Secret Place

Chords shape the landscape of orchestrating gods

Symphonies of silence dance enchantingly

The winds of time whisper secrets into my ears

Like beautiful sirens seducing me to sea


Monolithic mountains pierce through wispy clouds

Low lying valleys shelter and unwind

Dense darkened forests hide the mysterious

Abyssal oceans harvest life for all it’s kind


Skies of deepened blue give meaning to my thoughts

Fields of golden tint harbor my true feelings

Within that place of bliss I find euphoria there

Where I am all alone, where nature is revealing


On ledges of the highest peaks

Within the forests hidden eyes

Roaming through the winding valleys

In natures caress I need no disguise


Back into the splash of ponds

Where streams of revelation sound

Back into my perfect place

Where civilization cannot be found


Deep oceans music beckons me

Back to deepened skies of blue

Back into that pleasant peace of thought

Where solace lets me think of you…




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