The True Story of HAARP, Aliens, Ancient Writings & Dan Eden’s Discovery


This is the true story of Dan Eden (Gary Vey), given in a shortened version for quicker viewing. The story begins with a writer for who goes through a series of real life documented adventures around the world that have astounding, amazing and all too real life changing implications in regards to powerful forces unseen on the planet that many don’t know exist. If you haven’t read this story I found it years ago and it is definitely one to be added to that mysterious lot in your collection.


Disclaimer: This is a shortened version of the story by about 1/10th. You can find the original 142 page story including pictures of the sites and petroglyphs here. I have left a significant amount of personal / romantic material out from the original text to focus on the most important aspects.


Let us begin:

Due to a moral dilemma of sorts Dan felt it necessary to give this information to us, as we all have need of knowing it and have need of becoming aware of what is really going on behind the curtain of deceit. His experience writing on fringe and paranormal related subjects goes back years and he is well versed on the field of interesting subject material. One evening Dan got a mysterious phone call in his office where he works for that was faint and riddled with static. The caller, who seemed fearful while speaking was from Alaska and mentioned how he had something important and terrible that Dan needed to write about then abruptly hung up the phone. Dan needed to see it for himself in order to believe it and traveled to Alaska, paid for by the caller, after receiving an envelope in the mail from the caller.


Within the envelope that was sent via FedEx was a note that said “read when you are alone”. After turning through some technical papers included in the envelope, he found a small pin on button that said on it, “Khalua is sweet” and had with it, a note that read “wear the pin if we are safe”.


On the flight to Alaska he met a woman who was the wife of a man in the navy and was also on her way to Alaska. Dan read information about a Dr. Eastlund in the material he had been given, which had scientific and technical information about electromagnetism and its effects in the atmosphere and its transmission abilities. He read about Eastlund’s abilities to heat the upper atmosphere. Dan goes on to discuss HAARP and how the real facility is actually different and located elsewhere than the one many currently know of and commonly think of. He then goes on to discuss information from Dr. Eastlund that discusses a patent which allows for a signal using the mentioned heated atmosphere to send another signal to different locations on the planet. He talks about how this technology could turn natural gas reserves into electrical energy and then be bounced off the ionosphere to different areas on the planet. He says “Also, because Eastlund’s “heaters” could elevate the earth’s ionosphere, his discovery provided the ability to control weather! Jet streams could be altered, tornadoes could be zapped and rain could be made – anywhere and anytime – right here and right now”.


However, the military had purchased the patents for other intents and given them to Raytheon which is a military contractor.


Upon landing in Alaska he was met and greeted by two men, apparently awaiting his arrival who were named Dave and Jonas. A woman named Nicki was acquainted with Dan and was the sister of Jonas. Dave goes on to discuss with Dan that everything he is to be shown is secret and classified, and that by Dave telling Dan, Dave was committing a serious crime. Dave and Jonas had recently been discharged from the Navy and asked Dan if he had ever heard of anything called HAARP. The next day they discussed their parts in working at a facility known as the poker flats and eventually drove to a town called Fox where they jumped onto snowmobiles, going east along the Chatinaka river. After they traveled a long distance they came across signs that said the area was a restricted zone. From there they went on foot, and after reaching the top of a ridge, Dan describes what is rows and rows of poles, antennae’s and silver sheds.


After looking at the rows of antennae through binoculars it is mentioned how impressive it really was and that it was at least a square mile, and the antennae amount being in the thousands. Dave goes on to tell Dan that this is called a phased array where a signal can be sent out and focused into a narrow beam that could emit literally billions of watts of power all focused into a single narrow beam. Afterward, they rode back into town.


Dr. Eastlund’s discovery, it was discussed upon returning, was taken by the military and utilized to be capable of being used as a death ray of sorts. A literal electromagnetic ray where you can bounce billions of watts of energy to any point on the planet! It is claimed that other countries have the technology but can’t successfully use it because they don’t have the data and computers necessary to calculate angles in conjunction with earth’s axis, tilt and such. Well they didn’t then perhaps… One would question, do they have the ability to use it now? Scary thought.


It is important to mention at this point that the facility that we all know of as HAARP, is located in Gakona, not the same facility visited by Dan Eden. The Gakona facility is open to the public but many don’t know about the poker flats’ facility and it is truly the secret facility with the real firepower. The more commonly known HAARP location is a decoy for the public, not the real weapon and threat.


From here they meet again at the bar and Dave brings his wife who is, ironically, the woman that Dan met on the flight and was on the flight to make sure that Dan was really coming alone. Afterward they went back to the apartment for the night. The next day in Fairbanks, Dave brought some documentation and maps to be discussed. Dan took an oath to not talk about the details of the people he spoke with and where he got the information, so we assume the names given are aliases. Dave claimed to have worked in the command center of the “heater” at the facility and was a witness, along with Jonas, to seeing the power at the facility being put to the max setting, going from thousands to billions of watts.


After showing a graph to Dan they described how the operators of the facility pushed the power to max just to see what would happen, and what happened was that, a literal hole in the ionosphere was created, blowing a chunk of earth’s atmosphere into space. They mentioned a second time this happened and how the holes allowed unguarded UV light and radiation into the earth’s inner atmosphere. For those of you who don’t know, UV radiation is very deadly and will kill you if exposed to high level of it. The Ionosphere naturally blocks out most of the UV radiation that would otherwise reach the surface of the earth. The second time around, the hole blown into the atmosphere was thousands of miles wide and actually killed some native Eskimos along with whole herds of antelopes there in Alaska. The holes apparently then moved west into Siberia making many sick from the unprotected radiation that bled onto the planet, accounting for stillbirths, cancers and mutations. The worst part was that a future test was in the plans.


Dave goes on to discuss that he really doesn’t work for the Navy but that the “heater” is actually run by the Office of Naval Research and how they are the “brains” of the military. Originally this technology is discussed as to have been used for communications for submerged submarines and then Dave tells Dan something sinister. He discusses how those technical papers that Dan had received were more information on how this technology could be used in other, less friendly forms. It could be used for the equivalent of a nuclear scale explosion but without radiation at all! It could also be used in taking down and detecting nuclear missiles.


Eastlund’s original research seems to bring up possibilities according to the text such as:

“…It is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world’s communications are disrupted.

Put in another way, what is used to disrupt another’s communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communication network at the same time…”

“…large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction.”


A mysterious man comes into the bar while they are there and approaches Dan. He is a friend of Dave and Jonas and offered to show Dan the site from a different perspective when he has the time. The next day Dan went with a woman named Marie who was known by Dave and Jonas to visit some of the native Eskimos. On the way Dan was told they were going to visit some who had been directly affected by “the heater”. According to one of the Eskimos they spoke with, this woman’s husband and son had been sledding with their dogs when the “sky burned them” and were found dead with their animals around 50 miles north of where they are currently speaking from. The next Eskimos they visited were described as living victims. Dan describes a baby with a deformed face with a hole in the face where a nose should have been and a cleft palate. A second baby was then brought to show to them and hand been born blind with a deformed hand. This is claimed to have happened when the women were pregnant during the facilities experiment.


After Dan had left and gone back to his office he published at least part of his story. Not long afterward he was approached by NSA officials who drove him to an old base to ask him questions. They asked him if he had written an article on the Alaskan “Death Ray” and said that whoever gave him his information had violated a national security oath that they had taken. After playing good cop bad cop in short, they were more interested in his source of information than what Dan had learned. Dan didn’t give them anything and finally after anonymously contacting Dave and Jonas, he found that Nicki was dead.


According to Dan, the official report was suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning but the irony might lead one to think otherwise and the details of the report, were at best, suspicious as according to what was known about Nicki. It didn’t add up. Dan was visited again by officials about his supposedly anonymous phone call to Dave and was threatened not to publish anything, and was further questioned about Dave and Jonas. He was given a phone number to call, which he did, and was greeted by a female voice under the name Kathy who seemed to be a NSA therapist of sorts, never actually talking or asking about Dave or Jonas, but only interested in Dan’s personal life oddly enough. She called two or three times a week with small talk, likely to keep tabs on Dan for the NSA.


After some time she offered Dan a lifestyle he took as a webmaster for a non-profit company which paid good money. Due to the climbing nature of his job Dan eventually had to be screened by the NSA, which was regular for employees at his job and eventually, he took a national security oath. If this doesn’t scream we’re slowly owning you, I don’t know what does. Dan’s dream life, likely offered as a “please don’t tell” gift, had grown old and boring over time.


From here Dan received an email from a reader in Serbia who claimed that a strange phenomenon was occurring in the skies there. He reported that just prior to an air attack, the sky seemed to fill up with black clouds reportedly from nowhere. From the clouds came hail the size of eggs. Mentioned, is thunder that was louder than usual, mirroring explosions and weird lighting in the sky above.


According to the Dan, scientists released information claiming that the electromagnetic field over Serbia had actually been punctured somehow, the puncture being close to the size of Serbia itself! From here more and more strange and similar reports were made then Dan got another phone call from a professor stationed at BYU of mid-eastern languages asking about an article to do with some odd petroglyphs next to LaJunta Colorado.


Described as isolated canyons south of LaJunta are the petroglyphs brought to Dan’s attention by a resident named Bill Mcglone, a retired engineer. The petroglyphs seemed to show humanoid figures with feathers on their heads and Bill noticed that 22 petroglyphs were repeated over and over in various manner. He believed they were phonetic and were an ancient alphabet. Bill also noticed a specific petroglyph that was similar to a Celtic language. From here we don’t hear anything further from Bill.


Dan then receives a call from Dr. Jim Harris of BYU who recognized the symbols from their similarities to a collapsed turquoise mine in southern Israel that was operated by a pharaoh of Egypt up to 3500 years ago. He found the number 22 highly significant, as the proto-canaanite language, which eventually evolved into Arabic and Hebrew, also consisted of 22 phonetic symbols. Part of the glyph’s had a section that showed a ship, with sails and such as well. The section in question, according to Dan and Dr. Harris, is translated giving potential and significant reference to a people of ancient Sinai and people of Central America. Shortly afterward Dr. Harris was diagnosed with cancer and stopped responding to Dan’s correspondence.


Due to Dan’s inability to continue to translate the glyphs he was given the idea to code a program to translate them into English, which he spent the next three months doing. He then started to pair glyphs with translations as did Dr. Harris. Dan made a friend named Jason next, an ex-Navy seal and attempted to view the glyphs in Colorado after being given a map by Dr. Harris. The owner of the land they were on refused them access, and after some strings were pulled by the illusive Kathy, Dan gained access to the area where the glyphs were located.


While translating the glyphs Dan noticed and unusual reference to “burning sky” and the glyphs discuss a perilous journey from the land of Canaan to this very spot where the petroglyphs were located. After the travelers were settled they wrote about a prophecy and referenced the area as a safe zone where people should look for shelter “under the earth”. There was said to be references of half breeds or the white sect as well in the symbols.


Lee, who joined them, soon thereafter showed up discussing making a documentary about the glyphs. It is discussed how there were weird installations in the area seen as silver windowless buildings, one with a satellite dish next to it. During a frustrating relationship with the parole officer / babysitter Kathy, Dan got an email from a southern Australian man claiming to know the whereabouts of similar petroglyphs. According to Australian tradition the glyphs were supposed to have been over 8000 years old. The man was John McGovern or is referred to as such. John sent Dan photos and a picture of a map of different points on the planet, 3 being in North America and one being in Australia. After a consent to not publish this information from Dan, John continued his flow of information to Dan. Pages from the book “Keys of Enoch” by J.J. Hurtak were sent to Dan over the next while, claiming to have knowledge concerning the future of earth and its people. John claimed to be certain that these locations, that had the strange glyphs, were somehow connected to the Keys of Enoch book.


One Saturday Dan was talking to his friend Lee and the call disconnected, in which, Dan heard “I think we’ve lost him…yes he’s gone”. Eavesdropping by the NSA? Likely. At infrequent times after this Dan seemed to have trouble with his phone connection and one evening checked the phone wires only to find a separate set of wires connected to his landline that ran to a black transmitter which, in anger, he ripped out of its mount. He took it to the police station where at first they didn’t believe him until he showed it to them, then they, instantly more somberly said, they would look into it and get back with him.


The next morning an FBI agent showed up at his front door saying he was going to be inspecting the phone line with a Bell Atlantic agent by his side. A white van pulled during their stay and the men connected a line directly from the power pole back to his phone, saying it was a clean, direct, new phone line, claiming it was safe for sure. Interestingly enough Dan found he had received an internet speed upgrade as well.


After a short while Dan had received more pictures from John that were said to have been from Yemen and from a town named Mareb, taken by the University of Calgary. After starting excavations at the palace for the queen of Sheba the university discovered more ruins covered with untranslatable script, of which, Dan recognized the symbols as the same, compared to the previous glyphs he had translated. After Dan had deciphered some symbols with the use of his program he began to notice a pattern similar to a poem talking about a father, a son, and a beautiful spirit. It read as follows:

“And when the happiness of the Son was poisoned by the news that his father passing on, the anger lifted when the son was told the location of the father’s great box of EL…

And his gloom lifted. The son constructed a chamber for the beautiful Lord’s spirit and covered it up. He accompanied the chamber of the lord underneath to pray and to gain understanding and to protect…”


Dan sent translations to John who then sent another image of a large brass plate covered with symbols of the alphabet found inside the temple of Sheba in Yemen, and seemed to be a continuation of the earlier poem and script. It says:


“… The son increased his knowledge of the future and the son shook and trembled from the knowledge of the unknown…

So the proud mothers love for her only son made her to fortify the chamber of the box in case the earth might tremble…”


Dan received another image from John of a large stone block on display in Yemen with the same symbols on it. Dan soon meets a man who he refers to as stickman because he sells walking sticks. Stickman introduces Dan to a woman named Sky and Dan decodes more of the symbols on the block from Yemen, finally receiving his first phone call from John in Australia who discusses the story of Solomon, Sheba and Menelik along with the story of the Ark of the Covenant. It is believed that Sheba was married to King Solomon and returned to Yemen where she gave birth to Menelik, their son. Menelik was told where Solomon had hidden the Ark of the Covenant, had retrieved it and then kept it located in Yemen. Sheba afterward abandoned her temple and land.


Sometime afterward, Dan receives an email inviting him to write a Summary for the Yemen Times along with being invited to the site of Sheba’s Palace itself. Another invitation from the author of the book Keys of Enoch was sent to Dan to meet and talk also.


Dan and Sky travel to Yemen together since Dan would rather not travel alone and from here Kathy seems to fade away completely. Before traveling to Yemen, Dan and Sky meet with Dr. Hurtak in New York at a restaurant where men in suits seemed to be guarding the doors, and with the exception of Dan, Sky, Dr. Hurtak and his wife, the restaurant was entirely empty. The Secretary General enters the restaurant and joins them. A video presentation takes place on a large video screen and the video being shown, showed an underwater city off the coast of Japan then switched to Egypt where Dr. Hurtak was seen crawling through a tunnel into a large complex of rooms.


After the film, a feast of sorts was professionally prepared on a 30 foot table, as if for royalty. Dr. Hurtak had chosen people to validate Dan’s finds and work, and grabbed a tape recorder asking Dan to speak into it as they discuss his findings and translations. Afterward, Hurtak asked to speak with Dan alone, in which, Hurtak showed Dan photos of what appeared to be glowing orbs, one showing Hurtak standing on top of a translucent structure that glowed blue, which was the tomb of Osiris. The next photos were of Hurtak surrounded by, what appeared to be children. Upon closer examination, they were not actually children Dan describes and in detailing them, their features were obscured and they glowed the same blue as the tomb of Osiris in the previous photo. Dan recognized the beings as similar to greys represented in the book “Communion” but not grey or menacing like the ones we know of, but glowing blue strangely enough.


Dan afterward had received information from John about what are referred to as the fire letters, claiming to be translated before the next “great age”, a time that would be known by a great disaster or catastrophe. Dan then readies to travel to Yemen, gives up his old life, and finds an interest in Sky which isn’t immediately returned.


After arriving in Yemen, Dan and sky meet the tour manager, Khalid and his brother and translator, Nasser. After meeting with the Yemen Times’ owner and editor Dan handed over the translations he had made and the owner seemed worried about anyone else having known the translation if the ark of the covenant were truly in Yemen. Dan seems to incite some issues with local authorities due to the nature of his work and, in a fit of rage, is unfortunately denied access to the palace of Sheba. From there Dan and Sky travel to what is referred to as the empty quarter in Yemen, where they witness some very strange phenomena including seeing a circular cloud about 300 feet off the ground, 100 feet in diameter, casting a shadow onto the sand. As they approached it, they describe it shrink into a small flash of light and just disappear entirely.


After arriving at the next location, the ruins of Ishtar, they setup camp. Sky seemed upset and tells Dan that she had received a message from a woman but had to wait for the details. During the night they all witnessed a light in the sky move from side to side and then up and down, uncharacteristic of any airplane or satellite. Sky claimed to be able to “talk to them” after experiencing a burst of light in her head which made her fall quite literally into the sand. Shortly after, the burst the light in the sky flashed brightly of colors red, white and blue, and seemed to be initiating a conversation of sorts. Sky would ask a question in a low voice and seem to get a response in flashes from the light in the sky. Walking back to camp, sky said slightly louder, that in order to keep talking the wind must be stopped and then, suddenly it died in disbelief.


After the journey to the temple of Ishtar they went to a small town named Sif. In the hotel sometime after midnight the power had died and Dan found Sky on the roof and noticed three similar bright lights in the distance that they saw in Ishtar, described as being a few hundred feet overhead. Sky then claims she had been communicating with them with yes or no questions and they would reply in a horizontal or vertical movement for the answer. Upon discussing the events, clouds seemed to be of significance to the Bedouins, as it is believed that clouds followed Mohammed wherever he went.

Dan had soon received a fax from John describing a stone found in a grave that was thousands of year’s old and wanted translation of the symbols on it. Somehow and mysteriously Sky asked to look at it and gave its translation right there on the spot. Dan later validated it, after plugging it into his translation program. Next, close to 3 in the morning that same evening, Sky woke Dan up and had him come outside to show him those all too strange lights, except this time there were 18 of them! Dan tried to reason logically that they were just lights in the distance from something explainable and tried to push them out of his head.


Later in the story, after photographing some more symbols from ruins, they made their way ending up in the city of Rada. After decoding more symbols and script Dan discovers that the word Jinn is in the translation of the symbols and that “Jinn” is referring to Sheba’s son, being “the son of Jinn”. Whatever implications this has are to be fully explained but interestingly still. Dan then finds himself with the opportunity to read through Sky’s journal and does so. According to her journal the lights had names, one of which was El Shaddai.


Dan was later summoned to the lobby of his hotel and greeted by the director of a ruin turned into museum, they had previously visited. He gave Dan a photo of the stone he had seen at the museum and asked if he would translate it, which was the same photo John had sent him. After two hours of work the translation reads:

“… The chamber of the lord also made to remain in the place…”

”But the sky made to open up to the evil fire and made to burn…”

“But because of the blind prophets and the friend of the enemy…”

“Rise up to close the aperture in the sky to heal the nation…”


Dan gave his translation to be delivered to the director and while having dinner Dan asks Sky how she translated the symbols earlier. She said that it just makes sense to her. Then Dan admits to Sky that he read her journal, in which, they had a falling out of sorts but slowly regained their friendship.


After Yemen and all that happened there, Sky and Dan travel to Australia and after arriving in Sydney, they began to make their way to the Flinders mountain range in South Australia to find the other vortex or point of mystery as is described by Hurtak’s map to locate the other strange proto-canaanite symbols. John meets with them and takes them to his farm and on one of the nights there, Sky tells John of her encounters with the lights. John says that he thinks El Shaddai was a messenger of Yah, the same way that Moses spoke with God and that the same phenomenon allowing such communication is active in the vortexes or zones located on Hurtak’s map. One night at the ranch, from the porch, the lights reappeared and were much closer this time. They are described as the size of a truck and being egg shaped. The objects or orbs pulsed with colors and changed in colors actually making Dan think that they were alive somehow and characteristic of living and sentient creatures, not vehicles. The objects are described as being only several feet off the ground during this sighting.
The next day they drove to a small town outside of Adelaide where they got permission to go onto the land there. They hiked a short distance and discovered the next stone covered in similar symbols. However, something was a little different with theses glyphs. John discusses the Aboriginal beliefs of how a culture share knowledge through their interconnected consciousness and how it relates to these symbols, likely carved by aborigines’. On one of the panels, circles similar to what had been witnessed previously seemed to repeat them self from right to left and looked as if they slowly morph into a humanoid being with arms and legs, as if the orb had changed its shape from orb into humanoid through some kind of metamorphosis or shape transformation.



They returned for the night and John discusses how Vortexes work with the magnetic field of the earth. As the text says: “John explained that the earth had some type of energy field that surrounded it, more complex than the simple magnetic field with North and South poles. This field had twelve poles which coincided with certain fixed geographic points on the earth. It was here that contact with “the management” was possible”. According to John, these portals or vortexes have been around for an unimaginable amount of time and that the petroglyphs were of those people who communicated with these beings at the different vortex points located where the symbols were seen across the globe. John goes on to propose that different celestial events have caused massive disasters and catastrophes on earth before and will happen again, purportedly ranging from events such as coronal mass ejections, to super-nova’s. He says something about meridians on the earth being capable of absorbing these energies during such events, and that these vortexes or portals are safe points during such occurrences. John references his remembrance of the “burning sky” in the Colorado symbols and the need to hide from the sun.


Next, on their way to Flinders Range, they stayed with a man named Colin Norris, who at the time was the director of The Australian International UFO Research Inc. He has been collecting reports and interviews for years of different sightings in the area and gives Dan and John a map to the location of the petroglyphs they will visit last. Colin goes on to describe a military base at Woomera that was a group of defense contractors, whose chief member was Raytheon and that the area had phased arrays manned by an American air force, and a similar setup to the poker flats in Alaska. He warned them to stay away from there. Dan naturally wonders at this point what these Raytheon, military installations has to do with the vortex points. When they leave Colin’s, John and Dan talk about how John thought “the management”, or as some refer to as god, are a structured system of beings that watch over earths’ inhabitants and, when needed, provide adjustment.


They finally reached their destination and the symbols, and with Dan’s laptop battery dying he managed to translate a phrase, while at the location that reads,

“…in this place you will receive protection and power…”


Dan and John go back to the ranch and for some reason the lights stopped appearing to Sky. A woman named Sharon comes to the ranch who is a Shaman / healer and gives Dan some brown powder which seems to give him some kind of a high and helps put his racing mind at ease with all of the recent events. John and Dan then identify other vortex points on the map, one being in Brazil just west of Sao Paulo along with discovering Raytheon’s presence nearby. Another point is mentioned in Southern Peru, also, you guessed it, accompanied by a facility for Raytheon. A point is located near Kazakhstan with Raytheon exhibiting its powerful presence, along with every single location site. Dan speculates the possibility of the Raytheon existence being a check of sorts in, perhaps, an evil empire type of role.



Dan leaves Australia and lands in Logan Airport on September 9th, 2001. Dan says a buried chamber in Yemen was later located with ground penetrating radar and he moved to Vietnam to avoid the NSA and perhaps a personal tour to Guantanamo Bay. Dan, sometime after, was visited by two fellow expatriates and shared their beliefs as former engineers for one of Raytheon’s subsidiaries. They think that the “heaters” are to be used for a future event in defense of our existence and earth, due to a future solar situation that would leave earth’s magnetic field vulnerable and / or, destroyed. The system would, perhaps create an artificial ionosphere. However, the expatriates then discussed their concern of military personnel taking over the program and its potential to fall into the hands of those with different intentions. Dan goes on to question if the intentions of this technology is for future dominance after a global extinction level event to perhaps establish a new world order from the rebirth of our civilization, were a extinction level catastrophe occur.


One of the expatriates discusses how the technology can be used to locate oil underground but can also be used to trigger earthquakes and has done so in Iran.


From here Dan travels to Cambodia after being invited by a man named Jeff claiming to have relevant things of interest to discuss. During his visit he is drugged with Klonapin and almost dies. After he gets out of the hospital he goes to a US embassy in Phnom Penh and there they show him a picture of three men. One of those men was Jeff and they insisted he return to Vietnam for safety reasons so he does.

Some months later Dan gets another call from one of the 3 men in Cambodia claiming to have important information and that HAARP was going to perform another experiment in the next week. However, Dan promised to his newly found Vietnamese wife that he wouldn’t become involved anymore and lived up to his part of the bargain.

One morning his wife grabbed his attention and the TV was, surely enough, showing the earthquake in Indonesia that had caused a Tsunami, killing thousands in Thailand and Sri Lanka. His expatriate friends lived in the same vicinity and were among the victims.

This is where the story ends and Dan lives out his remaining days in Vietnam, trying to deal with what he knows.


You can find the original 142 page story here, including pictures of the sites, petroglyphs and such.


Personal Notes:

Blue aliens? Jinn? Genie in Aladdin was blue and came from a lamp and appeared to have magical gift granting abilities, perhaps abilities that could be related to divinity or extra-terrestrial technology. Maybe the genie in a lamp idea has roots due to its glowing. Lamps glow or are lit are they not? What if the original jinn is this particular species of blue alien as is seen in the photograph shown to Dan?


Some of the translation talks about “half breeds” or “white sects” in the Colorado symbols. Is there a correlation and relevance to half breeds and white sect being one in the same, and if so, would the original inhabitants that carved these glyphs be of a more pure race / bloodline? Is the half breed or white sect a hybrid race and, if so, does this support our origins being linked to the ancient astronaut theory? Is such a reference indicative of genetic alteration? If Sheba or Solomon created a jinn baby then which one was jinn or had jinn blood, the Sheba or Solomon? Is it possible that the original hybrid, white sect started with the birth of Menelik?


Has anyone visited these vortex points to try and initiate contact or communication, if even possible to locate and visit? I would love to know.


According to the map found in the Keys of Enoch there are natural and artificial vortex locations. What makes the artificial points artificial?


Under the earth is referred to in the glyphs for the Colorado location. Are there caves there in the vicinity? Has ground penetrating radar been done there?


It is mentioned that the Bedouins said that the clouds followed Mohammed. That is quite strange to me and makes me wonder about the cloud in the text shrinking and disappearing as they approached it. The theory of clouds being used as cover or camouflage for UFOs is not a new idea, and the ancient astronaut theory has talked about Mohammed along with other perceived deities having communication lines to ET’s, which were perceived as God. Is this something that can be considered proof for the theory?


The text discusses the petroglyphs in Australia showing a metamorphosis or sorts, where the orbs carved into stone that are eerily representative and similar to the orbs actually witnessed, turn into humanoid beings. Are these beings the same shown in the photograph? If under the right circumstances, could these sightings lead to a contact scenario? I’m also reminded of legends of shape shifters such as the Native Americans discuss the skinwalker being a shape shifter. Shape shifting isn’t new to conspiracy theorists and some think that aliens are integrated into our government and society, and have the ability to shape shift at will. Is shape shifting a common trait among different species of aliens?


It is mentioned that Dan thinks the orbs themselves are actually creatures and alive. I’m reminded of the ECETI or Gilliland Ranch in Washington where some visual evidence during sightings lends support to the theory that some sightings are not vessels or ships carrying beings, but the beings themselves. Also the sightings at the ECETI ranch exhibit similar characteristics where it concerns perceived communication, in that, the beings get brighter, change location, or change colors in response to a laser pointer aimed at them and other methods of attempted communication. Take a look at these close up of UFOs at ECETI, as this looks more like a being than a ship:

alien being alien being 2 alien being 3 alien being 4

You can see video footage of sightings and interactoins by visiting the ECETI ranch website here.


How old really are the portals or vortexes and how can they be accounted for in history or mentioned in historical references?


The mention of the glyphs translating to “needing” to hide from the sun is interesting. Might it correspond with a cycle of unrecorded history for solar activity?


“In this place you will receive protection and power” is translated. Is it possible that power or knowledge has been given to others in the past at these locations that would account for their seemingly divine abilities, due to communion with a higher intelligence or sentient species?


Has technology been received through communication with the beings said to be at these sites that could account for the perceptively radical abilities in technological development established and controlled by Raytheon near the areas? Or would it be linked to something more along the lines of Nikola Tesla?


I’m reminded of the work by Lt. Colonel, Tom Bearden on Scalar Electromagnetics and its implications for our planet. Are they related? His work can be found here.


It is claimed the Masons have ties that go all the way back to King Solomon and Egypt. Is the ancient astronaut theory related to them somehow through this line of reasoning?


Some think that mammatus clouds and their hypothesized formation is wrong, and that they really have something to do with HAARP.


One might ask, for what other strange occurences is HAARP responsible for but that is another article entirely.



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I'm interested in so many things, but the darker and more controversial, the more I seem to gravitate toward it. Archaic, esoteric, undiscovered...
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