haphazardly. While the Great Pyramid is geometrically perfect, the others were imperfect copies. This is because the Egyptians did not understand highly theoretical mathematics.


The “Tillers” or keepers of the temples practiced what we now know as a Jewish tradition of Masonic Rite. By 4000 B.C they were becoming a powerful monopoly all over Egypt. These Rites were passed down through Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, and others who played major roles all through the Old Testament.


In some of the surrounding Persian areas, other Masters of the Esoteric Mysteries survived the natural disaster. True to their positive focus, they maintained a low profile, never establishing large kingdoms, temples and systems of mass education for purposes of power and control. They were to become known as the Essenes, of which Jesus the Christ was a member. He taught his people to turn inward for the spiritual experience (the Kingdom of God), and both religiously and politically resisted the oppression of the Pharisees, and the moneychangers in the temple. For attempting to free his people from the Masonic stranglehold, he became a hunted man.


Shortly thereafter, both the Essenes and another group that constituted the “original” Gnostics were destroyed. Christianity emerged in Rome, not as a product of Christ’s teachings, which were of the Essenes, but as a product of Masonic Judaism. In the late 1500s, a Christian by the name of Francis Bacon established Freemasonry under the light of “Scottish Freemasonry”, as an attempt to enlighten and educate the masses who were ready for further enlightenment.


The founding fathers of the United States were Freemasons who diligently fought ignorance and oppression, but their organization had already fallen into the clutches of the Illuminati, who controlled all other Masonic Orders. Now all of Freemasonry serves the interests of the Zionists. As we have already seen, the liberties established under the United States Constitution by the founding fathers of this nation have all but been destroyed.


The Jewish religious tradition, though, has been presented as the only one of any substance at all. We never hear of our Northern European tradition of esotericism that also evolved out of the last Golden Age, because just like the Essenes and the Gnostics, our ancient Vitkar were exterminated in the First Inquisition.


Our people were raped of their religious heritage, and for centuries we have been without the esoteric process, and its attendant concepts regarding our Astral, Causal, Mental, and Spiritual makeup. Hindus and Buddhists, however, have shared their ancient traditions with us as regards meditation, mantra, the auric field, our chakras, and karma, as well as reincarnation and kundalini energy because we have been led to believe that our people never possessed a spiritual heritage at all.


A researcher by the name of Edred Thorsson speaks of the psychosomatic complex corresponding to the conscious mind, intellect and will. He is talking about the esoteric concepts held by our ancient Norse ancestors, and I will cover some of his research here, in order to show that these ancients had knowledge of the ancient esoteric mysteries. The psychosomatic complex corresponding to the conscious mind, intellect and will, is a direct reference to the auric field, which he says our ancestors called the hugr. The will exists within the psychosomatic complex at the rear of the body. Within this complex or hugr, are what our ancestors called “hvels”, or wheels.


Hindus refer to these hvels as chakras, and it is known that the will centers are in that portion of each chakra existing at the back of the body. Please note how esoteric knowledge is the same in all traditions worldwide. The Old Norse term of “Hugauga” refers to the “Mind’s Eye”, which was known to be a spiritual hvel or chakra in the forehead. Of course we also know this to be the 3rd Eye Chakra.


We have also been taught about the kundalini energy existing at the base of the spine, which constitutes our self-contained ancestral power. No Masons (supposedly standing for enlightenment), ever enlightened us regarding these facts. We have learned them from Hindus and Buddhists, even though Masons use the same terms. Kundalini is a personalized aspect of that which exists in the universe as Shakti, Eck, Prana, or the Tao. Our Norse ancestors called it the Önd.


The Hamingja, as Edred Thorsson has explained, is the Norse term for the magical force similar to the Manu and Manitu of other traditions, and which our ancestors related to as a “guardian spirit”. Sometimes, as he explains, they discussed this guide as that which manipulated the rune lots, causing them to fall, or to be laid out in certain ways. For this reason, the Hamingja was also referred to as “good luck”. Thorsson notes also, that from the Odian standpoint, this entity was actually part of the whole self of the Odian.


It is interesting to note that certain esoteric traditions in Tibet and India share this same concept of the Hamingja, but use such terms as Avalokita, the Mahanta, Atman, the Inner-Self, the Inner-Guru, or the Inner-Buddha. Catholicism used the term Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, but disallowed any concept regarding one’s own Inner-Self associated with it. Regardless of the ancient rites they lay claim to, the initiate is turned without, rather than within, just like the Masonic Brotherhoods with their roots in Egypt.


Thorsson also speaks of what he calls a plastic image-forming substance that our Northern ancestors called the “Hamr”. This is a reference to a lower Etheric energy matrix, which is responsible for the physical manifestation of the body. Psychic practitioners the world over recognize this portion of the Hugr (auric field) existing closest to the physical body, as the Etheric Body, or the Etheric Double, and it serves as a DNA Template.


The negativity we generate from time to time, and which manifests through our emotional reaction patterns, are energetically attached to, and stored within the Hugr, in the form of conscious energy units we call wyrd. Being conscious, they have a life of their own, which is why many people who have encountered them during the spiritual purification process have described them as being spirits, or entities. There are literally worlds of them. Our Norse ancestors referred to them as the “bearers of fate”, and called them “wyrd”. They were understood, as Thorsson points out, as entities who were attached to an individual, and who carried that individual’s fate, or Ørlög; thus influencing his or her life and actions. These conscious energy units of wyrd are referred to by Hindus as Samskaras, and by Buddhists as Samsaras, and are known to carry an individual’s karma.


Reincarnation is a related principle known not only to Hindus and Buddhists, but also to Freemasons and many others in society today. All esoteric traditions worldwide, both past and present understand the principle of reincarnation, including the Gnostics and the Essenes. This means that Christ, having been an Essene, also taught reincarnation. Our Norse ancestors called it “aptrburdhr”. The only reason Christians don’t acknowledge reincarnation is due to the fact that in 558 A.D the Second Council of Constantinople declared it to be heresy. Therefore, a non-belief in reincarnation is a Catholic belief.


As Thorsson pointed out in his book entitled: “At the Well of Wyrd”, the runster (one who does rune casting) is seeking knowledge of the entities constituting his wyrd. In other words, divination in its esoteric aspect, seeks to identify the wyrd behind one’s present circumstances and cycles of ørlög that will soon manifest. Such knowledge allows the individual to understand, and thereby properly deal with present and future situations.


Wyrd, consisting of our past actions, which have been formulated and absorbed by our being, as Thorsson puts it, can be neutralized and eliminated. This constitutes the Initiatory Process of Purification we know as “’Wyrding”. This is how we transcend the material worlds of dualism. As we clean up all our past web-works of wyrd, we transcend, in theory, the entire process of ørlög. Actually, there are traps provided by Dominion that we have to release as well, as you know. However, ørlög is the main thing that keeps us coming back to this world lifetime after lifetime.


Once purified, the Hamingja/Avalokita may unite with the pure ego-consciousness, bringing us into a state of enlightenment that we call Hamingja Consciousness, or attainment of the Avalokita. Actually, as some have discovered, there are several stages of this state of consciousness; the first beginning long before one’s purification is complete. This process of transcendence is known to other esoteric traditions as enlightenment, Self Realization, or God Realization.


Whatever we choose to call this state of consciousness, it is the result of the inner developmental process initiated by Odin through the Rite of Initiation, and the purpose for which he hung on the tree Yggdrasil to bring us the Runes. We do not require the gravitational or magnetic gimmicks of the occultists to imitate spiritual experiences. Our native spiritual tradition involves a rich heritage, offering the Folk wisdom, social ethics, and spiritual transformation. Our ancestors were not heathens; rather, the ancient Hebrews and early Christians were heathenistic.


Our Norse ancestors knew that the Iron Age would be one of gross desecration of our religion, our culture, and eventually, our race. As the Book of Revelation describes the nature of that which it calls the “Beast”, we can clearly see that what has been described is the Zionist force now manifesting through national and world governments as a global beast of oppression and slavery, while the Masonic Order spearheads the whole operation as a hand of the Illuminati.


With our newfound esotericism, is included an inner communication process with the Avalokita, and an ability to explore situations on the inner planes. In these ways, we have the capacity to discern among those things that are beneficial to us on our path, and those things that will serve us no justice, or that may otherwise be negative. This process of discernment will be of great benefit to those of us who walk this path, in effectively discerning truth from fraud when assailed by the Zionist /Masonic forces of darkness.


If you are reading this, then you should have already completed the first year discourses, and have had the traps released that would otherwise prevent your enjoyment of trouble free communication with the Avalokita. There is another consideration, however, and that is the fact that dark forces operating within certain governments, particularly the U.S. government, would like to crush all of us who offer esoteric truth. They have an agenda, which involves their New World Order of slavery and oppression of the masses; therefore, it is best not to become a missionary and a zealot. What about me? Well, someone has to make these things available to the masses, and certainly I am taking my chances in this regard.


In continuing, I’d like to reveal some of the beliefs of occultists that I have gleaned from their own writings. The early Gnostics, and thus, today’s mystery schools such as the Brotherhood of Saturn and other Masonic-connected Brotherhoods claiming the doctrines of Gnosticism and Rosicrucianism hold that our world was not created by the God of Light, but rather by an entity that resulted from a deficiency in the Pleroma (the Sea/Ether). Lesser independent entities called “Archons” arose in the graduated levels of the cosmos called “Aeons”. One such archon/entity is known as the demiurge that created our world of matter.


We, who have esoteric knowledge, realize that such Archons or Lords exist on each and every major plane within the material worlds of dualism. The Brotherhoods identify the Archon who created the earth, as Jehovah (YHVH), while the name in Sanskrit is Jot Niranjan. He is the manifestation of all negative power in this universe, and king over all the Pinda, or physical world. In actuality, he did not create our world but rather, he sits at the fountainhead in this lower realm where creative energy flows from the “All”. Such a fountainhead exists for each of the several Harmonic Universes.


The Brotherhoods are of the belief that man being created of both the world of light and the world of darkness can be redeemed only by knowledge gained through direct experience; not by logic or learning. They acknowledge that the demiurge Jehovah/Jot Niranjan, on the other hand, demands faith. Based on this belief, the Brotherhoods place an unwarranted emphasis and indiscreet loyalty on the demiurge Lucifer/Dominion, who is seen as the “good god” because he provided us with knowledge which the “bad god” Jehovah had forbidden us to have.


First of all, the notion that we need to be redeemed is an unsubstantiated premise that goes unexplained and unchallenged. Secondly, Jot Niranjan has never demanded faith or anything else of us. Thirdly, Dominion has us trapped here, and not only the Archon of this realm, but the others as well, don’t care, because we are of no concern to them. Please take note also, that in all this talk of Archons, Jehovah, good god, etc. there is no mention of the “All”. The whole concept of both the Brotherhoods and organized religion has to do with a god that exists in the material worlds of dualism in general, and in this lower realm in particular. It is also interesting to note that the most powerful religious leaders worldwide, whether Jewish, Muslim, Latter Day Saint, Catholic, or whatever else, all belong to such Fraternities, yet hold these beliefs for themselves, while professing quite the opposite before their less enlightened congregations.


Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D., in his book entitled “Fire & Ice”, produced an analysis of a secret lodge calling itself Fraternitis Saturni, or “The Brotherhood of Saturn”. Through a quirk of fate, the inner documents of the Order fell into the hands of those who published them in German. Since such documents are a rarity, it is difficult to say whether or not all the Brotherhoods maintain the same doctrines as those I will discuss shortly. We do know that such commonality is a great likelihood, however, because the Brotherhoods all have a common Jewish connection through the Illuminati.


Astrologically, the planet Saturn is of paramount importance to the Fraternitis Saturni (from here on out, F.S.) as we approach the internal vibratory structure of the Age of Aquarius. To understand what they mean by the Saturn Gnosis, let us first examine the Gnosis. This is a complex set of magical doctrines, including a special path of initiation, as well as a complete astral of planetary cosmology and a Luciferian element, as the author pointed out. In a nutshell, Gnosis is knowledge.


In the Saturn-Gnosis, the planet and archetype of Saturnus is the focal point for the manifestation of the demiurge. This demiurge known to all Masonic Brotherhoods is identified with Lucifer – the Bearer of light – as the higher octave of Saturn. In this capacity he is seen as the “Guardian of the Threshold” to higher initiation and being. He is the governor of the revealed world, and lord over life and death, and over light and darkness. These concepts are part of the mysteries passed down by the prophets of the Old Testament, and also kept in the Temple of Solomon, which were accompanied by the Masonic signs, symbols and rites.


I don’t relate to the Jewish tradition in any way, because the original Egyptians possessing Aryan blood were gone prior to 4500 B.C when the present reptilian tradition upon which Judaism is founded, was originated. Therefore, I am not moved in any way, by their beliefs, and I do not judge them in a qualitative sense. I do note, however, that their focus on an entity (the demiurge) outside themselves constitutes a gross departure from all ancient esoteric mysteries presently held by those who offer transcendence and enlightenment. Indeed, Christ being an Essene taught that the Kingdom of God was within. All those offering the esoteric process, turn their initiates inward.


Returning now, to the ancient Egyptian mysteries embraced by the Masonic Brotherhoods, and expressed by the F.S. in particular, let us examine that which concerns Lucifer/Dominion.


Lucifer is believed to have broken the cosmic order by revealing divine secrets to mankind, for which he was punished. I haven’t seen any evidence of his ever having been punished, but this is the notion upon which the occultists base their belief that he is identical with Prometheus of the Greek tradition, and why he is also identified with the Serpent of Paradise. As these occultists claim, he is identified with the number 666 – the Beast. It is interesting to note that First Kings of the Bible associates the number 666 with King Solomon and his talents of Gold. Nowhere, however, is it revealed that the 666 is a reference to a corruption in the DNA which prevents the bearer from ascending out of this realm. Maybe this is the basis of the so-called redemption that they think we can receive from Dominion.


The Luciferian principle associated with the F.S. is understood in terms of Lucifer being the Light Bearer for mankind. He is considered to be the “Higher Octave” of Saturn. Yet, it is never discussed that this nickname was given to Dominion as a result of his having pulled light into the magnetic time loop, and thereby creating an electromagnetic time loop with its resulting “illusion” of linear time.


It is believed by occultists that for those who are able to comprehend the principle of Lucifer’s light being born in every generation of humanity, as well as the principle of being able to take a measure of “egocentric power” from the Solar Logos, he (Lucifer) is understood to be the “Savior”. Savior, my gluteus maximus; what they’re talking about here, is the ego-entity that each of us is born with. The prototype for this entity is the one possessed by Dominion/Lucifer, and this is the so-called light of Lucifer that we are born with. This is the “egocentric power” that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to successfully walk the Spiritual Path of Transcendence.


One of the other doctrines taught is that: “Humanity is for the most part still dominated by an unyielding law of self-destruction that rules in all realms of being, organic as well as inorganic.”


The law of self-destruction of which they speak, is none other than that of karma. The initiates of the mystery schools, however, are taught that they have another option as follows:


“Knowledge and experience of the archdaimonic principle embodied in Saturn can, however, free the initiate from the laws of cause and effect. In other terms, man can liberate himself from his own karma.”


Experience of the archdaimonic principle embodied in Saturn is a convoluted way of saying that those occult initiates, who take advantage of Dominion’s karma brokerage program, are afforded the opportunity to dump their karma into the collective unconscious of this world, just like the ETs who serve Dominion do. This is how they defy spiritual law, and get out of their karma.


The mystery schools of today, like their forbearers, provide but a mere imitation of the real process of transcendence. It is sad indeed, that not only Aryans, but also races all over the world are being duped into accepting Lucifer as their savior. Nearly all of our religious leaders, political leaders, judges, prosecutors, and industrialists are Freemasons. In this way, the New World Order is being established in preparation for the coming of the Jewish Messiah, at which time, each Jew, according to their Talmud, will possess 2,800 slaves from among us who are called Gentiles, or Goyim (animals).


Following, is an explanation for the ignorant, by the Fraternitis Saturnitis, as to how and why our political changes are coming about: It must be realized that this explanation was written prior to our present Age of Aquarius, which is said to be ruled by Saturn. Uranus is also said to exert controlling forces, It was claimed, therefore, that the influence of the coming Aquarian Age was being guided by the demiurge Saturnus, which in turn, was being transformed through Uranian influence, just as Jupiter, being transformed by Neptune, guided the Piscean Age.


The Neptunian influence was claimed to be exercising tremendous force at the close of the Piscean Age in the area of politics, which they say accounted for the upsurge in communistic ideals. Right, let’s blame the creation of occultists on the cosmos. When this material was written, these occultists claimed also, that Saturn was undergoing transformation and becoming more spiritual, claiming that the upsurge in communistic ideals would therefore, suddenly turn, being destroyed by Uranian power as we passed into the Aquarian Age.


Well, we passed into the Aquarian Age in 1953, and communistic ideals were not destroyed. Some forty or so years later, the Iron Curtain came down, but that event was planned when the curtain first went up. Although there is more talk of democracy all over the world, America now has all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto installed in its socio-political structure.


These so-called elitists are not only misguided spiritually, but being part of the Zionist force which created Communism, and which is now bringing about the New World Order, they are also liars as well. These liars have explained the need for a New World Order, and here I paraphrase:


The public, they say, is experiencing confusion due to the convergence of the two competing and conflicting Age streams. All planets are increasing in vibratory frequency as they progress into the Bronze Age; but assume that only Saturn is undergoing transformation. Therefore, these elitists claim that the emerging Saturno-Uranian spirit as they call it and its “elect” (elitists) will bring a “New Order” out of this chaos. Again, let’s blame the cosmos, and convince a gullible public that we have to fix things for them.


The public has never been as confused as it is now, since the influence of these communistic occultists. These Brotherhoods are causing confusion, delusion and emotional upset through propaganda, financial manipulation of global economies, environmental pollution, and pharmaceutical drugs; thereby preventing the masses from keeping pace with planetary transitions through the ascending Bronze Age. They have been holding the masses back, within the grips of an old Iron Age, duping them into viewing humanity as becoming enlightened, and placating them with Jewish speals of egalitarianism and universalism. The very things that they, themselves do not believe in.


I found the writings of the Brotherhoods to be very revealing in this regard, in fact. They state that the Age of Aquarius is only an “appearance” of rational and humanitarian egalitarianism as they aptly put it. They hold that: “The Saturno-Uranian reality looming behind this world of appearances will be [is] one of an enlightened system of control by a ruling elite – the final reign of the Illuminati.”


In other words, they claim that they, who are the Beast (666) is taking over, and that this planet is to be ruled in accordance with Luciferian principles. This information, people, comes directly from the conspirators themselves. We no longer have to ponder the mere possibility of a Jewish-originated conspiracy being carried out by a myriad of race-traitors belonging to the various Masonic Orders.


Those who embrace the ancient Egyptian religious hierarchy are carrying out this agenda. The Pharisees who came out of Egypt with the “book of the Dead”, were the original providers of the Egyptian hierarchy. In addition, thy formed the priest class called Levites, and established Judaism, which gave us both Islam and Christianity.


If these dark forces are allowed to succeed, the individual races will eventually cease to exist, and all the esoteric mysteries will be swallowed up. Any opportunity for spiritual transformation and transcendence, then, will never again be realized by those incarnating on planet earth.


Adolf Hitler, just one month after taking his oath as Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, invoked emergency powers to disband subversive groups such as Communists and Masons. This move shut down the F.S. and all other Masonic and quasi-Masonic lodges associated with the Illuminati. This man obviously had insight and vision. He possessed great concern, love and compassion for his own people, and knew who our enemies are.


The religious principles of the so-called heathens must now take on one more dimension. In order to secure our newly found esoteric process, we must assume responsibility for assuring religious freedom worldwide. A new world religion is to accompany the new world order; and other religions, especially those offering the esoteric process, will not be tolerated. As I pointed out at the beginning of this discourse, culture and religion cannot be separated. For this reason, we must spread our ancestral spiritual traditions to all those who are willing to listen, so that the people may once again, embrace their ancestral souls. Our people have no other hope.



Still, there are those who will say that they know so-and-so who would be lost and decadent if it was not for religion and the principles that it teaches. It’s unfortunate that people have the tendency to observe a positive outcome associated with something evil, and then conclude that the evil must not actually exist after all. It’s equally unfortunate that people believe the positive aspects of religion to exist only with religion – that they assume the ancient spiritual traditions to lack the capacity to provide such positivity. This is a condition that is natural to most people, but if they analyze it, then they can readily see its illogical nature. Let us now examine the path above religion.








          The spiritual path, as we have discussed previously, requires personal responsibility for one’s performance of spiritual exercises, following the dictates of one’s Avalokita, and living the ethical life. There is no book of laws as there is in religion, nor is there a just and loving God waiting to punish you for eternity when you fail to obey such laws as provided by those forces existing outside yourself.


The forces of which I speak, have provided the world with religion in order to keep the masses duped, subservient, and cooperative in the face of the endless catastrophes that plague their lives. Religion keeps the masses accepting the allotted karma that is continuously dumped on them, and it allows the occult forces in the world to maintain temporal control over them.


Dominion, his Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters enjoyed total sovereignty over this planet for longer than the human mind can contemplate. Their occult representatives have likewise enjoyed their lesser sovereignty over the masses of people here. When we free ourselves from the traps that have been set for us, and begin to progress spiritually, the sovereigns at all levels become angry and attempt to force us back into the box from whence we have emerged.


Christian religions accept one’s ability to listen to the promptings of the “Holy Ghost” as long as those promptings do not contradict the teachings of those in authority. Any conflict is claimed to be the work of the “devil”, and the Christian is warned of his or her dangerous position with God.


Christians are taught that to meditate, or to otherwise turn within for guidance is dangerous because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. In some circles it is believed that the one meditating fills him or her self up with demons. Such Christians are taught instead, to pray to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he is the only one who can help them. Of course, the answer to their prayers better fit into the box held by their religious leaders, otherwise God will be angry, and the punishment will be exacting. Therefore, to be on the safe side, most Christians blindly follow their trusted occult religious leaders.


Those who deviate are seldom punished by their religious leaders to much of an extent in these modern times, but if they choose to engage in spiritual activities to any extent at all, they are subject to coming under attack by the so-called Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, and even by the occultists of this world.


When a person develops psychic powers, healing powers, or a shamanic capacity that might lead to his or her development of an ability to defend against psychic attack, he or she will often come under heavy psychic attack by either astral or occult forces. Such psychic attack may take the form of energy loss, a depletion of one’s mental capacity, physical pain, nightmares, or even attempts at demonic possession. Attacks such as these are designed to intimidate the individual into going back to church and climbing back into the religious box where he or she can feel safe.


Any path, whether it be one that purifies the ego, including the lower passions and mental obsessions, or whether it involves use of the light in effectuating higher vibratory frequencies, or whether it involves shamanic powers only, constitutes a path above religion. Such development is acceptable to the sovereigns only within the confines of certain occult circles, such as the inner circles of Freemasonry, affiliates of the Golden Dawn, and the inner occult circles of some of the major religious organizations.


Those who stray from organized religion thinking that they will develop spiritually on their own are deluding themselves. If they do not come under attack, then they are not developing spiritually in any significant way at all.


Those who do come under attack will learn how to protect themselves and fight back, or they will have to seek the protection of one who has shamanic powers. The alternative is to go back into the religious box, thinking that Jesus has saved them. Psychologists understand this tactic in terms of crisis psychology. The one who creates the crisis is also the one who arrives on the scene to save the day when death and destruction are eminent.


Anyone who has left organized religion and has began to develop spiritually, knows what it is that I am talking about. The only ones who don’t know are those who have become trapped by the Ascended Masters in the New Age Movement, and are thus spinning their spiritual wheels while thinking that they are ascending as perfected beings.


I have assisted numerous people that have left organized religion and found themselves in big trouble for having done so. Old habits die hard, and as soon as those who begin calling on their old and familiar deities (saviors, gods and angels) go to their knees once again, or at least extend their hearts to them, they find themselves in trouble all over again. The reason for this has to do with the fact that when they call upon such deities, they invite them back in, and in this way, my protection is withdrawn. It would be a violation of spiritual law for me to protect someone against those whom they want to embrace.


Some people return to their religious deities out of fear when they feel that something is attacking them, even if they are adequately protected against such attacks. This is what leads to their ultimate demise, and at this point, only their return to the religious box can save them. They must, of course, give up their spiritual path. Taking the path above religion is not possible for such as these, because they lack spiritual strength, courage and self-determination.


I’ve even had people call me in tears, asking for my assistance, while at the same time telling me that Jesus is the only one who can save them. Is this insanity? You bet! It’s not that there was ever anything wrong with Jesus. It’s that after his death, he became an icon and an archetype utilized by our spiritual enemies. Therefore, to call upon him is to call upon those forces that will attack us, attack us, and attack us until we beg to go back into the box.


We are all aware of those in third world countries who walk spiritual paths unmolested, but spiritual attacks could not return them to a religious box that they were never in to begin with. Neither are they likely to have much of a spiritual impact on the rest of the world. They are simply no threat to our spiritual enemies. To be honest, however, spiritual adepts worldwide could actually be in great danger at this time. There has been a war raging since January of 2004, and I know of one great non-warrior Master who has been compromised by the enemy. How many others have been also, I don’t know.


Not everyone was meant to walk the warrior path, but it takes a warrior’s courage to walk the path above religion, particularly the spiritual path. We live in a world of occultism and karma, where only the strongest may get away with walking above religion. I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve done so for about twenty-six years now at the time of this writing, and my spiritual enemies are still trying to take me down for my support of others who seek their spiritual freedom.


How could I expect it to be any other way, though? I live and breathe on my enemies’ turf, I have defied their power, and I persist in helping others to do so as well. If those that the religionists pray to were not actually the enemies of all humanity, then they would simply allow us our free agency in escaping the trap of religion, even if it brought us spiritual destruction. Instead, however, they attack us demonically because they don’t want us to escape the trap. They don’t want us to develop spiritually by walking the path above religion.


If I were not coming under constant attack, I would think that something was wrong. Indeed, when all is quiet on the battlefront, I am alerted to the fact of a major offensive being staged, and it always comes. This is my responsibility for the warrior path that I walk; but as I stated above, it is not meant that everyone should walk this path. Many people who have come under my protection, either experience nothing in the way of attacks, or they experience a few minor episodes only.


Those religionists who claim to have no problems in the way of psychic attacks, and believe that it’s due to the fact that they walk in the light of Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, or whoever, are deluding themselves. They are free from attack because they pose no threat to those who keep them in spiritual bondage; they do not walk the path above religion.


Do not worry that if you were to walk a spiritual path, that you would suffer the attacks of our enemies. Those few of us who offer spiritual paths, also offer our protection. More so than any others, it is we who come under constant attack. However, once you begin a spiritual path, it is wise not to dabble in the other side by calling upon them for assistance as you once did.




Spiritual adepts throughout history have always stated that the majority of people are always wrong. This statement has its basis in the fact that the esoteric mysteries of the universe have always been reserved for the few who preserve them for the time when others happen to become ready to embrace them. It’s unfortunate, however, that the negative forces of occultism have succeeded in nearly wiping out the original esoteric systems, and exterminating their keepers. These are those who have given us organized religion. Now let’s discuss the delusion of the masses.








Everyone has heard the popular phrase stating that religion is the opiate of the masses, but few are aware that religion is but one aspect of mass delusion. The notion that either one single, or even several beings existed distinct from manifested creation, and established universal law, then created the entire universe from galaxies to solar systems, and finally all biological forms, including all physiological and neurological processes, and did this from nothing, is simply ridiculous.


It is true that I wrote a chapter in “Escaping Hell”, entitled “Creation”, where I discussed the fact that the source of all creation is the “All”, and that this could be called “God”. However, I also made the fact clear that the “All” is not a conscious entity as we consider living beings to be. I discussed an expansive thought which became everything, and I described it in terms of quantum physics. Scientists have made the mistake of viewing life as having come into existence due to an accidental “big bang”, which is just as ludicrous as the creation theory of religionists.


There certainly was a creation, and it certainly did issue forth from a source of intelligent thought; but to relate to that intelligent thought in terms of human anatomy, or even of human consciousness, demonstrates an immature and uninformed state of human consciousness. The reason for our inability to fully conceptualize this source of intelligent thought has to do with the fact that existence, as we know it, is merely a microcosm of a much greater macrocosm. In other words, we exist much the same as the smaller existences we recognize through our microscopes.


The need some people feel to believe in a loving and nurturing humanoid being of great power that we can call God, is an emotional weakness born of the confusion, conflict and ignorance created by those claiming to be our creator gods, and their servants who keep us trapped and ignorant through religion. Certainly, there are direct manifestations of the Sound and Light with whom we can identify, and who are responsible for many phenomena of a universal nature; but they are available to assist us, not to rule us, nor to exact vengeance against us.


Odin and Omin are direct manifestations of the Sound and Light respectively, but they also gave manifested existence to the one who eventually claimed his throne as the god of this world. I am speaking of Dominion here. He is of both the Sound and the Light. He gained control over our galaxy, backed by other negative forces, and threatened the existence of 4th dimensional earth called Tara. I’ve written of this occurrence elsewhere, so allow me to state just briefly, that the split between those loyal to Tara and those loyal to Dominion resulted in our arrival here on 3rd dimensional earth. We were loyal to Tara, so Dominion attacked us. This in a nutshell, constitutes the basis for the mythological story of the “war in heaven”.


By taking our magnetic time loop which provided the experience of the moment of being, or the here and now, and pulling light quanta into it, Dominion established an electromagnetic time loop which changes octaves constantly. This provides us with the illusion of linear time, and also causes us to reincarnate over and over again, with increasingly shorter life spans. This act of adding light to the magnetic time loop, won Dominion the nickname of Lucifer, which means “Light Bearer”.


Lucifer, as we know, is the god of this world; therefore, it should not be surprising to realize that in this realm, we are wandering through a matrix wherein people seem to be individual members of various groups and races, but who are nevertheless, increasingly dominated by a ruling elite through the subconscious mind, via the collective unconscious. People are not aware of their condition because at the conscious level, it appears that they possess individual, rational thought; which, for the most part they do. However, we live in a holographic existence consisting of tonal vibrations, and everything is basically subject to a scenario being played out like a video on a computer. This is our illusion in a nutshell.

Our individual, rational thought encounters a problem where the collective impacts our psychic faculty. Those who are yet unpurified and who take their freedom of thought and expression too far, are often induced psychically to abandon any politically incorrect belief systems, even if it’s only for a moment. For some reason, certain people are untouched by the psychic attack, and that probably has to do with the nature of their Avalokita. The majority, however, remain vulnerable.


Such people may have anti-social, anti-orthodox, anti-religious, anti-government, and/or anti-conformist views; but being totally unaware of the programming of their subconscious minds, they will spontaneously support the institutions (federal government, NAACP, news media, Southern Poverty Law Center, etc.) that they consciously understand to be detrimental to free agency, financial sovereignty, and to the survival of the sovereign races in the world. I refer to this as the “Vampire’s Matrix”.


Although many have not fallen prey to the controls being established, the number of people who have done so already is alarming; and the number continues to grow daily. The most alarming aspect to all this, is that these people do not believe that they are betraying what they consciously stand for. Their conscious and unconscious minds are misaligned, and they are totally oblivious to their condition.


For example, one who knows for a fact that our news media tells lies, printing only what the government tells it to print, and knows this from personal experience, will believe something outrageous printed about someone he knows personally as a friend, simply because it was printed in a newspaper article. I have witnessed this for myself, on numerous occasions.


People, who know that the U.S. Federal Justice system serves international industrialist agendas, will suddenly argue that we can make the system work for us if we just use it properly – that wrongs committed, are eventually rectified in the end. They forget completely, the financial motivations, and the social agenda, while arguing that those who are oppressing us aren’t really so sinister after all.


In George Orwell’s book, 1984, the people were largely controlled through what was called “Double Think”, and “Double Speak”. It was amazing how people could believe one set of facts, then by the simple use of double speak, turn around and believe just the opposite. The book never did describe any psychological, biological or neurological mechanism by which people became so susceptible to double speak; nor did it indicate why the controls failed to work on some people. However, these controls can be identified clearly today.


I have written elsewhere, regarding the effects of VHF waves from F.M. radio, as well as the cycles of light from television and movie screens. In this way, the subconscious minds of all viewers are opened in a state referred to by scientists, as an open-eye trance state. In this way, the subconscious is turned into Swiss cheese by both overt and subliminal programming.

Astral tags, as well as viruses carrying powerful entities, also serve as control mechanisms. The government’s remote viewers have been serving as the “thought police” for many years now; and of course, informants are everywhere.


Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious leaders, as we have already been made aware in a previous discourse, are beholden to Dominion and his archangels. Allow me to briefly analyze the name Dominion in accordance with the dictionary definition:


Dominion is a modification of the Latin, dominium, fr. Dominus. (1) Domain (2) supreme authority: sovereignty (3) pl. an order of angels – see celestial hierarchy.


Celestial Hierarchy n. (1768) a traditional hierarchy of angels ranked from lowest to highest into the following nine orders: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.


Latin: “In manus tuas, Domine”

“Into thy Hands, O Lord”

This is a traditional Christian prayer, still used in the Catholic Church today. The Vampire’s Matrix, indeed; and Dominion/Lucifer is the vampire.


Lucifer is not the Satan of Christian mythology, nor is he the mythological “devil” existing in hell, which tempts us. That role belongs to the ego. Actually, he is the god of this world, and he is the god of the Old Testament who said: “Let there be light”. Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, pray to him without even realizing who he really is. When people I talk to come to realize these facts, those who cannot give up their prayers, try to tell me that they are sending their prayers out to the real god who created this earth.


People need to realize that we exist within the domain of Dominion. This is his turf, and he has given us a process by which we can send him and his hierarchy all our energy for their collective empowerment over us. This process is the process of prayer. It doesn’t matter to whom we think we may be praying; if we pray, the custodians of this world intercept them. These are Dominion and his hierarchy. This is why the one referred to as Christ turned his disciples inward to find the Kingdom of God. The Higher Self/Avalokita, being indigenous to the true spiritual planes, is our only conduit past Dominion. We talk to the Avalokita (not pray), and receive our spiritual guidance from that source – from within.


When the masses that claim to follow a spiritual leader who tells them that the Kingdom of God is within, can be duped into seeking outside themselves for that Kingdom, they are most certainly deluded; thus, the delusion of the masses. For the most part, they haven’t even figured out that their religious hierarchies are occultists, worshiping Lucifer as the “good god”.


Since Dominion was the creation of Odin and Omin, he is their responsibility, then. The Spiritual Law of Ego Sovereignty forbids higher dimensional beings from interfering in the affairs of those existing in the lower realms, so Odin and Omin had to take physical embodiment here in this 3rd dimensional realm, in order to deal with Dominion. The Norse myths were created as a veiled record of that which occurred in this regard back in very ancient times.


The creation myth begins with a description of fire and ice, which are metaphors for expansion and contraction. These, of course, describe light and sound quanta, as light is emitted from the sun on its expansion cycles, while sound quanta are expelled like water from a sponge, on its contraction cycles.


As the mythological account progresses, however, it no longer describes creation in this aspect. Rather, it describes the creation of our path back to the home we had before Dominion attacked us, in the 4th dimensional realm. The Frost Giants and Fire Giants constituted the Niflungar (Nefilim) and Reptilian Anunnaki, respectively. These enemies of our people kept the knowledge of our origins, and the way to escape this realm from us. Thus, the mythological accounts of Odin’s antics describe his process of deceiving the enemy, and gaining an awareness of: a) the illusion of which we’ve been kept ignorant; b) our origins; c) how to correct our situation; and d) the Runes, which constitute access to, and use of the forces of the universe, as direct extensions of the “All”.


While the forces of Dominion (referred to as the Giants) attempted to keep vital information away from us, Dominion himself maintained several aspects of the illusion. A quantum computer maintains our electromagnetic time loop, causing us to age with increasing rapidity, as the cycles of time become shorter and shorter, forming a foundation for the belief in time as a movement from the dead past, through the present, and on to the future.


This quantum computer also maintains an unnatural stratum in our atmosphere, consisting of highly charged electrons called ions. This is our ionosphere, which, with its abundance of electrons, refracts the natural light emanating from the sun, preventing us from perceiving psychic and subatomic phenomena, and instead providing us with the illusion of a vast spatial field of unmonumental insubstantiability. This relegates us to the five senses for the most part, and makes scientific achievements very difficult. It also allows the forces of Dominion to function as magicians, and to convince us that they are “Angels of God”.


Our departure from the 4th to this 3rd dimensional realm resulted in our development of an unnatural collective unconscious (called the Akasha), which keeps us trapped in this realm by our belief in the reality of our illusion. The delusion of the masses involves the maintenance of Dominion’s established illusions, constant deceit on the part of his minions through religion, suppression of the truth regarding our origins, suppression of the knowledge of universal/runic forces, and humanity’s inability to think outside the box that was established for us.


To obtain our freedom, we must cast aside the emotional need for a savior, and gain the knowledge required to save our selves. A belief in the so-called “Grace of God” will gain us nothing but eternal slavery; but dispelling the illusion will allow us to reestablish personal and collective sovereignty. By turning within as all the saints and sages throughout history have told us to do, we can transcend the delusion of the masses.




Now, let’s examine one very important aspect of spiritual awareness that the occult forces have taken under their wing so-to-speak, and turned into an evil means of control and debauchery.










As we know, Christianity, like Judaism and Islam is based on occult practice. Since time and space as we previously understood them do not exist, occultists operate according to the principle that if we think of a person, then we are in touch with him or her. If we picture someone vaguely, it’s as if we see him or her at a distance. If we picture someone clearly, however, it’s as if we are face to face.


Religion is all about control of the masses, so they keep the people like mushrooms. They keep them in the dark and feed them shit. Since the religious hierarchy consists of occult practitioners, they are constantly on the alert for those who may be practicing what has erroneously been termed “magic”. For this reason, they were quick to burn a woman at the stake for practicing witchcraft, if she was accused of appearing in a man’s dream.

Christians outlawed masturbation as a sin, because it involves the forming of a clear picture in one’s mind, of another with whom one would like to have a sexual encounter. When this is done repeatedly, the energy is set up to eventually bring that experience into physical reality. The church’s occult hierarchy is aware of this, and feels a need to control their congregations without revealing occult truths. Therefore, masturbation becomes sinful, and punishable by God.


We could say that such control on the part of the church is necessary to prevent sexual chaos among church members, but then we’re stuck with an ignorant population that knows nothing of psychic, mental and spiritual phenomena.


Here’s the problem that religionists face. They have no internal control mechanism, because the churches have no way of making a person’s connection to the Avalokita, or the Spirit/Holy Ghost as they call it, through the Light and Sound. Contrary to popular opinion, one’s confirmation after baptism does not make this connection. If it did, the church leaders would not have to worry about its members masturbating, as we will discover later in this discourse.


The Avalokita controls one’s psychic, mental and spiritual energies after the connection is made, so that one does not inadvertently incur negative karma for violations of spiritual law. Thus, masturbation can serve as psychic release of built up energy, without affecting anyone. On the other hand, the Avalokita can direct that energy to where it is needed in order to empower certain activities of either a shamanic, or a spiritual nature. Certainly, those who are controlling the masses through religion would not want the people to possess such spiritual freedom and power; that’s why there is never any real connection made to Spirit/Avalokita.

In order to fully understand these concepts, allow me to explain an ancient principle that has numerous applications, most of which have been misused over the centuries. Tantra is an ancient term for spiritual teachings; but there is a specific aspect of tantra that is referred to as the secret doctrines, which involve sexual activities. Allow me to begin with the practices engaged in by the occult, which are a corruption of the ancient spiritual tantric tradition.


First of all, energies are exchanged during sexual intercourse, and karma is shared. Any entities existing in one’s magnetic field may also be shared. Many occult practitioners, who are part of a religious hierarchy, tell their female followers, that in order to receive the light, they must have sex with him. In this way, then, occult entities are passed on, and the purposes of the occultist are served.


In more powerful circles where Dominion/Lucifer is openly served, young children are abused sexually in a myriad of forms. Both political and religious occultists alike are guilty of these insidious crimes against humanity, God and nature.


Getting back, now, to the actual corruptions of Tantra itself, we have numerous systems, each with their own methods and philosophies. In some sects, orgasm is deemed inappropriate, because the goal is not to direct energy outward, but to direct it through spiritual channels.


The secret spiritual doctrine in ancient times, actually involved the transference of spiritual energy from a spiritual adept to his or her close associate who was becoming ready to achieve spiritual mastership. Such energy was passed only from male to female or from female to male. It was done in a series of rituals or stages, actually. In this way, the secret doctrine of Tantra was a quick and easy way to increase the aspirant’s vibratory frequency, attunement to universal forces, and spiritual consciousness. It also provided transmutation of various negative mental constructs, energetic blockages from purification, and energetic constructs manifesting as entities. In short, it prepared the aspirant to function at a higher spiritual level.


In the true spiritual tradition, the Avalokitas of each party are in control of the entire process. Troth is established by virtue of a common path, and romantic love for one another may or may not exist, as long as there is a loving bond of kinship. In this way, the tantric act becomes an act of love, rather than an animalistic sexual act coming from the lower emotional passions. Since certain people have requested knowledge on the subject of masturbation, allow me to return briefly, to that subject.


Those of us who have our connection to the Avalokita through the Light and Sound, are capable of utilizing our runic attunement to project the energies of love, protection and healing through masturbation, when so guided by the Avalokita. This in itself is a tantric exercise, although it is much less powerful than the practice that we discussed above. This is one of the reasons for the existence of both female and male adepts in the hierarchy of a spiritual tradition. Even in the absence of the tantric acts, spiritual energy flows most easily from one polarity to its opposite, than it does the other way.


We should now be able to perceive the manner in which the occult forces desecrate all things spiritual, causing those of us who are pure in spirit, to view certain spiritual practices in a negative light. We need to transcend both religious and social convention, and then begin to examine anew, our preconceived notions of truth with the assistance of the Avalokita.


It might help to understand that the religious concept of the Christ having died for our sins is not unique to Christianity. Those who have caused us to assume that Christ himself made such a claim simply borrowed a more ancient story.








He was born on December 25th to a virgin mother; he was called a savior, the only begotten son, and died to save humanity; he was crucified on a Friday – “Black Friday” – and his blood was spilled to redeem the Earth; he suffered death with nails and stakes; he was the Father and Son combined in an earthly body; he was put in a tomb, went down into the underworld, but three days later, on March 25th, his body was found to be gone from the tomb, and he was resurrected as the “Most High God”; his body was symbolized as bread and eaten by those who worshipped him.


All of this was said about the savior Son of God called Attis, who was worshipped by the Phrygians, one of the oldest races in Asia Minor (now Turkey), well over a thousand years before the manufactured story of Jesus.




Finally, allow me to put my position in a nutshell, in order to silence those who continuously attempt to shepherd me back into the flock, from whence I came.








My decision to abandon Christianity in general, Mormonism in particular, and organized religion completely, has nothing to do with an inability to live the word of wisdom, or to refrain from fornication; nor does it have anything to do with having gone to prison, or having somehow lost my faith.


My decision has everything to do with my open-minded observation of facts and phenomena, in the face of a series of very profound spiritual experiences. My path is one of knowledge gained from personal experience, and not from faith supported by so-called miracles that can’t quite be explained.


Others should be able to understand in light of the forgoing, why it is that I don’t listen to anyone who tries to shepherd me back into the flock. I have been on that side of the fence, and I am in possession of the knowledge available there. Those who attempt to shepherd me, have not been on my side of the fence, however, and they do not possess the knowledge that I have gained. They are not in a position, therefore, to judge my path, or any decisions that I make relative to that path.


I, on the other hand, am in a position to judge the qualities of that which lies on both sides of the fence. Having existed within the parameters of organized religion, I am very well aware of the fact that religionists view the other side of the fence as being a barren land where people lack morality, spiritual guidance and salvation. When one has strayed, and is eventually brought back into the flock, stories of alcoholism, drug addiction, and other types of sin and debauchery are revealed. In this way, religionists develop their unrealistic views of what lies on the other side.


My story of the other side of the fence is not popular, because it doesn’t satisfy the prejudicial needs of religionists. It reveals a realistic approach to spiritual freedom and enlightenment that is held in disdain by those who would rather remain inside their little box, peering outward and judging that which they know nothing of. Therefore, I have little or nothing to say to those who attempt to shepherd me back into the flock, unless they are open minded enough to listen to that which lies outside the box, and seriously consider the inherent potentials in what I have to teach.







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  1. Jakob_EGO says:

    Wow, wow, wow ! Indeed the sense of wonderfulness. To feel inspired and exited all at once. Is jolly amazing! You definitely want to meet up with me. And vice versa Jon! 😉

    And the birthdate: 30/06/1979 (36)
    Born of Virgo Zodiac Mother
    1st born
    Jorn Jakob Albert Boor
    Mother maiden surname: Visser
    Presumably my late grandmother: lineage of David
    30/06/2015 rainbow before all faces (FBProfiles Gay marriage accepted high court)
    30/06/2015 Jupiter/ Venus conjunction star of bethlehem/Jakob (year of the sheep/Goat/Ram/Lam Chinese… (1979 same year of the sheep. … 2017 year of the Rooster (Been denied etc..) 😉

    And the Jakob Ladder dream is reality (experience. Thanks to Abraham Maslow (Egoism/Egocentric) phases Letting go is key!


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