8 Years

8 years later my heart still beats

8 years later I’m losing sleep

8 years later I wander still

8 Years later I’ve found my will


8 years later I rise above

8 years after my morning dove

8 years later I find the words

8 years later of fraying nerves


8 years later I scrape the ground

8 years later, something I’ve found

8 years later I charge the night

8 years later it’s still a fight


8 years later  I rediscover

8 years after that fated lover

8 years it took to find my soul

8 years to lose it in the undertow


8 years my harbinger scorn

8 years in which I’m reborn

8 years of love, passion, pain, and woe

It all began 8 years ago


8 years would be my numbered fate

8 years a rock of loyal gait

8 years of which I’m forever changed

8 years of you for my exchange


8 years I have for being there

8 years from love to disrepair

8 years I get to thank you for

8 full years that touched my core


8 full years we will never save

8 years of which we were brave

8 years that guide my path

8 years of tenderness and wrath


8 years never truly lost

For those 8 years were worth the cost

About StatikPhenomenon

I'm interested in so many things, but the darker and more controversial, the more I seem to gravitate toward it. Archaic, esoteric, undiscovered...
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