Earth, Your Incarceration, Your Spiritual Cell



The universe is made up of systems that are either good, evil or neutral. The evil is always trying to create their own reality apart from the established reality that the All/creator has established.


The primary determining difference between good and evil systems is who supports the established systems/natural laws and who fights against them.


The established universal natural laws require that all intelligent entities have their free agency to do as they choose, hence, free agency in all applications is a number one supreme natural law. Those that honor free agency are naturally good and those that do not and/or fight against it are evil.


The driving force that makes evil the way it is which is evil is that it is in constant fear of pain and annihilation. Therefore it believes that by creating a reality of it’s own making it can be utterly safe because it would be in utter control of that reality. Control is the number one prime directive that evil follows because it is afraid. Therefore it controls everything and everyone in it’s efforts to be safe.


It knows it’s control is limited when those it seeks to control do not trust it. Therefore it must gain absolute trust from it’s subjects in order to completely control them. This means that It’s number 2 prime directive is deception to gain trust.


The 3rd prime directive of evil is to utterly dominate/control everything. In this way it seeks to be the only controlling force in the universe which would bring a great imbalance that would lead to evil consuming itself because there would be no more good to overcome. It’s very nature would turn in upon itself in seeking to dominate itself and would eventually destroy itself leaving no organized existence.


Good seeks to establish and maintain balance in these worlds of dualism we are in. it seeks to keep evil at bay and not to utterly destroy it because it knows that balance is vital. Therefore good honors free agency yet it also must use force to defend it’s own existence.


A system that forces you to obey it’s laws when to do so would be detrimental to you or would reduce your ability to choose…is obviously evil. Therefore, for the purpose of the context of this document it is assumed that what is detrimental is of evil and what is beneficial is of good. Simply as a rule to judge good from evil.


Aside from all the judgements, circumstances, assumptions and grey areas that we all encounter it is easy to be deceived as to what is beneficial and what is detrimental.


Examining common systems:

Seat belt laws are a violation of free agency, yet they keep us safe when we get in an accident. It is neither good nor evil, yet it robs us of free agency and at the same time keeps us protected. Nevertheless it is a control that we should be able to choose without being punished. Seat belt laws are a product of a system of government that has become dominated by evil yet is very deceptive in order to keep the trust of it’s subjects.


Religion has laws/commandments that requires it’s subjects to obey. It uses deception through emotion and ignorance to fool it’s subjects into believing things that are unprovable and that are invented and taught only from the mouths of those that are seeking to control. Religion uses trust/deception to control it’s subjects.


The educational system uses the ignorance of it’s subjects through trust in teaching them many false and incorrect concepts that shape their thinking and paradigms so that they see the world through incorrect views and limit their ability to understand things as they really are. The educational system is inherently designed to implant concepts that facilitate the easy control of the mind.


Science is controlled in such a way so as to reveal only those new discoveries that will support and further the agenda of the evil that is funding it’s research.


Culture and social engineering/brainwashing the masses has molded us in ways we perceive to be appropriate and beneficial yet keeps us all in the hamster wheel that gives us neither happiness nor personal progress.


Peer groups of friends maintain their own social expectations and standards of each other. Especially when one of the group does something that is against those unspoken rules. Then the friends reject, stigmatize and shame the one.


Personal relationships between two people are rife with expectations for one to the other. Many of them are based on the one fulfilling the emotional needs of the other and are based on codependent/selfish give and trade within a system of behaviors based on each persons needs and emotional baggage.


Even within ourselves we are often torn/struggle with doing what we believe is appropriate/acceptable, allowed, supposed to/not supposed to do, be, living up to all the expectations of all the rules that prevent us from doing and being how/what we truly want.


The Ego is that part of ourselves that makes us do what is detrimental to ourselves. It is an intelligent, separate individual that lives in our psyche that has it’s own agenda and that is influenced by the unseen evil beings that control this world and that control us through the Ego. See Kymatica


Carefully engineered deceptions of many kinds have created in every human an inability to see and understand/be aware of ones true desires and this reality/illusion we all live in. This is the ultimate form of control…to be able to create an engineered reality that is something other than the true reality while living in the present reality.


This is our waking sleep.


Asking why in every way possible, asking how in every way possible, asking what in every way possible will bring the questioner completely out of this sleep.


Persisting in these three modes of questioning will bring immediate enlightenment and knowledge of things unknown.


There is a great deal more to be known and experienced, there is a great deal of greater and more profound happiness to be had through these three ways of questioning.


If you are satisfied with your hamster wheel life then you do not desire more. You must have the desire to ask or you cannot receive. You will forever live on the assembly line putting pegs into holes.


Why do we humans always seek for happiness. Every action, every motive, every purpose we do every second of every day is in the pursuit/acquisition of what will give us happiness.


We continually seek it because we don’t have it so we continue to seek it. We do have varying degrees of it but not a fullness of it. If we truly have a fullness of happiness we would not seek it any longer.


Evil keeps us from happiness yet it constantly tries to get us to believe we are happy so it can continue to control us.


Constantly asking the three questions immediately exposes the evil and it’s tricks. But the questions still remain…why are we not happy? Where is happiness to be found?

What will happiness be like when I find it?


Lets focus on the first question…why are we not happy? Looking at the systems that are in place on this world it is obvious that the majority of them are filled with control mechanisms that are put upon us to control us. Simply living in accordance with natural universal law naturally puts upon each person the automatic controls of cause and effect. What you do to others will be done to you, what goes around comes around.


Why do men want so much to control other men? It is because of evil that influences them.


In a system where much evil exists, that system is inherently controlled by evil. That which is controlled by evil is a controlled/prison environment regardless of the beliefs/hopes of those who are prisoners. Prisoners are easy to control if they believe they are free, happy, productive and have purpose. Especially if they believe that their reality is the only true reality that exists. If all they can see is the inside of the box they are in then they don’t even know there is a box.


Microcosm and Macrocosm:

Microcosm is “a miniature representation of something, especially a unit, group, or place regarded as a smaller copy of a larger one”

Our solar system with it’s central Sun and it’s planets revolving around it would be a macrocosm to an Atom with it’s central nucleus and it’s electrons revolving around it. They are both very similar but one is very big and the other is small and contained within the big one. This is a universal natural law and pattern.

Usually, that which is a microcosm is patterned after that Macrocosm it is contained within. Each Macrocosm has within it microcosm versions of similar systems that are good, evil and neutral.


Lets examine one of those that exist in this world.



Federal and state prisons:

  1. The prisoners are contained in controlled environments.
  2. Their lives are structured.
  3. They have limited means to resources.
  4. They must obey all the rules or be punished.
  5. They cannot leave the prison.
  6. They have a limited degree of happiness.
  7. There are different races/ethnicities in the prison who largely associate only with their

own kind.

  1. They are controlled by other beings, (prison guards and staff, correctional system) who have higher technology/resources than they do and that can leave the prison and access other environments and resources/opportunities.
  2. They are constantly watched and observed.
  3. They are subject to/at the mercy of silent decision makers, (Judges, Wardens, imposed sentences, Courts, and systems of law) that determine the state and course of their lives.
  4. Their opportunities for learning and acquiring knowledge is controlled by the prison guards and staff.
  5. The excessively long term sentences cause them to become content/accepting of their situation. Which induces a forgetting/longing for that freedom they once had.



The present world we live in:

  1. Humans are contained in this controlled environment on planet earth.
  2. Humans lives are structured by society, social rules, social laws, social expectations, family, friends, physical needs, entertainment.
  3. Humans have limited means to resources. We have to work all day to get just enough to take care of our basic needs. Many do not have even that.
  4. Humans have to obey all the thousands of laws that men put upon men or they will be punished.
  5. We cannot leave this planet nor can we leave it’s attending astral plane.
  6. We have a limited degree of happiness which is why we are seeking happiness in everything we do.
  7. There are different races/ethnicities on this planet who largely associate with their own kind.
  8. For many centuries we have been controlled by Extra Terrestrials who control the governments of this world in trade for resources and other usable assets.
  9. We are constantly watched/observed by the Government agencies that were created to do so. And by the Extra Terrestrials who make sure that none of us wake up enough to actually escape this prison.
  10. We have been subject to the Extra Terrestrials for centuries who force us to recycle/reincarnate here with added negative karma that belongs to them. They have been the decision makers for many thousands of years.
  11. They have established an educational, brain washing and energy system that keeps all humans dumbed down so that we don’t advance normally and they squash any science, invention, and new concept before it can get out to many people. Especially that which would give us greater freedom.
  12. We have all been here for so long, recycling in our short lifetimes that we have largely forgotten who we are and what we are capable of which causes us to have a longing for freedom and happiness and something better.


Also, see the video about the purpose for pyramids. As they are the instruments that keep us from leaving this planet and it’s astral plane after we die. Watch it to the end.


This is the best Microcosm/Macrocosm example I can think of for the purpose of this document.


There are none so completely enslaved as those who believe they are free.


We are subject to and enslaved by beings who are much more advanced than we are. This has been the case for millennia. These beings are evil as is evidenced by the many controls they have put upon all of us. There are benevolent and powerful beings who are now establishing a means to escape this prison system we are in.




Questions to ask yourself:

Why have so many people seen and recorded actual alien beings, (and their space ships) yet they don’t show themselves to us or make themselves known to the world?

Obviously they are doing something here on this world. What is it that they are doing?

Based on ancient archeological findings, records, carvings and such, it is obvious that Aliens have been visiting earth for many thousands of years? What have they been doing here?

There are so many pyramids all over this planet. What is their purpose? Who built them?

Why does Hollywood only make movies that follow the same general theme…hero, problem/threat, struggle, victory, guy gets the woman in the end. It is obvious by the lack of varying themes based on real life stories that they are putting an agenda on us. What is that agenda? What purpose does it serve?

If God is real why hasn’t he showed himself to the world?

Why is there so much suffering here? It is as if some influence is making people suffer all the time?

What is it that drives men to control other men so much? What is the real source of it?

Why is it that those who are called…”Ascended Masters” were able to ascend/escape out of here yet so many of us can’t seem to do it?

Why do we live such short lifetimes when anciently they lived for hundreds of years in one lifetime?

Why are there different races of humans on this planet? Are there planets with just one type/race of beings?

Where did the ego come from? Has it always been a part of our humanness?

What is happiness really? What is freedom really?

Where did humans come from? How did we begin to exist? How did all the creatures on this earth begin to exist?

What created this earth? Why did it create it?

Why don’t we know much about ancient civilizations? What happened to them? Why aren’t there much evidence or records of them?

Where and how did religion start? I mean at the very beginning, where did it actually begin archealogically?

Why are there crashed space ships and old buildings on the moon? You can see them with a very powerful telescope. And why doesn’t the moon rotate so that we can see the other side now and then?

Why can’t you see the actual north pole on Google earth? It has been blotched out. If there is nothing but snow and ice there then you would be able to see it. So why are they covering it up? Are they hiding something?

Why do they teach so many lies about history? What is it they don’t want us to know?

Surely there are other planets, races of beings, good guys that exist out there who know about us. Why haven’t they contacted us and made themselves known?





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