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Pain Management

If it hurts, it must be real If it burns, we’re meant to feel If the soul screams from the core We’re meant to push and push some more ==== If it tears our insides out If it drags our … Continue reading

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Fate Leads To Love

Fate Leads To Love… I’m going to preface this series of thoughts with the fact that most understand on a decent level what codependency is and in what aspects it relates to love and relationships. In the simplest of terms … Continue reading

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Why is it that only when you give up on trying for something you want, it then manages to fall into your lap? You stumble in the dark for years, trying, postulating, experimenting, hoping, forcing, pushing yourself into madness for … Continue reading

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Soul Shards

I still dream of you. I can still feel you when I’m alone and isolated. In my darkest and most quiet moments, I can see your reflection on the moon in the sky. I can see your silhouette in the … Continue reading

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