I sprawled across the paper sheet
With pen in hand I wrote
Toiling in emotion, lost
To express my fears and hope

Anger, lust, desire, love
The words with feeling flowed
Thoughts of life bound to words
Through ink on paper showed

Riddled colors exhume my past
Rhymes of mine express
The tale hid behind these eyes
And verses my life’s quest

Artist’s draw for meaning
Poet’s rhyme for reason
Musician’s play for love
As we share every season

Expression has a talent
With beauty it can sway
Even an army into battle
When fear had dimmed the way

So writing, there I was
Lost within myself
Caged within the words
Of poetry’s strong spell

But as I lost the line
To write with all I had
I wrote atop the table
Not caring if it were mad

I wrote of feelings many
I scribbled thoughts of hope
I taunted lines of fear
Even with anger, wrote

I then stared at the table
I devoured every line
Then realized all this madness
Was somehow yet divine

As these words described
Of how my thoughts did roam
Beauty from expression
Was this inspired poem




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