August Evening

Walking with thoughts of distress, I’m entwined
Yet darkness befriends me to speak it’s deep mind
It speaks if I’ll walk with eyes that can see
The beauties of night will flirt unto me

An evening of August toys with the night
The glistening moon uncloaks its missed light
To illuminate streets of glimmer so fair
To sing for the sun who no longer is there

Silhouette’s spawn in the regions unseen
As wind tosses leaves into gutters once clean
Oh colorful nights have I missed for a year
But tonight, Autumn eve is what I revere

While trees sing of life from the wind softly sung
I slink through the moment with a satisfied tongue
The night chilled to perfection, no need for a coat
Even in this small town, a place so remote

As I taunt all the shadows of nooks near and far
They speak to me clearly, yet somehow bizarre
While I listen to voices of night play their tune
I’m absorbed in this nightscape and grace of the moon

Yes I fell deep in love with that night one more time
I found a deep feeling of peace so sublime
But the next time I walk to wherever I go
I look forward with awe for August night’s glow

So listen I say to the music unheard
Witness the glory, don’t speak, not a word
Let all of your worries dissolve into trance
Only then you’ll be touched by August night’s romance



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