Fishing For Stars

I cast my mind into the sky

And ponder all of time

I feel a bite of knowledge near

Something has swept the line

A tug of fate has taken bait

I reel the line in next

But my catch has slipped away

And still, I am perplexed

I cast again into nights sea

While laying in a field

Fishing for the stars so bright

Hoping truth, they’ll yield

Hours pass, as I just think

In the dim chilled air

Springs night skies, rhythm soothes

And plays it’s tune so fair

So many eyes glisten above

And wink as if they know

The answers to mankind’s questions

Just by their twinkling show

I find that time gets away

When entranced by the view

And every time I fish for stars

I’m lost to them anew

Oh jewels of night and wonders far

Mans mysteries you tell

Although encoded in silence

Please loose your lovely spell

The tales of time and all unknown

You embrace and you keep

Oh please release them for us now

From your vast sparkling deep



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