Life Extension – Why Biblical Figures Lived 100’s of Years


Did figures as mentioned in the bible actually live for hundreds of years or was the reference to their age talking about something else? While I’m not one to prove or disprove the truth, I am one to speculate and postulate. Could it have been that the time span of a year for the era was different than our 365 day journey around the sun? Was something different about earth or were the humans that lived in those days just a more perfect version of the species we use to represent ourselves? There are a multitude of theories in regards to this and some rather interesting information about the subject.


“And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died” Genesis 5:5

“And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years; and he died.” Genesis 5:27


Allum, the first Sumerian king ruled for 28,800 years. Those who follow or believe the ancient astronaut theory might find this a good place to discuss extraterrestrial lifespans of the hybrid species. I remember reading in a book once about a specific element or molecule called carbon 45 that was theorized to be the reason that the ancients lived longer and remember that it was discussed, how it is non-existent at this time on earth but was attributed to many things in that time and was a natural part of the atmosphere, until something destroyed its presence. Maybe less exposure of harsh UV rays contributed to longer lifespans as well but it is quite difficult to say for sure as we really don’t have a whole lot of data to use.


One theory is that animals with a slow metabolism seem to live longer such as turtles and tortoises. Some tortoises have actually lived up to 200 years old believe it or not, and no one seems to have solid evidence for why tortoises and turtles live so long. One belief is that they grow really slowly which keeps them from aging the same way mammals do. Tortoises can survive long periods of time without food or water due to their slow metabolism and another semi-interesting theory is that they live stress free lives, which contribute to longevity along with a strict vegetarian diet. It has been shown before that metabolism slows significantly during meditative trances, and in ones attempt to shut down the metabolism completely by literally not eating, the thyroid seems to be responsible for regulating the body’s ability to alter the metabolism, dictating how long one can survive with only water. I doubt the people then had stress free lives but, perhaps, slow metabolism played a part and maybe study into regulating the thyroid could provide some interesting results.


More studies have been done showing that a reduced caloric intake of food from 30 to 70 percent produced consistent results of extending the lifespan of different animals up to 40% so one is likely to ask what role does diet play in extending my lifespan. As most would agree, a big one. There are accounted cases where some hunger strikers have seen 40 days without any food, twice the 21 day mark where one is said to starve to death! Most however, who do starve to death when not consuming food, seem to do so from organ failure. This makes one wonder, can one keep the organs running without food and for how long? Frankenfood perhaps? Is there something beyond supplements that can be used in aiding the body so that its organs don’t shut down? What might have contributed to a slower metabolism for the people of the time as discussed in scripture reference if food or metabolism played a part?


There was a study that shows the hormone secreted by the pituitary gland also has a pronounced role to play where it involves the aging process as well. As we get older, the hormone is produced less and less, leading to aging. Apparently it is possible to supplement it though, as a synthetic duplicate was given in the form of injections to men over 60, showing a dramatic reversal of signs in aging such as, increased muscle mass, reduced fat, and thicker skin. Shortly after the injections were brought to a halt, the aging signs returned and the positive benefits of the study vanished.


Many believe that free radicals contribute to the aging process as well, by randomly attacking and destroying cells in the human body. Different antioxidants such as Acai berry are used to control and keep free radicals at bay and do have a very large list of beneficial results. Furthermore, a study has been performed where worms were given a synthetic enzyme, protecting the cells from free radicals, and in turn, extending the average life span of the worms by 44 percent! Was there a food available to the ancients that played a drastic role in protecting their cells from free radicals? There is information available that goes into detail discussing the Annunaki’s “bread” or “elixir” of life that originally was the reason they were capable of curing disease and living so long.


One particularly interesting account of life extension is the case of a man in India who claims to have survived on liquids and sunlight for 8 years and has been invited by NASA to show to them how he has survived. The Hindustan Times reported that in 1995 he went on a pilgrimage to the Himalayas and stopped eating after his return. It is mentioned how he looks at the sun for an hour a day and occasionally has coffee or tea. According to the article, NASA verified that he had lived 130 days surviving only on water! His sun gazing or “breatharianism” as it is sometimes called is a belief that one can receive the energy and sustenance, so called “prana”, the vital life force in Hinduism, by looking directly at the sun for a specified period of time. This man also believes that the larger 95% of the brain cells that aren’t used regularly can be directly activated with the proper use of solar energy.


Now, in assumption that the dates are correct, there has also been material discussing that the sexigesimal system of base 60, which the Sumerians invented, might have originally been mistranslated, giving an extraordinary life span to someone that lived an ordinary amount of years. While this is a possibility to the perceived long life span, another theory seems to be good at discrediting such misinterpretations. In discussing such, we need to reference a perceived pattern to begin our idea. Adam lived 930 years, his son Seth lived to 912, Lamech, his son lived to 777 years and further down the line, Shem lived 600 years. It might seem that each person lives less long as the generation moves further into existence. Genetic Entropy might be able to help us understand this pattern and is described as, our genetics getting weaker and weaker over long periods of time, in a nutshell. Perhaps the human species as a whole had a longer shelf life due to the nature of genetic entropy, and in those times, were a newer, less used and copied version of the human kind.

Watch these interesting videos to learn about genetic entropy:


Exponential decay seems to backup such a drop in our perceived age today from what it used to be. According to this graph and the numbers calculated for the time, from then to now, our decline in age seems almost natural.

graph exponential decay



A different perspective to analyze is that the climate and atmosphere had taken a dramatic shift after the flood, which might lead one to question whether the flood was a polar shift of sorts, or a cyclical process that occurs throughout a period of time, in which, we haven’t been able to properly record with written history, due to the nature of such catastrophe and, due to a lack of historical records for such an extensive geological timeline. It is mentioned however, by some, that even the first century historian Josephus believed that man lived longer before the great deluge due to such environmental factors, as well as the fact that the food after the flood somehow was not nearly as good or nourishing as pre-flood food.


It also exists, that the earth had a different magnetic field and there are cases where different living animals have been put into a chamber of sorts, designed to replicate what the magnetosphere used to be during the days of the ancients. The results claim to have taken fruit flies with the normal life span of a week, and be able to extend it to 60 days with them growing twice as large in size!

According to some scientific study and evolutionary data, we can extend our species to live longer by altering our genetics by reproducing at later ages in life. Case in point:



Though immensely interesting, the question remains and as we inch to conclusions about the topic, we sometimes find more questions than answers. Maybe the digital revolution will help us by allowing us to clone organs from stem cells. Maybe limbs will be more easily replaced with cybernetic prosthetics or maybe we have been purposefully and genetically structured to live only so long so that we don’t pose a growing threat to the management, so that we don’t get unruly in our lifespans by learning mysteries we shouldn’t have access to. What if the original longer living species were in an alpha testing phase and we are the final release, the retail worthy product, all part of an experimental genetics project? Perhaps a combination of the above mentioned theories put to practice can shed more light, or perhaps it won’t.


You Decide.

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