Lucid Dreaming – What You Need To Know

     Have you ever had that moment when you’re deep in a dream and have become aware of the fact that you were dreaming? If so you experienced lucid dreaming before. Chances are, at some point you’ve had this experience or one similar to it. Today many people claim to be able to lucid dream and there are steps one can take to maximize their potential to lucid dream.

     Like many, being able to alter their dreams at will makes for a much better dreamstate and a much better reason to sleep altogether. Controlling dreams is something that many would like to do and claim to do often. Afterall, what is not want worthy of literally composing your dreams in a pleasure related or experimental fashion? In essence you can create a vivid and virtual dream world that is dictated to your wants, desires, and curiosities.

     Lucid dreamers have better insight into their daily lives and are often able to establish connections between the dream state and full consciousness that can be of profound importance to the individual. Studies have shown that those who lucid dream or learn to, have better self reflection during consciousness and in some cases, pay more attention to detail in consciousness. There are a multitude of different methods to lucid dream and I discuss them. In short, if you want to learn to lucid dream, there are different techniques available to your disposal and, in combination, will better aid your journey in being the architecht of dreamland.

  • Technique 1: Keep a dream journal. Every time you wake up and as soon as you do, write down your dreams, the details you remember, and do this for every dream. It seems to be that after a week or two of consistently doing this you will train your brain to better remember dreams and start to recognize patterns in them, thus allowing you have better dream recall, pattern recognition, and more quickly learn to lucid dream. Try to notice signs in your dreams that might appear to be repeating or appear to share commonalities and try to recognize things that might appear as a sign.
  • Technique 2: Trigger points – In dream state there are trigger points you can use to signal to your brain that you are dreaming, in essence inducing lucidity. The seemingly best triggers are, when in dream state if possible, look at your hands, look in a mirror or at your feet and try and pay close attention to the detail of them. Ask yourself, where possible, “am I dreaming?” You should try to do these a few times a day as well in wakefulness as it will help you to be more likely to do this in dreams, due to repetition. Detail in dreams are often blurry, but when you have a moment to use these self recognition techniques, your brain, more often than not, becomes self aware.
  • Technique 3: Set your alarm to wake you up every couple of hours throughout the night or every 5 and a half hours (there are useful apps on your smartphone that can do this also). Upon waking, remember and record your dreams, and after about 10 to fifteen minutes of being awake, go back to sleep with the intention to lucid dream. When falling back asleep, think about the dream or dreams you left and visualize yourself becoming lighter and lighter. This technique can also be used in conjunction for OOBE’s (out of body experiences or astral projection) By consistently waking up every few hours and going back to sleep in 10 or fifteen minute intervals from waking, you condition your mind to become more aware of its sleep states. When going to sleep tell yourself that you are going to lucid dream. Sometimes just repeating this until you fall completely asleep can induce a lucid dream.
  • Technique 4: Use the chemical makeup of your brain to induce lucid dreams. There is a chemical called Galantamine that is claimed to have amazing abilities to induce lucid dreaming and has some profound abilities in the area of not only dream recall, but memory as well. Galantamine is found naturally in the world, in plants such as the daffodil and is a pretty powerful tool for lucid dreaming. Even the greeks noted Galantamine’s noticeable mind effects. Galantamine also appears to be effective in treating Alzheimers and prolongs your REM dreaming state, which is the state of sleep where you dream. Galantamine, however can have adverse side effects and should be taken in small doses initially until a tolerance is reached. The lowest dosage is 4 mg and studies have shown that Galantamine is more effective for inducing lucid dreaming than a placebo by almost six times. The adverse reactions are that, if not using this right, you can experience higher odds of sleep paralysis and restlessness, which is why it is recommended to take it after sleeping for four hours and then go back to sleep after about 10 or 15 minutes. It is not to be taken lightly as it does work and does alter your brains chemistry, being at full strength within an hour after taking it. Reviews of this are saturated with people having vivid lucid dreams but also have those who didn’t follow the reccomendations for its use. Prepare yourself ahead of time and make sure you are going to receive a full nights rest. It is suggested that light sleepers use pure galantamine, not in combination with choline, which helps strengthen its effects. You can find galantamine on a number of websites but the cheapest seem to be on Amazon.

     One of the problems when reaching lucidity arise in the fashion of not being able to remain lucid. Basically, you finally realize you are dreaming and wakeup because of it. This can be learned to be overcome and the more practice at lucid dreaming, ultimately the more control you will gain. A useful tip to remain lucid that seems to help many is to try and calm yourself when you realize your lucid. A lot of times the excitement alone of being lucid is enough to wake you up so try and remain calm, talk yourself down, and try to focus on your dream and the details of your surroundings to distract yourself.

     The same goes for when you feel like you are beginning to lose control of your dream. Try and calm yourself and if necessary, distract yourself by other details of this realm.

More Proof:

Sweet dreams.


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