The Last Spark

Aloft the sky bleeds so near

And moans as if in pain

Echoing every wept tear

All screams still are, but vain

The hair of his is tossed about

In winded gusts of hurt

His face wrenched from the route

Of meaningless effort

Distant from the world ablaze

He softly whispers out

Oh jumbled is this life long maze

Of certainty and doubt

Impostors hide within decay

Of truth’s befuddled foe

The snake of lies slithers astray

Where embers fall like snow

Flames leap across the night

Scouring all the lands

Explosions rock the yonder sight

In deaths’ chaotic hands

Turbulence of swift demise

Ravages the lost

The only light within his eyes

Is amply over glossed

Upon this lonely rooftop perch

Sheltered where he dwells

His mind readies for the search

To escape this man made hell

Sprinting from roof to roof

Bounding from ledge to ledge

He darts from loss to loss

While uttering his pledge

While ashes fall where rain be sought

Though time is cruel to all

Regardless of any forethought

Endless is mans fall

Though screams will scorch the earth abroad

My mind will fail me not

The answer hides in this facade

Pleading to be caught

Oh ignorance, your lies sear those

Denial, you’re so sly

But in this mind sharp, trained to see

I’ll escape before I die!

Though hate and fear muddy the view

Though long I must embark

I will be guided as so few

For I am the last spark



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