Religion Exposed – Judeo Christianity

judeo christianity


Many Christians take exception to the term Judeo-Christianity, as though Judaism and Christianity are two separate entities. They don’t want to believe that Jews gave Christianity to the world as an offshoot of Judaism; but at the same time, Christians share the Old Testament with the Jews, including their prophets and history.


The Jewish Bible consists of: 1) The Torah; 2) The Prophets; and 3) The Writings. The “Torah” includes the first five books of the Old Testament, while “The Prophets” includes another twenty-one books, and “The Writings” includes thirteen more – all of them from the Old Testament. Jews and Christians, then, share thirty-nine books of scripture in common.


The only difference between the Jewish and Christian Bibles is that Christians have an additional twenty-seven books that comprise the New Testament. Some Christian Bibles have added seven more books to the Old Testament, although few Christians are aware of this fact. These books are: 1) Tobet; 2) Judith; 3) I Maccabees; 4) II Maccabees; 5) Wisdom of Solomon; 6) Ecclesiasticus; and 7) Baruch.


It’s important to note here, that the books of the Old Testament that are best known to Christians constitute the Jewish Torah. They are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. I say that these are the best known to Christians, because they remain foremost in the minds of those Christians who do not study the Bible, and who rely on their childhood memories of the Bible stories of their favorite Jewish prophets when trying to teach their own children.



I often hear a Christian say: The Jews had the truth, but they broke their covenant with God, and a new one was made with the Christians who were adopted into the House of Israel through baptism.


First of all, there is nothing stating that God had an adoption program making Jews out of Gentiles. Secondly, the book of Hebrews in the New Testament states clearly that the Hebrew God fully intended to make his new covenant with the “House of Judah”; not with a bunch of Gentiles forsaking their ancestral tradition. Jesus himself, stated in Matthew 15, that: “I am not come but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” He was not referring to those of the “Lost Ten Tribes”, which Christians believe Gentiles to be part of, either. He was referring to Jews. The twelve tribes were Jewish tribes; and gentile, like goy or goyim, is a reference to non-Jews.


In Matthew 15, Jesus is rejecting a gentile woman who wants him to cast a demon out of her daughter. Certainly, he did as she asked, after she begged and “worshiped” him; but then he turned and left without a word. To Jews who were intended to follow him, he always said: “Come, follow me”, after a healing. Therefore, it is clear that Jesus knew that gentiles should not betray their ancestral traditions. It is equally clear that the Jewish god’s new covenant was not to include the Gentiles.


In order to come to an understanding of who the “lost sheep of the House of Israel” are, let’s look at the so-called “exodus” from Egypt. Considering the fact that Moses is the only Biblical character for whom there is absolutely no supporting archaeological evidence, we must seriously consider the possibility that his story was a fabrication. Then, considering the fact that the Jews exiting Egypt took the Egyptian mysteries and the Book of the Dead with them, it is clear that they had infiltrated the Egyptian Mystery School. Then again, the Old Testament makes it clear that Joseph of old, who was supposedly sold into Egypt, ended up controlling Egypt’s economic structure. All-in-all, it’s difficult to escape the fact that the Jews were not freed from bondage, but rather “expelled” from Egypt for the same reason they’ve been run out of every civilized nation in the world – for being parasites on the back of society.


These Jews were the Pharisees who took the Egyptian mysteries and started a priest class known as the “Levites”. The dictionary states that a Pharisee is: “A member of an ancient Jewish group that emphasized strict interpretation and observance of the Mosaic Law.” When these Levites/Pharisees were taken with the rest of the House of Israel into bondage in Babylon, they began writing the Old Testament. To cover their tracks and who they were, they created the story of Moses, and became strict observers of the “Law of Moses”, which was their own creation.


It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who made up the body of Pharisees, but we can get a clue from the fact that Levi, himself, was a son of Jacob and Leah. Therefore, the common belief in: “The blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”, constitutes a belief in the blessings of the Pharisees. It’s a fact that Jews today, who adhere (or should adhere) to the kosher dietary laws, are all descended from the Pharisees, because these laws involve prohibitions against certain foods as contained in Leviticus II, and in Deuteronomy 14. Leviticus, of course, is a reference to the Levites who were Pharisees. Then again, the encyclopedia states: “The dietary laws are considered implications of the divine command to ‘be holy’ – Leviticus 19:2.”


It might be argued that many Christians, as well as Muslims also follow the dietary laws without being descended from the Pharisees; so why do Jews who follow them have to be descended from them? Many Christians follow out of ignorance, as do Muslims. Their ancestors had their spiritual tradition stripped from them, and either Islam or Judeo-Christianity is all they know. Jews, on the other hand, know exactly who they are, have kept the records of their tradition, and are not in the least bit confused.


This brings us to the subject of Jesus. For now, let’s put aside the fact that he didn’t come to the Gentiles whether they were baptized or not. The fact that he didn’t like what the Pharisees stood for is inescapable. He flew in the face of their religious decrees, and he chased them from the Temple with a whip, turning over their tables, because they were engaged in a usury system for which they have always been known world-wide. The questions are several:


  1. Why would Christians in general, not only participate in, but actually condone and support the Pharisees’ usury system as it manifests through banking, Wall Street, and fiat money called Federal Reserve Notes? Shouldn’t this be considered contrary to the wishes of their Savior?


  1. Why would a Christian follow the Pharisaical tradition? Certainly, their observances are dictated by the Hebrew god as established by the Pharisees.


  1. Wasn’t Jesus an Essene? This was an esoteric tradition, far removed from that of the Pharisees.


  1. Weren’t the Essenes destroyed during the Christian Inquisition, along with Gnostics everywhere, and the Vitkar of the Northern European tradition?


  1. Why would a Christian reject the writings of Christ’s tradition of the Essenes, and believe the writings of the Pharisees to be the “Holy Word of God?


  1. Why would a Christian adopt the prophets of the Jews as his own, while rejecting his own ancestry?


  1. Could it really be that easy to dupe people into believing that all the races of the world evolved from Jewish loins in just a few thousand years; even when evidence of multiple races goes back thousands of years?


  1. Doesn’t all this seem wrong, somehow?


  1. Don’t you ever wonder about the tradition of our ancestors – the one you were deprived of?


The greatest contradiction in the world is that of Christianity. It stands in opposition to nature’s laws, to the concept of survival of the species, and to that which Christ was known to believe regarding races and cultures keeping their own traditions. Christianity provides an illusion to ensnare the ignorant masses, while the diabolical Jew controls their common destiny. This is Judeo-Christianity!


By: Osolvi


3 Responses to Religion Exposed – Judeo Christianity

  1. chicagoja says:

    Have you ever wondered how it was that we got this fake religion and fake history?


  2. jurell64 says:

    All the time. While theories abound I think the majority of it was planned and given to us through a strategy of sorts.


  3. Rich says:

    The religious history is difficult but it is not fake. Moses was a real character – Jesus confirmed it. Your analysis is based on an incomplete set of facts. Jesus did indicate that the offer would go to the gentiles but that someday the Jews would catch on. Your analysis does appear to be predicated on an assumption that Christianity and maybe Judaism are fake.


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