Canvas unraveled, turmoiled by rage
Emotional breakdown, I break from my cage

Fragments of skitso bleed from my lips
Words drip of psycho met with hatreds eclipse

Writhing in agony, heart wrenching angst
Shatter the planets like shards through my veins

Bash in the faces, gallantly swing
Blow for each blow, like a scorpions sting

Hook to the left and hook to the right
Block to the side, take teeth in this fight

Back step again, lunge in for the eye
Passionate loathing, let his scream reach the sky

Canyons of blood roll down my parched face
Disfigured and mauled, yet still not disgraced

By power of sheer will I balance again
I swing in for the landing, strike deep to the chin

Uneasy he teeters, his mouth a red void
Stink of defeat upon my madness deployed

Thump moans the ground as it handles it’s blow
My enemy fallen, into speckled fresh snow

I limp away wounded but triumphant again
Shall the fate of tomorrow shine upon me, a grin



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