Graphology – Your Handwriting Gives You Away

Graphology or what many call handwriting analysis is, in essence, the ability to tell character traits and the nature of a person by their writing habits, style and details. It is said that over 5000 different personality traits about you can be gleamed just by looking at your writing with the right eye. This is a very interesting subject and I imagine you wouldn’t mind knowing what your handwriting is giving away about you. Believe it or not but handwriting analysis or graphology has been used in many fields such as diagnosing diseases, evaluating child development, career placement, psychology, dating compatibility, criminality and more. Imagine the case where your boss reviews your application and makes a decision based on your handwriting whether or not you are a worthy candidate. There is a chance that day is here and has passed one of us by unknown to us.

Here is a simple rundown of what you can tell about yourself and others by how they write:


  • If your writing slants to the right you are likely more of an open person and more likely an extrovert than an introvert.
  • If your writing slants to the left you usually prefer to have time to yourself to reflect and be productive.
  • If there is no slant in your writing then you’re more logical and tend to keep your emotions and feelings to yourself.


  • If your letters are larger than usual or big then you are more likely an outgoing individual, enjoying the company of others and perhaps being the center of attention.
  • If your letters are smaller than usual, you are more likely to focus well and might be a little shy.
  • If they fall in between the categories above then you are probably a good mix of the two.


  • If you have more round s’ than not, then you are more of a peacekeeper, avoid conflict and enjoy helping others.
  • If they are pointy then you are more likely focused on the intellectual side of life, and tend toward higher ambitions.
  • If in between, then, again you are likely a good mix of both.


  • If you have wide spacing in between words then you enjoy your space and are more independent than not, and likely perform better when you don’t feel crowded or rushed.
  • If you have small or narrow spacing in between your words you would rather have company and like to keep others close. You generally don’t like to be alone.

Letter style:

  • If your letters are more rounded, you tend to lean more toward the creative and artistic side of life.
  • If your letters are more pointy you are more often than not, passionate, aggressive but also intelligent.

Dotting your I’s:

  • If you put the dot above your “i” higher than usual, than you likely have a good imagination but can be prone to daydreaming
  • If you dot your “i” closer and right over the top then you pay good attention to detail and are good at being emphatic
  • If you slash the dot on your “i”, you are more likely to be self critical and less trusting and may need to work on your patience.
  • If your dot hangs to the left over the “i”, then you might procrastinate or put things off more than you should.
  • If you make a hollow circle for the dot on your “i”, then you are more visionary than you think and have more of a child like imagination.

Crossing your T’s:

  • If you cross the top of your t’s then you are more likely than not, optimistic and confident.
  • If you cross your t’s in the middle you are confident but also down to earth.
  • If the cross of your t is short you might be more lazy or lack determination.
  • If the cross of your t is long then you are likely a very determined person but sometimes might not let go of things.

Your O’s:

  • If you have an open o at the top, then you are probably more talkative and enjoy social activities.
  • If your o’s are closed then you are more of a private individual and keep more of your thoughts to yourself.

Line Intensity:

  • When you write, if you press harder and have more distinct and darker writing, you likely take life more seriously and can be counted on to be reliable.
  • If you’re writing is light, faded or not easily visible then you are sensitive and care about others, but might lack inspiration.


  • If you write more to the left hand side of the page there is a good chance you are living in the past and not letting some things go.
  • If you write on the right margins then you probably have a tendency to fear the unknown and focus on the future.
  • If you write down the center between the margins then you are probably a good mix, living in the present.


Handwriting can also tell things about your health as well. It’s been noticed how schizophrenics have slant changes in the same sentence and / or word. Those with high blood pressure have been noticed to write with changing levels of line intensity. Basically their writing goes from light to dark. Alzheimer’s patients’ handwriting deteriorates as they do from the disease and sometimes you can notice trembles in their writing due to the disease. Parkinson’s sufferers write very cramped and small.

In many cases where the above ailments are known to not be involved, heavy ink or lead styles and dark lines can indicate a higher amount of energy and lighter lines can indicate lower energy, or that an individual is tired.

For more comprehensive information on handwriting and graphology visit here.





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