Religion Exposed – Religious Deceit


I was once a religionist, existing within the box that was established for me by a religious hierarchy, society and my family. Therefore, I have been on that side of the fence; but having utilized my sense of self-determination, I have experienced this side of the fence, questioning all that others had told me about their version of the truth. Out of Egypt came the Pharasitic Israelites with the Egyptian Book of the Dead from which, they wrote the Cabala and established a priest class called the Levites… Read More

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Religion Exposed – Esotericism


In order to understand the spiritual path, we must first understand that which constitutes esotericism as opposed to exotericism. To begin with, let’s examine the nature of exoteric teachings as they form the basis of religious beliefs and practices. These teachings comprise those that are readily available to any of a group who wish to learn the traditional, spiritual or religious principles and aspects of a particular religion or way of life. Exoteric teachings are found in scriptures, poetic writings, and in lesson manuals… Read More

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Flying, Floating Humanoids – What Are They Really?


One of the more controversial cases on the fringe side of the spectrum has to be the controversy or theory of flying or floating humanoids. While there is yet, little to nothing that can account for or explain the different sightings and stories, it is interesting nonetheless and appeals to the truly weird. Some of the most common and odd cases, that haven’t been immediately ruled out as hoaxes are… Read More

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Religion Exposed – Judeo Christianity

judeo christianity

Many Christians take exception to the term Judeo-Christianity, as though Judaism and Christianity are two separate entities. They don’t want to believe that Jews gave Christianity to the world as an offshoot of Judaism; but at the same time, Christians share the Old Testament with the Jews, including their prophets and history. The Jewish Bible consists of: 1) The Torah; 2) The Prophets; and 3) The Writings. The “Torah” includes the first five books of the Old Testament, while “The Prophets” includes another twenty-one books… Read More

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Secret Frequencies & The Mystery of Number Stations


There is a mystery that is saturating the air all around us and penetrating radio frequencies around the world the moment you read this, that you don’t know about, and are not suppose to. Can you imagine stumbling upon a secret frequency unknown to most people and being able to listen in to secret messages with your shortwave radio? Well, this appears to be happening and has been for many years since the cold war. This lesser known phenomena where you tune in to a certain frequency and hear a voice repeating a series of numbers or cryptic messages is known as what many call number stations… Read More


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A Plant That Softens Rock Like Clay?


Throughout history many things have been lost to us and have went extinct, not only the dinosaurs. There is a large quantity of plant life that have disappeared also. There is a story I remember from some time ago about a plant that was claimed to be able to turn rock into a putty like substance, and allow it to be molded and sculpted like clay. Crazy sounding? I thought so until I read some journal accounts of British explorer Percy Fawcett, and of his explorations in South America in search for the lost city of Z… Read More

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The True Story of HAARP, Aliens, Ancient Writings & Dan Eden’s Discovery


This is the true story of Dan Eden (Gary Vey), given in a shortened version for quicker viewing. The story begins with a writer for who goes through a series of real life, documented adventures around the world that have astounding, terrifying, and all too real, life changing implications in regards to powerful forces unseen on the planet that many don’t know exist… Read More

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The Best Lucid Dream Inducing Supplements

Beauty underwater

More and more people these days are using lucid dreaming supplements to help them attain lucidity that so many desire. When used correctly with the right attitude and respect required for lucid dreaming, these supplements have been said to be very helpful, powerful and sworn by, by many… Read More

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Case For The Doppelganger – More Than You Know


A doppelganger is German for double walker and is a copy of yourself that also inhabits existence at the same time. Whether the double of yourself is a clone, or version of you from some other point in time is debatable. There are, however, some interesting stories of doppelgangers. In Norse mythology a “vardoger” is the term used for doppelganger and is believed to be seen doing things you will do, before you do them, kind of acting as a mirror into your future… Read More

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Oregon’s Vortex Mystery


There is a good chance you’ve heard of the term vortex due to a recent amount of theories concerning them, and even though on the fringe side of things, there seems to be, some convincing evidence of their existence for many. From the Norway spiral, which many consider to be a vortex or failed rocket launch, to weird paranormal activity in specific locations on the planet that are intersected by ley lines, (a geographic and invisible electromagnetic grid around the planet that connect ancient ruins and different monolithic sites) to a small and odd side of the road attraction in Gold Hill Oregon called the Oregon Vortex and The House Of Mystery that opened in 1930… Read More

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The Power Of Your Hair

hairWe live in an age when it is important to look nice and due to our evolution in hygiene we have done so, sometimes on a rather vane level. Everyone likes nice hair and it’s important to keep yourself groomed but what if I told you that your hair means potentially more to you than you could imagine? What if your hair was an extension of your spiritual body and actually gave you more power, unbeknownst to you? There is a theory that this is the case, that hair has an invisible power you didn’t even know existed… Read More

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Graphology – Your Handwriting Gives You Away


Graphology or what many call handwriting analysis is, in essence, the ability to tell character traits and the nature of a person by their writing habits, style and details. It is said that over 5000 different personality traits about you can be gleamed just by looking at your writing with the right eye. Believe it or not but handwriting analysis or graphology has been used in many fields such as diagnosing diseases, evaluating child development, career placement, psychology, dating compatibility, criminality and more… Read More

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Time Travel In Your Sleep?

time travelWhat if your dreams served a different purpose you have never thought of? What if you’re strange and cryptic fantasies, nightmares and time spent in dreamland were filled with hidden messages and relics only you can identify? It is has been theorized that during your sleep and dreams, fragments and pieces of the past, present and future can be found if you pay close attention and learn how to recognize them, and maybe, just maybe, you can use these hidden messages to your advantage… Read More

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Reincarnation – A Link Long Forgotten

ReincarnationReincarnation considered by most is a person existing not only in this life but one who has existed in a past life as well. While anyone is, more or less, a long shot from proving its existence, depending on who you talk to, there are some interesting things related to reincarnation and a line of thinking opens one up to potentially examining their current life in entirely different terms given the information available. Read More

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Is Psychiatry A Field To Be Trusted?

psychiatryMany people are prescribed Zoloft, Adderal, Lexapro, Concerta, Prozac, Paxil, Xanax, and Seroquel. The number of people in the world on psychiatric drugs are 100 million. Psychiatrists are good at convincing you that you are sick in some mental way or form and then prescribe you a psychotropic drug. In most, and if not all cases, you are evaluated within 20 to 30 minutes and are given no scientific testing for a diagnosis… Read More

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