Curiously Dark

When the light retreats in panicked fear

When fright consumes you, ear to ear

When night begets your inner mind

Don’t shy to look, you won’t go blind


When darkly lit a room you’re in

When shadows dance upon your skin

When startled dread is all you know

Listen for voices from below


When alone and silence sings

When with unknown mysterious things

When lost about a wicked maze

Sit for a moment within the haze


For unlit colored mystery

Has a certain light, only few can see

But if you glimpse the shadow zones

You’ll glance a world all of it’s own


A world of unexplored desire

A realm where very few inquire

About the parts that life forgot

In fear ones soul might be bought


So linger there for a small view

The forgotten realms may call to you

But don’t forget that dark’s light

Is a different brilliance of the night


When you return with your new eyes

You’ll see the world a different size

For understanding truth in all it’s forms

You’ll obtain mastery of the storms


Just caution both edges of the blade

For one offsets the others trade

Feed light nor dark but equal care

And you’ll find truth beyond compare

About StatikPhenomenon

I'm interested in so many things, but the darker and more controversial, the more I seem to gravitate toward it. Archaic, esoteric, undiscovered...
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