Alien Profiling, Recon & Defensive Countermeasures

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They have been studying us for a very long time. Likely before we can remember. In a natural defense I think it’s time the recon is reciprocated due to growing sightings, abductions, and mutilations. After some time scouring the depths of the internet, I believe one at this time can put together a realistic profile of details and important knowledge about aliens, at least the greys, not only for defense but to take matters into one’s own hands. Unless specified otherwise, the majority of this information seems to be applicable to the species known as the greys. This is my research, these are my findings and thoughts…



Brain:                    They appear to have lighter colored brains as well as 3 hemispheres of the brain, instead of two as we humans do. Could the third hemisphere be responsible for their telepathy and other claimed abilities?


Eyes:                      In autopsy claims there seems to be some kind of biofilm over the eyes, which give them the large black eyes as most see and allow them to see at night better, which is when most, abductions usually occur. It is theorized that this is due to them coming from a much darker planet and the big heads they sport are correlated with what is similar to an astronaut type of helmet. There are accounts from abductees that describe the greys without their headgear and helmets as most see them wearing. The descriptions usually look like the described beings in the film “Fire in the Sky”. This is similar to what they probably really look like:



Fingers:                                Their fingers seem to be extra flexible, moving in motions that humans can’t and mirroring thumbs for each finger. They have four fingers on each hand.


Metabolism:      A theory as mentioned below is that greys absorb nutrients through their skin and in one account of a crash landing, a witness describes finding quarter sized wafers in what is perceived to be a center console of sorts as one might have in their car. I imagine nutrients packed together for nothing other than sustainability might resemble a quarter shaped wafer.


Strength:             Other than the small, skinny and frail frame that the greys seem to manage, it is said in abduction scenarios that when one wakes during an abduction that the aliens stand back until mental control is regained, distancing themselves from physical contact. Physically we are a stronger species than the greys and if given the proper chance can easily, physically overpower them.


Sex:                        According to multiple accounts the greys don’t have reproductive organs or genitalia and don’t have male or female sexes. They are a species of one sex, whether genetically created that way, is unsure. In other alien races however, there is said to be 3 sexes.

A convincing watch:




In The Hunt For The Skinwalker, forces at work which I consider to be alien and not necessarily grey species, seemed to be angered or upset by meditation. Why would meditation bother aliens? Maybe because our brains resonate at a different level. Some have claimed to have telepathic contact with benevolent alien species through a deep meditative trance. Would a hostile alien species be upset by our attempt at communication or channeling with another not hostile species? It would seem that meditation or meditative trances allow us to identify the presence of a malevolent alien species by its reaction alone. I need to do more research on this but if they don’t like it, I consider it a defensive counter tactic.


In one abduction case a woman described the greys not being able to abduct her if she continuously thought of something really funny during the abduction attempt. I theorize that the fear that occurs during an abduction experience is a conduit by which total paralysis takes place. The emotion of humor, in this one case at least, seems to have overridden the fear which usually then leads to paralysis and abduction. Although this method seems pretty impossible to actually do, I consider it a potential defense if it is true.


Personal theory: In research done regarding sleep paralysis and the paralysis that occurs during abduction, a part of the brain seems to be disabled, leaving one in a state similar to dreaming, as is described by many abductees during abductions. In a dreaming state one is a passive spectator, until one learns to lucid dream. During lucidity you can consciously choose to not only control your dream, but wake from it. I postulate that upon learning a sufficient amount of control from mastering lucid dreaming to a certain extent, you can also use the same technique and activate the same part of your brain during an abduction experience, breaking the paralysis, gaining a defensive strategy.


It is claimed that the greys absorb nutrients through their skin and are said to bathe in a vat like substance for those nutrients. They are said to dislike and be vulnerable to perfumes, especially strong ones. Some accounts I have read describe how during an abduction attempt the victims involved seemed to be able to ward off aliens in their efforts when recently putting on strong perfume. I don’t know how reasonable this theory is but nonetheless it should be mentioned. Also white sage, a very powerful and strong odor of sage can be burned in defense. It is said that once the strong smoke clings to your skin it takes days before its strong smell finally washes off. This reminds me of the Native American practices of using sage and also of smudging to ward against evil spirits. Correlation here? Probably so and maybe this wasn’t originally used to ward against evil spirits, but evil aliens.


Personal theory: Electromagnetism and its corresponding resonance seems to be what is responsible for sightings and abductions cases where cars don’t respond and where aliens can seem to be able to pass through walls and ceilings or pull abductees through them. Electromagnetism and resonance can alter physical characteristics of matter and in abduction cases, is likely the technology used or cause. It is also said that the paralysis one undergoes during an abduction experience has to do with the same electromagnetic and resonance control. Common sense to me would dictate, building a faraday cage of sorts for protection, depending on the level of said immediate risk. Faraday cages don’t allow the transmission or reception of electromagnetic frequencies, therefore inhibiting the effects of abduction paralysis or abduction altogether. Tinfoil hats come to mind but perhaps for good reason. The brain controls the functions and motor operability of the body. Inhibit that, and paralysis is achieved. Aliens likely target us in this fashion, overriding the natural frequencies of our brains ability to operate our extremities with a more powerful transmission, rendering us helpless. For defense, don’t go donning a tinfoil hat just yet, but seriously consider a faraday cage of sorts. Shield your video cameras for research purposes in a faraday cage as well. Perhaps consider something like a hat layered in proper transmission killing, electrically conductive material, such as can be found at stopabductions. Furthermore the website aliens & children has some extremely interesting information and claims of child abductee victims wearing such hats made of this material that draw pictures of aliens and UFO’s. These children are making the claim that previous abduction cases resulted in memory loss and after wearing the faraday hats for some time, they started remembering and drawing what they remembered. Guess what they drew. Aliens, UFOS and kids pictures of them being abducted.


In analyzing the fact that there are still a plethora of secrets involved in this whole scenario, there could be a number of different reasons for the secrecy. One of which is so that we don’t learn the Greys or aliens weaknesses. If we don’t know anything about them then how can we defend our self? I think the very nature of secrecy involved might be due to the fact that even though highly advanced, a weakness or multiple weaknesses exist to be exploited.


Many have found what appear to be alien implants after abductions and a theory regarding them is that these implants track DNA or are capable of modifying the genome. Could this be one tool in the method of integration and assimilation? Implants are usually placed in the facial area or extremities.


Do not directly look aliens in the eyes where possible as there are a large quantity of cases where abductees seem to be being scanned somehow by aliens. In abductions there seems to be some kind of staring procedure. One very interesting theory is that they are scanning our visual cortex, viewing memories and god knows what else.




Government somehow seems to know beforehand when a craft or UFO is about to crash, likely due to the fact that they played a part or shot it down. Information leads me to believe that a specific kind of directed radar can bring down the craft or has before as well as, some kind of laser technology. Would sightings and the UFO’s reaction to powerful laser pointers be in some way, an irritation or small scale representation to a more powerful and similar type of technology? Maybe. If one could plot a place for a sighting somehow, then perhaps such technology could be tested in the field.



Theories / Correlations:

  • There is a large amount of information about aliens actually being demons. While one can consider the beings aliens or demons depending on your background and definition, it really doesn’t matter and I consider them aliens. An interesting side note is that they are not demons masquerading as aliens but aliens masquerading as demons or angels as many have described. This would fit many descriptions of old accounts regarding demons and what better way to terrify or manipulate a populace then propagate such an idea. Sounds like a good stage for religion to be created in revering these beings.


  • I believe there is a correlation for aliens and mountainous areas, ranges, or remote places and that given enough data one might be able to discern a pattern for geographic coordinates of interest. I remember one specific case where a man had a powerful and strange urge to go camping in the mountains, which he described as being weird. He did so and late in the night found his camp surrounded by greys. He then experiences a blackout and memory loss for a few hours, upon which, he found himself wake up back in his tent.


  • Aliens and Bigfoot have been seen in the same vicinity, usually in the same time frame and seem to have something to do with each other. The Dyatlov Pass incident is a good example when analyzed thoroughly and I think Bigfoot might be a slave race, prisoner or the muscle of sorts for the greys. I also speculate that a good place to witness a UFO sighting is one where Bigfoot has recently been seen or vice versa due to a potential relationship.


  • Alien abduction seems to have happened not only to individuals but to entire families and their immediate family members. One might wonder why the whole family, but one theory that would explain this pattern is that they are not particularly interested in the individual, but the bloodline of the individual and the blood related family. I would find it particularly interesting if the lineage or bloodline of a family could be traced back through time and somehow be tied to abductions for previous blood related relatives. Is the heritage of women who claim to have been impregnated by aliens a factor in the alien’s choice of abductee? Is there something specific about the bloodline of the mother that makes her a better candidate for whatever hybrid or reproduction experiments’ occur? I discuss how birthmarks play a role for reincarnation in another article and wonder if the abductees have birthmarks or any reincarnation memories.


  • In some credible abduction scenarios the victims claim enhanced and rapid healing shortly after the abduction where it concerns bone fractures or flesh wounds. The healing is something short of amazing and similar to star trek or science fiction technology. It is speculated that pulsed electromagnetic microwave frequencies are due to this and there is small scale representation being used in the field for healing and medical practices. A PEMF, short for pulsed electromagnetic microwave frequencies is a device claimed to be able to heal on a similar process as seen by abductees. Read more about that technology here.
  • In one particular case a Dr. and his son had been abducted over a series of years. After abductions they noticed a geometrical shaped pattern on their abdomens that looked like a red rash. 18 years later, on the anniversary of their abduction the mark strangely reappeared! Why would this happen? Maybe an implant activating and affecting the surrounding area?


  • Some have claimed enhanced mental abilities after abduction similar to what most might perceive as psychic abilities but I wouldn’t suggest this as a reason to go looking to get abducted.


  • I’ve read some research and theories into how aliens telepathically communicate with us and that there seems to be cases where abductees or would be abductees are sent suicidal, bizarre, and threatening messages telepathically. While it’s a longshot to try and analyze whether or not the individual is schizo or actually receiving harassing correspondence from aliens in some cases, it is worthwhile to mention that in many reported cases, the messages seem to be most clear in the presence of white noise or amplified TV or radio static. Could white noise potentially be used for other paranormal applications?


  • There seems to be a correlation of thunderstorms and UFO sightings also. While some of this can be attributed to the phenomenon known as ball lightning there are many other cases that don’t fit the characteristics and I have personally had at least two sightings of a UFO in close proximity to a thunderstorm. I wonder why this is the case and perhaps some energy is gained from the storm itself. I don’t really know. However, there is an opposite theory claiming a lightning storm is what brought down the Roswell UFO. I see less evidence for the latter theory.
    Some cases:


  • One theory is that aliens are assimilating into our society. Abductees talking about being told of natural disasters that will occur. Maybe this is what the greys expect us to believe due to our history concerning natural disasters and the media portrayal of it. Maybe this is a deceit used against us. It is worth questioning whether or not the growing numbers in sightings are due to a conditioning process for some future peak event in which aliens finally integrate into society or become completely recognized. Will a natural disaster be created or allowed to the benefit of making them look like our savior?



Have you been abducted?


  • If you’ve had a sighting then there is a good chance you have been abducted or will be. In most cases there appears to be no random sighting in isolated incidents and abductions usually begin with close encounter, isolated sightings of UFO’s before the abduction process ever takes place.
  • If you have unaccounted for blackouts or other memory gaps in time, that might be a symptom of abduction as well. Try to notice the patterns of time, place and such.
  • Rose Hargrove proposed a mental condition known as PAS or Post Abduction Syndrome. This proposal of a new and emerging syndrome will attempt to define the cluster of symptoms and behaviors that develop in some individuals in response to the alien abduction phenomenon. Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS) (Westrum, 1986) is an anxiety disorder that is closely related to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (APA, 1994). It is characterized by the re-experiencing- of abduction related memories, fragments, or distortions of those memories and is accompanied by symptoms of increased anxiety and by avoidance of stimuli related to abduction memories or abduction related events. The affected person may experience levels of anxiety that interfere with functioning in personal, occupational, or social areas.”

For a list of more potential symptoms and information see Post Abduction Syndrome.


Some more highly interesting information about the greys:


In this documentary which is full of amazing information and research on the greys, Dr. Jacobs, a renowned UFO and abduction researcher discusses one case in particular where a woman talks about flying with angels until she realizes, to her surprise, that what she perceived as an angel is a short, skinny perfect description for a grey alien. The reason I share this is because of a personal experience I had some 8 months ago. I was going to bed, was halfway between sleep and being awake, that period of transition between both realms when I heard a voice say to me “do you want to see an angel?” I didn’t say no and naturally I thought to myself curiously, what the hell? I then felt what one would describe as my consciousness being pulled from my body upward. It was a strange sensation and quite vivid to me, although nothing terrifying, until the thought occurred to me during this sensation that I was experiencing similar patterns of some UFO abductees. I panicked and thought to myself and heard myself speak aloud the words “F*CK NO!” apparently making the decision to cut off a sensation or experience I had apparently allowed to begin or happen. I then woke up right out of whatever was happening completely awake and freaked out. The reason I mention this personal experience is that I believe to a large extent the power of will somehow plays a role in possible abductions or paranormal phenomena, as well as exorcism’s and I will write about that later. In accounts of abduction there are quite a few cases that discuss how during a UFO sighting, aliens will people to pull over or that the victims felt the urge to do so.



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