Is Psychiatry A Field To Be Trusted?

Here is a good video detailing truth of the field of anti depressants, pyschotropic drugs and the pharmaceutical companies:

Synopsis / Breakdown:

Many people are prescribed Zoloft, Adderal, Lexapro, Concerta, Prozac, Paxil, Xanax, Seroquel. The number of people in the world on psychiatric drugs are 100 million. Psychiatrists convince you that you are sick in some mental way or form and then prescribe you a psychotropic drug. In most and if not all cases you are evaluated within 20 to 30 minutes and are given no scientific testing for a diagnosis. There is no blood work done, you just answer some questions that are referenced to a manual that can put anyone, literally anyone experiencing a regular daily emotion into a category of the mentally ill or incompetent. Even psychiatrists, when asked, say there is no scientific testing available or done to verify a diagnosis! If proper diagnostics aren’t performed then why are we giving anyone all these drugs?

Psychotropic drugs cause horrible side effects and the pharmaceutical companies continues to peddle them anyway, like most giant world controlling corporations who monopolize our agency for profit. It’s estimated that over 3000 people die per month because of such prescribed drugs as well. The psychiatrists work with the companies that produce these drugs and in many and most cases are paid to endorse such drugs.

The psychiatric industry makes over a third of a billion dollars a year. The psychiatrists are paid to distribute and market such drugs. Psychiatrists are not doctors and do not promote or distribute cures but treatments for a pretty profit. They created a book called the DSM which is the diagnostic and statistical manual where a group of psychiatrists determine whether or not something is a mental condition or disease and then it’s entered into the DSM for future reference. This “manual” has disorders that can literally apply to any human on earth who experiences emotions. In such situations for example if you are grieving for a loved one you have a menatl disorder or what some like to call a “chemical imbalance”. If you are shy you have what is called social or general anxiety disorder. You me and the world can be classified by this manual as needing some kind of medication just for being human and experiencing the emotions that come with being human in day to day life.

This DSM is a checklist of any human emotion and such emotion is classified as a symptom, not normal feelings or part of the human condition. Psychiatrists can only diagnose and administer drugs with the use of this book. This is their bible and without it they are helpless. You “have” to find the symptoms in this manual in order to diagnose and give someone a drug. Psychiatrists are not doctors nor will they ever be. They always use the marketing slogan chemical imbalance to tell you what’s wrong with you but there are zero tests to conclude you actually have such a chemical imbalance, just a manual of symptoms to follow created by psychiatrists, paid by big pharma. Ask yourself how often is there scientific testing done when seeing a shrink? I mean real scientific blood analysis or anything relative to the sort?

It is estimated that half of all Americans who commit suicide are on psychotropic drugs, more people than homicide in the United States. Such pills and prescriptions are more a murderer than a serial killer in your house while you sleep. The FDA is in charge of these drugs that lead people to suicide and the panel of individuals over their regulation and evaluation is a revolving door, paid directly by companies that create these drugs or other companies associated with them. There is money ties that ultimately are the reason such drugs are still marketed and used to kill. This setup, again is profit driven and we the citizens are guinea pigs! Every psychiatrist on the panel that approved Paxil the antidepressant has financial ties to big pharma and are in their pockets.

PDUFA which stands for the prescription drug user fee act allows pharmaceutical companies to speed the process of evaluation and acceptance through the FDA for a million dollar fee. Sounds safe right? A little more money and they can literally be bribed into releasing a drug that is unsafe, untested and in its conception to the public en masse.

Time spent evaluating drugs went from 2 years to 6 months.There is more money to be had in treating problems, not curing them. These diseases, syndromes and illnesses are literally invented to usher the profit for the pharmaceutical companies. They are created, not diagnosed or discovered, and then marketed to the unsuspecting public, convincing them they are sick and need to get medication from guess where? The company that paid to have the disease created in the first place so they can sell a so called treatment for it.

One would think that this can’t be the case but sadly it is. We are guinea pigs and lab rats. The treatment makes more money than a cure. Welcome to the field of psychiatry…


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