Meditation & What You Didn’t Know

For those who have used meditation in the past, many know of its benefits and it’s abilities to ease stress and help you remain more clear minded and calm in conquering every day life. For those who haven’t used meditation before, now is a better time than ever to look into its variety of benefits and abilities to tame the mind.

Most think of meditation as a trance like state but there are different kinds of meditation, most helping you clear your mind and learn to find a profound balance in every day life. Even Hugh Jackman uses transcendental meditative techniques and has for years and swears by them!

For many the benefits are definitely worthy of looking into. Meditation can be used for different things from easing stress, to figuring out a solution to a problem at hand, to working as a pain reliever.  That’s right! Believe it or not, but studies have been done that show not only does meditation reduce your stress but in some cases, has been more effective for individuals experiencing pain than morphine. Some hospitals even suggest meditative techniques to help patients retain their calm and reduce physical pain.

Not only does meditation increase activity in the brain that deals with coping with pain, but our emotional balance is shifted toward our control, and, as studies have shown, we are less reactive to life and more active.

Training in a meditative technique is a good idea in a modern world as our conscious and subconscious are consistenly bombarded with extermal stimuli. Even if only for 20 miutes a day, the dramatic effect over time can be amazing and has health benefits now being discovered such as lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and helping with depression.

Believe it or not but even Einstein meditated of his own accord in what he called “thought experiments”. He described a process, in which, he would go into a meditative trance, visualize a problem he was involved with, and come to conlcusions on it. When you quiet the mind, the mind opens up and is more able to open a channel between you and the answers of life.

There are stories of great mathematicians going into a meditative state for answers to complex and complicated problems and receiving them and even though meditation is still being studied for it’s benefits there are many useful areas where it can affect your life.

Some more benefits are:

  • According to a study that was performed those who meditate for just 40 minutes a day thicken their cortical walls actually making their brain age at a slower rate than normal.
  • According to another study those who meditate at night show signs of a greater awareness level the next day by 10 percent.
  • A study in 2008 showed meditation to be more effective for treating high blood pressure than medication!
  • Meditation has been shown to increase life expectancy and as many say, “meditate instead of medicate”.

If you’re not convinced, watch this and give it a try:

If you have a hard time meditating there are specific frequencies to help induce you into a meditative and trance state just by listening.

One is called Idoser and another popular and very effective series of frequencies is called HemiSync, which works with both hemispheres of your brain by introducing specific and alternating frequencies constructed to alter the patterns of your brain to induce a trance like or meditative state.

In short, meditation is a revealing field and has a large quantity of benefits that have changed many people’s lives and can change yours.




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