The Dream

3 weeks ago today I had a strange dream and it has consumed my thoughts all day
and night entirely. I find myself without sleep multiple nights in a row just lost within
my mind and feel as if my life as it is, is no longer important or valid and real. I have to find this woman I dreamt of. It was so vivid that I ask myself was it real or was it dreamed? Regardless of the seemingly solid logic I use to eliminate fantastical claims and evidences, I cannot side with logic which is quite odd for me…

This vision, dream, whatever it is, was more realistic to me than me writing this now
and even now I am thinking more about it than I am what I write. It must be pursued further. My reality is fading and crumbling around me and I have concluded, to begin a journey of sorts. A plethora of digging and exploring until I find this being of light or satisfactorily conclude on exactly just what happened that night. If I am not to return please remember this entry as my personal wish and desire to be understood in my abhorrent lack of reasoning.

I must do this, I must know for better or worse, regardless of what I will have to lay on the line for, the answers… I know I sound like I’m rambling about but such an event or vision that unfolded that night is hard to even creatively fathom twice with the minute vocabulary at my disposal but I will try.

After hearing a soft female voice speaking or chanting “please follow me” while I was sleeping, the words brought me to awareness of my sleeping state. Just as I
was about to wake up due to this recognition I entered into what one might call a
vision as is described or some kind of lucid out of body experience.

In my parting I leave this description of this lucid state and venture into the unknown as it were, following a illusive and barely visible trail for further answers….

Upon entrance of the vision I find myself immediately immersed into a strange and
awesome world from which I have no remembrance of entering. As the moon faded into a dull glow the glistening beam that sparkled from her essence enshrouded my mind and sent a sharp joy through my chest in which I realized that she wasn’t an illusion, but an angel of sorts from the nether realms of heaven as can best be described.

Alas, the moon sparkled its reflection into her eyes and I found myself hypnotized
and entranced as a small child might be in a candy store or as beast might be when
first laying eyes upon beauty. As I was drawn by the shimmering countenance that
braided her beauty into swirling cascades of resplendence I realized this vision had
to be a dream in which I would hopefully never wake.

Then she spoke to me, the supple lip movements heated, the aesthetic inflection of
her voice setting my mind at ease and quickly absorbing all that was me, into her.
Like a warm summer breeze wisps through a valley and lightly caresses the skin of
a warrior preparing for battle, giving him reason for victory and like a woman’s
sweet touch whom he valiantly fights for, so was I moved.

While the secrets of life exited her sweet rose tinted lips I was lost to them in the edifice of what I can only describe as a goddess descended into my world of incomparable and feeble attempts for pleasant living and triviality. I imagined to
myself, if heaven exists she had somehow been permitted release from that pasture
of pure splendor for surely a fool as myself to be witness to such an event, to be
priveledged to even know such an individual exists, let alone be permitted in her
presence, I surely must be dreaming, for this daze, this teasing state that I can’t quite shake from leads me to believe such.

The aura that emanated powerfully from her is another world to which I have never
traveled, is a feeling in which fills some kind of void that was previously unrecognized and uncharted even to the most savvy of captains and explorers. As
the torrent of thoughts and feelings swarmed and teemed within my head and soul
like a maelstrom of bliss, eclipsing and smothering all else, I managed to utter
absolutely nothing for my eyes and ears had taken over and discreetly sabotaged
and counteracted the ability of my tongue, for I could not speak nor could I do
anything but be drawn toward her, be pulled in the strong and amazing undercurrent
of her unutterable brilliance.

Then I noticed something further, something even more alien and surreal yet
inexplicably wondrous. A breeze wafted by and carried with it powerful hinting
scents of something that could be best compared to rolling hills and towering peaks
of blossoming, budding and flowering temptation. Like a spring morning shortly after
sunrise, where a field of flowers arise from their slumber to give nothing more to the
world but beauty and scents of intoxication are how I can describe what had been
carried with the wind from her direction.

The sheltering landscape cordially evolved into a mysteriously appealing tint of
twilight and the symphony of words that enchantingly danced from her mouth
created a chorded and symphonious revelation that beckoned me forward, toward

While I moved in her direction as under command of a siren seducing sailors to a
watery death, the euphoric whispers in my mind and soul grew stronger and through a dense valley I stumbled, paying no attention to the monolithic facades surrounding me as I was entirely consumed with the gentle trail of golden hue that lit itself in front of me to guide me toward her piercing presence.

As I moved closer and closer the ambient silhouettes around me drew curtains of perfection
around her and submitted to the gorgeous spark that shone from her eyes as if they
enjoyed such and waited in a cold vacuum of space for that one moment, preparing
to do so and represent this being of beauty to the fullest.

Bound in the moment, I drew closer and closer until I was within arms reach of her
and when I went to place my arm upon her she spoke her last words and vanished
as quickly as she had appeared, in which I was thrown back into the world where I
resided. I fathom day in and day out to remember past the trance of her to know
what it was she spoke, to know what those words were. As I fathom still what they
could have been and what it was that she said I remember only 3 verses, which in
itself, I still feel lucky for remembering.

I wonder if in the future I might see her again or have a similar vision for some reason I’m not aware of, for some purpose unknown. Nonetheless, the few words I remember her singing, the few words that painted a symphony on the canvas of my mind still reside as written in stone like ancient heiroglyphs. As the feelings linger and are aroused continuously through each and every day and sleepless night I find myself writing them down or speaking them softly to myself, trying to gleam further clues and meaning.

Those words are…

Obey night song and morning chant
Follow it due north
Until the dawn falls into blue
To bring true twilight forth

Where the moon evades the tears
Of mornings daily weep
You’ll find me waiting there alone
In prisons of the deep

When entering the hallowed cave
Of sounds that are delayed
Speak my name into the void
Eden is what you’ll say



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