Ego, Evil, Self Improvement – Ascending The Path


Prime directive 1

Evil fears annihilation/not being safe, therefore it controls everything:

The driving force that makes evil the way it is which is evil is that it is in constant fear of pain and annihilation. Therefore it believes that by creating a reality of it’s own making it can be utterly safe because it would be in utter control of that reality. Control is the number one prime directive that evil follows because it is afraid. Therefore it controls everything and everyone in it’s efforts to be safe.


Prime directive 2

Evil gains control through obtaining trust through deceit:

It knows it’s control is limited when those it seeks to control do not trust it. Therefore it must gain absolute trust from it’s subjects in order to completely control them. This means that It’s number 2 prime directive is deception to gain trust.


Prime directive 3

Evil seeks to utterly dominate in order to control:

The 3rd prime directive of evil is to utterly dominate/control everything which would mean that everything good must be totally eliminated. In this way it seeks to be the only controlling force in the universe which would bring a great imbalance that would lead to evil consuming itself because there would be no more good to overcome. It’s very nature would turn in upon itself in seeking to dominate itself and would eventually destroy itself leaving no organized existence.


The ego functions on these 3 principles. It constantly seeks to fulfill it’s own agenda which is to create in the mind of the person illusions that cause the person to follow the ego’s agenda which is the ego’s means to create a separate reality. It seeks to deceive the person into believing that any desires to improve oneself are only from the conscious desires of the person. This is often true, but the ego will always support that which is in harmony with it’s own agenda.


The aspect of the ego’s complete dominance over the consciousness of the person is pretty much undiscernible to the person. The ego has been in charge for so long that the person cannot perceive the ego’s constant influence as it has become a psychological state of adjustment that has become normal. The higher self readily knows the ego’s influence but is usually drowned out because of the willing participation of the persons conscious self going along with all that the ego desires. Hence, the ego has primary control over the conscious self all the time. And the person is absolutely clueless. This is how the ego maintains the ultimate form of control…to be able to create an engineered reality that is something other than the true reality while living in the present reality.


Because the ego applies and functions in all of the 3 prime directives of evil then it is safe to say that the ego is evil.


Any desire to improve oneself that comes from the consciousness of the person, if pursued, the ego will sooner or later step in and subtley take control of that desire and shape it to it’s own agenda. It will lead the person in that desire while causing the person to perceive that the continuing desire is from the persons conscious self.


The ego will self aggrandize the person in order to fulfill it’s own insecurities because it knows that it’s world is false and must be maintained upon lies and illusions.


A primary aspect of this is the need to be right. To be right according to what is actual, correct, factual, accurate and true reality is one thing. To be right according to emotional need to be accepted or to have power over others or to be in control is an entirely different thing.


To control others because the person believes he has a right to control them, (oftentimes given by an authority figure or a job) usually places the person, (unknowingly) functioning within one of the 3 prime directives of evil. Which literally imbeds into that person the influence, characteristics, tendencies and desires of evil because the ego has an insatiable desire to control in order to feel safe. Hence, the person literally becomes evil to the degree that he continues in the controlling of others.


Natural law does not excuse in situations of ignorance of natural law, nor does it make allowance for partially benevolent motives. When a person has, through selective denial placed himself in a situation where he controls others without their full and informed consent then he is functioning within the circle of evil whether he is aware of it or not. And by natural law he will become evil as that is the influence he is acting under.


Any person who embarks on a genuine spiritual path, (not a hampster wheel spiritual path) and continues actively on that path will come to the realization that every effort to improve himself no matter what area or effort of improvement will, in every case become sabotaged and taken over the by ego.


The ego will never, ever allow the person to even come close to ascension. It will, however eagerly deceive the person into believing he is making progress and coming near to ascension. This is the purpose for the new age movement and all the hamster wheel spiritual paths that bring lots of fireworks, (profound spiritual experiences) but do not require the person to purify the lower emotional passions, the carma and other requirements of a true spiritual path.


That person will receive every reward, payoff, enjoyment, fulfillment, happiness and accolade that comes from improvements upon oneself. And his life will be full of joy, progress and all the good that this world offers. But after he dies, he will inevitably be forced to recycle again into a new body, into a new family, into a new life, forgetting everything he once knew and will continue endlessly in the hamster wheel of endless lifetimes in this world.


And the ego will have had it’s way, it will have had it’s existence secured again. And everything the person learned about the ego in the previous lifetime will only be water under the bridge and the stage is set again for another round of….trying again….starting again from scratch….over and over, never ascending, never really getting anywhere. Just serving the invisible masters that endlessly use us in this grand laboratory/prison where we all think we are free.


The ego is the shackle, the chain that allows us to move around but that keeps us from ever leaving the prison cell we know as our home.


  1. So, what is the solution?
  2. How do I beat this bastard called the ego seeing that it is the wall that I cannot get through?
  3. What is real/genuine/worthwhile progress?
  4. Progress toward what?
  5. And what happens after I have secured the solutions to these questions?


Let’s address the first question because it will answer the remaining four.


The ego’s primary channels of influence/power are…

Emotions both positive and negative and emotional attachments. Lower emotional passions. (Anger, selfishness, deceit, control, greed, etc…) this includes all emotional baggage and dysfunctional mental programs. Emotional thinking.


The astute observer can be aware that when he is in the middle of experiencing emotion he can observe his thinking change from rational to irrational.


The ego’s agenda is always irrational and ultimately destructive to the person. It is especially effective in keeping the person from moving toward ascension.


There are four entities that exist in every person that is born on this planet.

  1. The ego entity: This is the actual entity that is created from the ego. It is a more powerful ego construct than the normal ego.
  2. The occult entity: This is an entity that is placed into every person at birth. It’s primary function is to assist the ego, facilitate agenda’s that are put forth from occultists world wide, prevent the person from making any progress toward ascension.
  3. The dark passenger: This is an entity that augments the lower emotional passions and assists the ego and occult entities.
  4. The cybernetic organism. This is a type of nanobot that forms in those that have had vaccines and have been exposed to chemtrail chemicals. One of it’s functions is to eventually kill it’s host when it is activated.


The first three entities will absolutely prevent the person from developing any significant progress toward ascension. Therefore it is needful to remove them. This requires the skill of a person who is spiritually adept in handling and removing negative spiritual and physical entities. See…


I have had these entities removed and have noticed a significant difference and continuing positive change in myself and my thinking as I succeed in making progress toward ascension. Up until four years ago I was a very religious person. The progress and empirical changes I am now experiencing as compared to the personal changes and progress I sought for in religion are astounding to me.


In order to ascend/escape out of this prison the person must…

Successfully subdue the ego.

Resolve/purify all negative carma.

Purify the lower emotional passions.

Raise the physical/spiritual frequency high enough to move to the next level. This is done by doing the first three.

These four are accomplished most successfully by walking a genuine, spiritual path. (not a hamster wheel path)




The ego can make a person feel the ecstasy of tremendous joy and extreme positive feelings as well as the opposite feelings. But the person, the consciousness of the person has ultimate control and can choose what to do. The ego entity can be completely destroyed, but the actual ego itself is an enmeshed part of the persons consciousness. It too can be subdued, silenced and disempowered to a great degree while the person and the higher self work to establish control over it. This is part of a genuine spiritual path where there is a spiritual director that has the skill to do so.


A subcomponent of the law of free agency is the law of allowance or non force or non resistance. By following/allowing the Higher Self is to surrender ones will to the true self. By striving to improve oneself in partnership with the ego is not only non permanent, (in the eternal sense) but is also, in some respects functioning within the 3 prime directives of evil by following the ego’s agenda. Kind of like listening to the little devil on your shoulder and ignoring the little angel on your other shoulder.


The only true form of self improvement that lasts and will bring you true freedom and escape from this prison is to follow the Higher Self and his agenda. But that too cannot be successfully done until the four entities have been removed.


The ego is the one true hamster wheel of self improvement.


We are all seriously conditioned by centuries of many lifetimes on this planet. It is now time to make our escape and ascend through the training, guidance, and help from our own personal Higher self. Yes, we need help in facilitating all of this and the necessary help is available if you can keep your ego from sabotaging you from recognizing the opportunity.





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