3:30 AM

A realm unknown has taken me
Upon swift wings I rode
From one lost world into the next
I traveled, or I was told

I need your help she said to me
As I asked where I was
That matters not, your safe she said
Her beauty did not pause

She sweetly spoke a rhyme surreal
Soft rhythm left her lips
Taken back with awe I gazed
My senses were eclipsed

Her verses caught the world itself
And in its track, it slowed
All life responded as entranced
Her silken words, they glowed

Blanketed in grace she spoke
Lost as you, am I
Twilight holds our gateway open
She ushered with a sigh

Colored words she sang to me
Her beauty, words illude
Someday, she said we’ll be together
Someday we’ll be renewed

Silver glistened from her eyes
As silence caged me still
Reaching out for me she smiled
We held each other until

Violent screeching tore her loose
That sound had kidnapped her
I abruptly sat up straight
My eyesight was a blur

As morning consumed the darkened sky
Bright rays of light now beamed
Still lost between her world & mine
So vivid, was it dreamed?

I journeyed forth to twilight’s gate
To enter that world lost
And every time that twilight enters
I know not how I crossed

That threshold barred now from my dreams
My life is now disguised
All effort just to glimpse once more
The stars inside her eyes…



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