Equality of The Sexes


Equality is something that humanity has been preoccupied with in one context or another, for over one-hundred and fifty years now. In one respect, equality, and society’s recognition of it is a noble virtue. On the other hand, when those who are executing a social engineering agenda use the idea of equality to dupe the masses into accepting a false application of the equality principle, we have social chaos.

Nowhere in nature does equality exist – even among those of the same species. Therefore, the context in which we should view equality must, by necessity, involve equal opportunity, equal responsibility, and equal treatment in all social arenas.

Although equality cannot be legislated, as any thinking person has already discovered, legislation can provide equal opportunity. On the other hand, such legislation as that which provides what we call affirmative action, only destroys individual freedom while depriving a certain segment of society its equal opportunity. This is exactly what the left-wing liberal movement is doing to men in the social and political arenas, by forcing affirmative action for women upon society.

A very astute Black man by the name of Tommy Sotomayor, has made it his business to expose the entitlement mentality among those of the Black race in America, as well as the very negative nature of the left-wing liberal movement that has helped to create it for them. He expresses the astounding truth that it is this mentality, which keeps them down; and nothing or no one else.

Those who benefit from affirmative action are the entitled ones in society, and they quickly develop the “entitlement mentality” that we have been discussing. This in turn, establishes the foundation upon which narcissism naturally evolves on a mass scale. Of course narcissism exists among both men and women, but the situation we find ourselves dealing with in the arena of male-female relationships, has to do with the fact that society is breeding narcissism into the female gender.

In both genders, narcissism manifests in the form of self-centeredness, a need to control, rage when efforts to control are thwarted, and even violence. On the surface, these personality disorders seem to be primarily male traits; but this is due to the fact that feminists, and not men, have been provided a public forum with which to express themselves and paint men with a broad brush.

Legal systems world-wide do not entertain the idea that women can be controlling, full of rage or violent; and both movies and television focus on men as “pigs” who need to control, and who become full of rage and violent against women on a regular basis. When promoting the idea of female power over males, however, then women are shown committing heroic acts of violence in the context of defending themselves against men.

Men do not normally report spousal abuses of female domination, rage and violence, because to do so invites only ridicule. In the presence of other men, however, they routinely scratch their heads in wonderment over the gas lighting (mind games), manipulations and pathological lying that they suffer at the hands of their narcissistic female partners.

Narcissists generally gravitate to professions in show business, the music industry, law enforcement, the legal arena, and politics. Female narcissists not only find satisfaction in these same professions, but they also find satisfaction in pushing their way into traditionally male professions of any kind, regardless of the arena. Our social engineers of the left-wing liberal movement are creating an avenue for narcissistic women to commit “identicide” against the male gender, rendering men useless in society, while forcing men through legislation, to sit back and allow it.

Equality of the sexes necessitates an equal opportunity for women in all social arenas; but legislation that oppresses men while advancing women ahead of them, fails to provide equal opportunities for the male gender. Anyone making the claim that such legislation is required in order to correct past wrongs, is either a female narcissist, or what men going their own way call a “mangina”.

Equality involves not only equal opportunity, but also equal responsibility. This means that if a woman wants to become a firefighter, for instance, she should be required to take on the same responsibilities as the men do. Giving her equal pay while decreasing her physical requirements and placing the heavier burdens upon the men with whom she works, does not constitute equal responsibility in any way, shape or form.

Equality also involves equal treatment in all social arenas. In other words, if the genders are to be equal, then women must receive prison sentences equal to men, they must support themselves during and after a divorce, they must not be automatically entitled to the children, and legislation must not favor them in the workplace, the job market, in interpersonal conflicts, or in the educational arena. Certainly, they should not be able to have a man arrested at her whim just by crying the word rape. Feminists want all the entitlements along with the privilege of ruining male identity, while at the same time, pushing all the responsibilities that they don’t like, onto the men to bear as their burden. This is not equality of the sexes.

Narcissism and feminism are bound together as partners in crime; and anyone who disagrees with this, fails to see how feminism is only concerned for women, while caring nothing about the rights, lost opportunities, and even the feelings of men. In fact, women who have become men’s rights activists, and also the movements advocating equal rights for men are under constant attack by the feminists. This is narcissism in the extreme.

As narcissism and feminism are bound together, so are narcissism and the psychopathic mentality bound together. In fact, it is known that a psychopath is narcissistic in the extreme. Therefore, it is accurate to say that psychopaths who gravitate to law enforcement, the legal professions, the military and politics, are naturally narcissistic. On the other hand, men who are not drawn to such professions, yet who are nevertheless narcissistic, have generally acquired the disorder as “only-children”. Certainly, however, society does not breed narcissism into the male gender as it does the female. Instead, our social engineers have been busy breeding the “white knight” and “mangina” syndromes into the male gender.

A white knight is chivalrous, feeling the need to protect women, to provide for all their needs, and to always defend their honor. A mangina allows women to take advantage of his generosity, accepts her gas-lighting, allows her manipulations, and either excuses or otherwise ignores her lies and deceit. When a man fails in his duties as a mangina, the couple then begins to fight. For this reason, men all over the globe find it easier to say: “Yes dear”, rather than defend their dignity.

It may seem to some women that I am brushing over male complicity in a couple’s troubled waters; but such male complicity is all too-well known already, while female complicity is brushed over by society to the extent that the blame almost always falls on men.

In order to gain a proper awareness of family and folk relationships, we need to achieve a level of balance by exposing that which has been obscured in society by feminists in the educational and political arenas, by government, by the legal professions,, and by both, the left-wing liberal movement and the “International Jewish Forces” that gave it its birth.

This discourse is being written specifically for my students in the Mani-Om-Sāh Institute of Higher Learning. These are those whom I am addressing when I speak of the reader’s responsibility to consult with the Avalokita/Higher Self regarding anything he or she may feel uncomfortable with. We all share a responsibility to resist the urge to follow the ego in matters that we may feel emotional about.

In the traditional patriarchy, men governed their relationships and their households, often treating women as their property, just as the feminists claim they did. However, what is not generally known, is the fact that women were entitled to all the benefits of a marriage, while assuming no responsibility whatsoever.

A woman could enter into a marriage with her own money or even earn money while married, with absolutely no financial responsibility for the household in general, or for either her children or her husband in particular. She could divorce her husband for failing to support everyone adequately. All the responsibility was his.

If a man’s wife gambled away her money (or his) and incurred a debt, he was responsible for covering that debt. If she committed an act of violence, theft or any other illegal act, her husband was held responsible, and would have to go to jail or even prison in her stead. For this reason, a man’s standing in society, as well as his financial and legal security depended on his ability to control his wife’s activities.

We can view the traditional patriarchy, then, not in terms of female oppression and male entitlement, but rather in terms of male accountability and female entitlement. If the patriarchal system was actually oppressive to women as we have been taught, then it would have never held men accountable while granting entitlement to women in every sector of life. If the patriarchal system was actually oppressive to women, the feminists would have no voice in society, they would not be allowed female-only organizations while pushing their way into male arenas, and women would not be able to walk out of marriages, leaving their ex-husbands financially destitute for the asinine mistake of having married them.

In the Mani-Om-Sāh Institute of Higher Learning, true equality of the sexes is promoted. Therefore, we are not interested in returning to a traditional patriarchal society. Instead, we must establish true equality by abolishing female narcissism in relationships, abolishing the mangina syndrome, and establishing our relationships on mutual respect, mutual responsibility, mutual concern, mutual opportunity, mutual treatment in all social arenas, truth, fidelity, and honor.

In order to provide a foundation for better understanding the discussion we have had thus far regarding narcissism and entitlement, allow me to relate two personal experiences pertaining to these subjects. In the first experience, I will not reveal the individual’s name. In the second one, I won’t reveal the mother’s name either, but in the texts that I quote, there is the name of her daughter, which I have changed.

From the summer of 2013, through the summer of 2014, I had a student and client who, as a narcissist, was exercising her feminist entitlement mentality against men. This lady made it obvious to me and others, that she wanted to have an intimate relationship with me. I made it equally clear to her, however, that since she was married and therefore shared troth with another man, that we could not have an intimate relationship.

For nearly a year, she paid me to balance her energies and do foot reflexology twice a week. We also went out to lunch twice a week, taking turns paying the bill. In addition, we shared great hugs. Finally, when she ended up having an affair with a man that she essentially worked for (contracting her services as a computer filing manager), her Avalokita told her to stop the energy balancing treatments and to quit the Mani-Om-Sāh discourses. Although she continued on as an herbal client, and we continued to talk, she was, nevertheless, officially off the path.

This woman had a very weak and passive husband, who was never a threat to her in any way, shape or form. In short, he was a classic mangina; but he was also sensitive and very emotional. They slept in separate rooms, yet he provided them with a beautiful home, and a very quiet and comfortable life style.

She worked as a professional woman, her money being her own, and she never had to answer to him. She even related to me, the fits of rage that she would occasionally go into, which are common to narcissists needing to maintain control in a relationship. She enjoyed her affairs on the side, and for obvious reasons, she was not about to give up her marriage. Her husband provided for her feminist sense of entitlement without much complaint, and her lovers satisfied her narcissistic need for male attention and approval. Why on earth would she ever consider messing up such a wonderful and fulfilling arrangement as that?

In terms of establishing true equality based on mutual respect, mutual responsibility, mutual concern, mutual opportunity, mutual treatment in all social arenas, truth, fidelity and honor, we must consider equality not only for women and their egoistic desire to compete with men in all areas of life, but also for men and their need to enjoy an identity that denotes and designates his usefulness in both society, and in the household as well.

Not only are feminists now claiming publically that men are not at all useful, but they are moving toward what they expect to be a utopia for feminists, as they call it. The overseer of what they call “the new era of feminism”, calls herself “The Femitheist”, and she says that their intent is to bring about the killing off of 90% of the world’s male population. My guess is that they’ll need the other 10% to be used as breeding stock.

Can you imagine what would happen to a man who not only claimed publically that women were not at all useful, but went as far as to suggest killing off 90% of them and utilizing the other 10% as incubators for our children? Wouldn’t such a man lose his social status, his career, and even educational opportunities after being forced to make a public apology? Yet, where is the outcry for men’s rights, dignity and feelings under the same circumstances? Where are the accusations of female bigotry, chauvinism and violence?

Is it really believable that White men, as it is claimed, are running this world, or even the United States government? Certainly, the left-wing liberal movement that provides these women with their forum and even promotes their activities and legal conquests, could not in any way, be under the control of either White or Black men. The social engineers behind all this must enjoy such autonomy as to be insulated against the negative effects of social corruption. The only group that I know of, who are in this position, are the Internationalists who control world economics, industry, public opinion, and occultism.

If we are to establish equality between the sexes, we cannot listen to the lift-wing liberals and their feminists. Men and women alike, must be re-educated, because they have had their minds poisoned since birth. Women have been taught in the home, through novels, in school, on television and in movies, that they should invade male territory, be aggressive, achieve, and at the same time, receive their entitlement as recipients of men’s money, protection and devotion.

Men, on the other hand, have been taught in the home, through novels, in school, on television and in movies, that they are only bumbling fools who couldn’t exist in the world without the rational and intellectual competence of women. They are taught that they should accept female aggression, indulge a woman’s sense of entitlement, and at the same time, be the knights in shining armor, as bumbling and foolish as they are.

Men are expected to pursue women in establishing relationships, but if a woman is offended in any way at all, then the man pursuing her is labeled as creepy, nerdy, a lame, a male chauvinistic pig, or even a rapey pervert – all at the discretion and on the whim of a woman. There are no longer any rules to the game, which keeps men in a perpetual state of confusion and anxiety.

Women have taken to playing mind games with men, or “gas lighting” if you will. My second personal experience relating to female narcissism, involved a young lady who has established a reputation for ripping out men’s hearts and stomping on them. In fact, her mother taught her from childhood to hate men, and to take everything she can get from them. She is otherwise a very pleasant person to be around if you can ignore her total lack of dependability (unless she needs something), her gas lighting, her manipulations, and her narcissistic quality of lying and cheating pathologically.

My experience with this lady spanned a period of two-and-a-half years, and of this writing, we are still on speaking terms. On Sunday, March 22, 2015, she made an appointment to visit with me and a couple of mutual friends of ours, at 4:pm. She had missed the previous day’s appointment, stating that she was tired, although she did manage to have me cleans, clear and purify her magnetic field (Aura).

It has been a habitual pattern of hers to use me when she suffers from entities gaining a foothold in her, or otherwise invading her space at home. I don’t charge for these services, and when she needs me, she is very sweet and complimentary; but when I have fulfilled my male duty in giving her the entitlement she requires as a female, she then ignores me. On Saturday she received my assistance. That evening, she was too tired to visit with friends. Then on Sunday she blew me off. Following, is an exact reproduction of our conversation via phone text. Pay close attention to the times of each of our messages. Her appointment was set for 4:pm, as I stated.

4:35pm – Me: If you were still coming over, I thought I’d wait to eat; otherwise I’ll eat now. So what’s up?

5:00 – Me: Okay, I’ll consider myself blown off again.

5:11 – Her: No I just got Julie all of a sudden like 10min ago. I didn’t know she was coming

5:12 – Me: Ok, see you.

5:31 – Me: Maybe I should blow you off the next time you expect me to help you out.

5:32 – Her: I didn’t mean that I didn’t even have time to text you about it before you texted me. Michelle had walked out the door 2 mins before.

5:37 – Me: You were supposed to be here at four. A simple text would have been the decent thing to do. Then again, why should I expect to be treated decently.

6:07 – Her: I just got home from church. Hurried my ass off to help janell. Ten Julie came. I’m sorry

I didn’t bother to answer that one, and she didn’t try to continue the conversation either. I wonder if she expects me to discontinue my services when she needs me next, or whether her narcissistic fear of rejection will keep her away for a period of time as it has in the past. She keeps seeking my approval, however, because that is one of the major needs that a narcissist must fulfill.

As evidenced in my 4:35 text, I was wondering whether or not I should go ahead and eat. She was late after all, and I had not heard from her. In addition, she was notorious for blowing me off. Although I was her Spiritual Director, she felt compelled to treat me disrespectfully, just like she did to all other men. Therefore, at 5:00 I acknowledged the simple fact that I had been blown off.

At 5:11, she acted like she was surprised at the arrival of her daughter at (5:01?), even though an entire hour had passed since her appointed time to be with friends – as if the arrival of her daughter at that time could be an excuse for her still being at home. Narcissists, remember, are also pathological liars.

Narcissists also fear exposure over most all other things in life. Therefore, when I said at 5:12, “Ok, see you”, she was satisfied to let it all drop there. At 5:31, then, I sent my next message about possibly blowing her off the next time she expected my attention, and she was back to me in just one minute – at 5:32. Narcissists thrive on attention – especially from the opposite sex.

It’s interesting to note in her 5:32 text, that her first sentence acknowledges the fact that she actually had time to text me before she was supposedly surprised by Michelle’s arrival with her daughter. Then her next

sentence attempts, in a convoluted manner, to excuse herself with the notion that Michelle had walked out the door just two minutes before my 5:00 text. How can that excuse the fact that she did not text me to let me know that she would not be here at 4:00?

Can you see the convoluted mess she was creating in hopes of baffling me into submission? Instead of being baffled, I returned at 5:32, to the simple fact of her 4:00 appointment, and stated the fact that the decent thing to do would have been to send one simple text message. Finally, I expressed my realization that I should not have expected to be treated decently – the obvious reason being, that I have grown accustomed to being treated in this way by her.

It took her until 6:07 – exactly one-half hour – to get back to me with another excuse intended to distract from the issue. If she got home from church and hurried her ass off to help Janelle just in time to receive her daughter, she certainly could have texted me – even if she was at church. Finally, she said she was sorry. True to narcissism, however, she did not apologize for her neglect and disrespect, but rather implied that she was sorry that circumstances had prevented her from meeting her responsibility to honor her word with friends.

This is a perfect example of how narcissistic people will attempt to establish dominance in their relationships, refuse to take responsibility for their acts of outright disrespect, and tell any manner of convoluted lies in order to confuse the issues and continue to get away with their antics.

Making irrelevant excuses to present out of context in order to distract from the real issue of one’s guilt in a matter, is the narcissist’s way of avoiding responsibility and facing the exposure that he or she fears so much. Never admit to anything, never apologize for an actual wrong doing, and never provide sufficient information of a personal nature to allow anyone to expose your manipulations – that is the motto of a narcissist. Dissuade, distract and dissemble are tactics that support emotional thinking, and which are routinely utilized by those who are narcissistic, in confusing and befuddling their victims.

When dealing with someone who is a narcissist, or otherwise utilizes emotional thinking, the key is to always remain calm. Many men have already discovered that if a woman can push his buttons, making him respond emotionally, then she has won what she views as a battle. Moreover, she has successfully removed the argument from the facts, and derailed her opponent.

When someone behaves narcissistically – lying, cheating and refusing to take responsibility in an intimate relationship, how can one’s partner turn him or her loose in public, expecting fidelity in return for the trust that is proffered? Dealing with a narcissist is like dealing with a crazy person.

If our folk are to ever succeed in establishing true equality between the sexes, we must, indeed, abolish narcissism from our ranks, and learn to function in an environment of mutual respect, mutual concern, truth, fidelity, and honor.

By: Osolvi via Odin


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