Time they say, will somehow heal

But all it does is reveal

The scars of my confusions

My bruises from illusions


Where is the light, where is the hope?

Where’s the caress I need, to cope?

Where is the world had as a child?

That trusted voice now marred, defiled


Give it back, I want that love

Those words of joy we once spoke of

Give me something real and rare

Which made us follow dreams we’d share


It’s sad the moments I want to keep

Are the ones I have when I’m asleep

Where in my dreams the world is mine

To touch, to love, to intertwine


As I lay myself down to rest

I hope tomorrow wont detest

The endless journey I must take

In search of life without heartache

About StatikPhenomenon

I'm interested in so many things, but the darker and more controversial, the more I seem to gravitate toward it. Archaic, esoteric, undiscovered...
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