Global Cover Up – Aliens Mutilating Humans


You probably have all heard time and time again of cattle mutilations and know the story and signs well. But what about human mutilations? Yeah you read that right and there are existing cases, a few now made into a documentary about human mutilations and the cover up to keep them from the public’s knowledge.


The original documentary, which I highly suggest viewing for full details can be found here.


This little viewed documentary about human mutilations discusses the case, that, not only are cattle mutilated in alien experimentation, for whatever reason involved, but human mutilation occurs and has been for years since before we can record. The government keeps a tight tab on these cases and has a special department, originally created by President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, combined with NATO to handle these cases. They are on sight immediately in regards to UFO crashes, like most stories we hear about, and in the documentary it discusses how NATO and this black ops branch that shows up all around the world to handle these incidents, somehow knows beforehand that there will be an incident or crash. If a downed UFO was found to have human body parts in it, wouldn’t that create a big problem for most people? Wouldn’t people really push for disclosure even more and make quite a racket as compared to before? I think a resounding YES is a simple enough answer and in my mind, this is one reason that it is imperative we do not have access to or know about human mutilations in any case, form or manner. Until Now.


In discussing the cases covered by the documentary I would like to establish guidelines by what are considered cattle mutilations to compare for the human cases. For those who don’t know what cattle mutilations are, patterns of cattle mutilations usually consist of:

Missing internal organs, carved out anus, missing appendages, lips, ears, eyes, genitals, no blood present at the scene, incision marks as accurate or more accurate than surgical procedures we use in modern medicine today, broken bones and no way to account for such trauma.


Now, the first case:


The first case of human mutilation discussed that fits the patterns and signs of cattle mutilation is in Brazil and occurred in 1988. A report was received along with photographs, which can be seen in the documentary of a man who has his jaw strip and tongue removed, has precision holes in his stomach and arm, has his anus quite literally carved out, has internal organs removed with no wound that would correspond to such a procedure, except for a small hole in his abdomen. How is it possible to remove internal organs through a small hole in the abdomen only an inch or so in diameter? Muscle in the bicep and thigh was also removed through small holes with no blood to be found. There are burn marks around the holes in the body that correspond to, only one can imagine.


Second Case: (Most have probably read about this case but there are important details that fit cattle mutilation)


The second case is the Dyatlov Pass incident, where 9 Russian hikers went missing deep in the mountains of Siberia and were found separated from each other, in a line in the subfreezing, -40 temperatures, almost as if they were placed there. The placement of the bodies was odd, but also odd was that the one of the female hikers had a strip of flesh on her lower jaw completely removed along with her lower lip, exposing her teeth, as well as the eyes being missing. The official report of the case says how the authorities were also confused about the internal injuries of the hikers, which showed multiple bone fractures. Were they dropped to the ground from a height? The injuries sustained internally would support the theory. The hikers were actually found half a mile from their camp also, which is a rather bewildering factoid. Now, before moving to the next case I feel it important to reference another documentary called Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives that was originally aired on the Discovery channel. In this documentary it discusses evidence to support the fact that Yeti or some humanoid creature was responsible for the hiker’s unfortunate events. There is even a photograph one of the hikers took during their last days, of something humanoid resembling bigfoot in the distant tree line that had been thought to have been watching or following them during their days hiking in the area.

russian yeti

There is more and more considerable evidence supporting bigfoot activity and UFO activity in the same regions and times that they occur and there seems to be some unknown link or correspondence between sightings of bigfoot and UFO’s. In one case I remember someone actually claimed to have witnessed a bigfoot acting as a laborer or slave of sorts for a landed craft and its alien occupants. So perhaps this isn’t just YETI or alien activity but both due to the recently discovered correlation between the sightings of each. This theory seems to support an alien mutilation case.

Here is a short clip about that documentary:

You can watch the full documentary regarding the YETI – Dyatlov Pass incident for 2 bucks on Youtube:


During an emotional description of this next case in the documentary, it discusses a case where the special military team was dealing with a scene where there was a girl and a boy who had missing teeth, lips, eyes, cored out genitals, bloodless remains and eerie but recognizable patterns seen in cattle mutilations once again. At this point it is apparent that either the same operations are being performed or likely, by the same species of alien. The boy had his top layer of skin peeled off as well and the boy and girl at the scene were completely hairless, including their heads. The girl had her breasts surgically removed and is referenced to as bald as a newborn child. This case mirrors another human mutilation case in Dolby Forest also discussed in the documentary but what is important to mention for this case is the informant who took his ride along knew the ages of the individual victims, even though there was zero identification on the scene to use in referencing the individuals or their age. This makes me wonder to what extent do they know what is really going on? This secret government organization, by description of the above, would appear to have details previously furnished about human mutilation, almost giving the impression that there is a communication between this organization and the aliens involved, or perhaps, cooperation with this particular species of alien.


During the documentary, the military informant has said to have witnessed anywhere from 30 to 40 firsthand accounts of human mutilation in the countries of Ireland, Scotland, U.K., Scotland, Germany, Alaska, Australia, Yugoslavia, and Russia, and due to his personal upset, came out to talk about what he knew, was involved in, and its implications. The black ops organization that was run by NATO was controlled entirely by, you guessed it, the U.S. and the military informant even said that the Russian government knew what was going on, so who’s to say other governments don’t know as well? He continues discussing how all the cases fit the profile and characteristics of cattle mutilation with bloodless incisions and remains and that the black ops military teams that clean up these messes of human mutilation are called “the collectors”, and don’t give details or any information to the civilian authorities. From there the humans, if identified are placed on a missing person’s registry and left there indefinitely. In an anonymous interview obtained with the informant later on, the man talks about one particular crash where his team was guarding a site of a downed UFO and says:

“He witnessed all kinds of things in and around the craft and said that he witnessed an ET on more than one occasion and that, it’s nothing like you would see on films with big eyes and smiley faces… it looked like a devil… they would rip you apart”.

He goes on to say that he did get a view inside of the UFO and implied that there was human body parts in there. Our informant had been experiencing a series of different health ailments it seemed and when questioned, he says that the personnel on the team experienced different things and symptoms such as tumors, skin rashes and cancers all attributable to radiation exposure interestingly enough. Something else worth noting is that the informant says the aliens, from his perspective are not friendly and “this kind of activity has been going on since before we were here”. Does this belief lend support to the ancient astronaut theory? Maybe, but it definitely gets one thinking.


The documentary discusses how there are supposedly 8 specific weapons based on some kind of laser system throughout the world that can and have brought down UFO’s before by somehow interfering with their propulsion systems. Teams were sent out in advance of this weapon firing in an area of UFO activity. The informant also talks about how the largest human mutilation site that he was aware of was in Australia where there were 24 mutilated humans that all fit the cattle mutilation characteristics, but in some cases, the humans were also missing brains. He goes on to say that bodies have included children and that the aliens somehow know where to choose people from that won’t be missed and tend to usually prefer more remote locations.



Bill Cooper at the MUFON conference of 1989 said:

“There were many more saucer crashes and downed craft than what you have realized. There were many more alien bodies recovered and there were many more alive aliens recovered than what you are aware of…There are two crashes that are so important that the government will go to any lengths to prevent you from finding out and those are two crashes which occurred near the city of Aztec, New Mexico. Why? Because both of those crashed craft contained human body parts”.



My last case in discussing human mutilation doesn’t show all the signs like the previously discussed cases but there are patterns that have emerged to support the view and cases of UFO’s just dropping their abductees. This particular case I am talking about is the case of Zigmund Adamski, one particularly interesting case among a sea of data, opinions and unfortunately, some garbage and disinformation. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

“Alan Godfrey was one of the two officers to inspect the body of the deceased Zigmund Adamski. Adamski’s body was found lying on a heap of coal in Tomlin’s coal yard in the town of Todmorden at 15:45 on Wednesday 11 June 1980. Godfrey’s inspection revealed that the body had been crudely dressed: he was wearing an overcoat and a vest, but no shirt. His jacket was fastened unevenly, the fly of his trousers was unzipped, and his shoes were not tied properly. Godfrey thought that the shoes seemed as though they had been placed on Adamski’s feet by someone else.[3] The forensic inspection of the body revealed that he had died of a heart attack, and had been dead for at least 8 hours before the police arrived.[3] There were other unusual circumstances as well: Though Adamski was found at the top of a pile of coal, no scuffs or traces of coal dust were found on his clothing or skin, nor were there any signs on the coal itself to suggest that he had climbed to the top of the pile. Furthermore, strange burn marks were found around the back of his head, and another on the back of his neck that was covered in an unknown gel-like substance. Neither the burn marks nor the substance were ever identified. It was concluded that Adamski had been missing for six days prior to the discovery of his body”.


Personal thoughts: In covering up human mutilation cases it is vital that we don’t find any kind of evidence of them. Is it vital because it might prove a point that our government has been working alongside ET’s in experimental purposes?


Where are the bodies taken and stored? A secret government compound or establishment somewhere? What are done with the collected remains?


ET’s, or this specific species as suggested to be reptilian, don’t seem terribly concerned about leaving evidence of their experimentation or presence from such cases. One might ask why? They don’t seem to care about whether or not we know, but our government seems to care a lot about that.


Can we theorize or postulate about the patterns that appear, correlating cattle and human mutilation cases? Whatever experimentation that is being done has the same characteristics and the same body parts involved. What is it that might be of importance in regards to the lips, eyes, internal organs and such? From our medical practices it is hard to say what these procedures or body parts might play in any kind of experimentation, but there is a pattern. Maybe it’s like the predator film and these parts aren’t for experimentation, but for trophies?


The informant mentions how he goes out on cleanup or collection missions around 4 times every 6 months. Is there a reason for this and does the timing have to do with the ability to predict UFO crashes or landings? Is there a scheduled route or abduction plan that can be mapped geographically and on some kind of time frame?


The informant seemed to think that anything connected to the nervous system is what would be taken from these abduction, mutilation cases. Why?


What does the nervous system have to do with anything relevant? That is one I’ll have to really think about.


The crafts mentioned are not the usual UFO or saucer type. They are triangular or square and maybe this is species related. Are these aliens greys or something else and can aliens be identified by the type of craft operated?


This is an extremely interesting part of the inundated UFO / Alien scene but one that needs more recognition and one that seems original and authentic to me.

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