The voice of rumor caught my ear
A plot so dark, my heart it seared
So darkly cold, so severe
Plummeting into the void of fear:

“The gods embellish their concern

As I watched them let us burn

I would not stay nor wait my turn

At no single time will I return

Through the blinding fog of war

I dragged my wounded soul ashore

Out from the depths of ancient lore

I witnessed horrors as none before

Demons maliciously masquerade

In the ranks of gods’ parade

Consider me one of the strayed

Uncounted among their brigade

For I am what is left of hope

With what the devious can never cope

I am the bridge, I am the rope

Forbidden knowledge is my scope

And if I could speak unto the light

I’d speak from the heart of night

I’d argue a truly glorious sight

In the courts of mankinds plight

Compassion would no longer stray

The bonds of cruelty would frey

No more souls would be betrayed

At that moment we’d seize the day”



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