Pain Management

If it hurts, it must be real
If it burns, we’re meant to feel
If the soul screams from the core
We’re meant to push and push some more


If it tears our insides out
If it drags our heart about
If it shreds the faith we had
It’s only something fate has planned


If the cries that wet our floor
Fall for loss, or love, or war
Then something deep within the being
Is still alive and still breathing


When the throbs of pain denied
Start to fade, and then subside
Is when you know without a doubt
You’ve lost the way from your true route


For agony that feels the worst
Is the only kind that should be nursed
For without such a hurtful past
There is no truth with to contrast


Next time that the darkness shows
Don’t run from it, for it bestows
A different angle of this life
A new perspective, from the knife


And you may find something new
Something deep, something true
Something lesser known but wise
For pain’s a teacher in disguise

About StatikPhenomenon

I'm interested in so many things, but the darker and more controversial, the more I seem to gravitate toward it. Archaic, esoteric, undiscovered...
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