Feminism & Intimacy


In order to avoid any misconceptions, allow me to first identify the terms feminism and intimacy. Feminists usually define feminism as a movement toward male and female equality, or equal rights for women. The assumption is that the law has in the past, and still does favor men over women. Read More…

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Equality of The Sexes


Equality is something that humanity has been preoccupied with in one context or another, for over one-hundred and fifty years now. In one respect, equality, and society’s recognition of it is a noble virtue. On the other hand, when those who are executing a social engineering agenda use the idea of equality to dupe the masses into accepting a false application of the equality principle, we have social chaos. Read More…

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Alien Profiling, Recon & Defensive Countermeasures

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They have been studying us for a very long time. Likely before we can remember. After some time scouring the depths of the internet, I believe one at this time can put together a realistic profile of details and important knowledge about aliens, at least the greys, not only for defense but to take matters into one’s own hands. Naturally I think it’s time the recon is reciprocated due to growing sightings, abductions, and mutilations.This is my research, these are my findings and thoughts… Read More

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Global Cover Up – Aliens Mutilating Humans


You probably have all heard time and time again of cattle mutilations and know the story and signs well. But what about human mutilations? Yeah you read that right and there are existing cases, a few now made into a documentary about human mutilations and the cover up to keep them from the public’s knowledge.This little viewed documentary discusses the case, that, not only are cattle mutilated in alien experimentation, for whatever reason involved, but human mutilation occurs and has been for years since before we can record history. The government keeps a tight tab on these cases and has a special department, originally created by President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, combined with NATO to handle these cases… Read More

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Ego, Evil, Self Improvement – Ascending The Path


The ego functions on these 3 principles. It constantly seeks to fulfill it’s own agenda which is to create in the mind of the person illusions that cause the person to follow the ego’s agenda which is the ego’s means to create a separate reality. It seeks to deceive the person into believing that any desires to improve oneself are only from the conscious desires of the person.The aspect of the ego’s complete dominance over the consciousness of the person is pretty much undiscernible to the person. The ego has been in charge for so long that the person cannot perceive the ego’s constant influence as it has become a psychological state of adjustment that has become normal… Read More

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Life Extension – Why Biblical Figures Lived 100’s of Years


Did figures as mentioned in the bible actually live for hundreds of years or was the reference to their age talking about something else? While I’m not one to prove or disprove the truth, I am one to speculate and postulate. Was something different about earth or were the humans that lived in those days just a more perfect version of the species we use to represent ourselves? There are a multitude of theories in regards to this and some rather interesting information about the subject… Read More

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Earth, Your Incarceration, Your Spiritual Cell


The primary determining difference between good and evil systems is who supports the established systems/natural laws and who fights against them. The established universal natural laws require that all intelligent entities have their free agency to do as they choose, hence, free agency in all applications is a number one supreme natural law. Those that honor free agency are naturally good and those that do not and/or fight against it are evil. Good seeks to establish and maintain balance in these worlds of dualism we are in. it seeks to keep evil at bay and not to utterly destroy it because it knows that balance is vital… Read More

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Religion Exposed – Navigating The After Death Matrix


The physical body may or may not suffer pain from that which causes its death, but there is no actual pain in death itself.  A number of people who have died and later returned to relate their experiences, have reported a tunnel through which, they traveled to the light at the other end. This is a trap designed to snare the curious, the mentally distraught, and those who have a fear of the darkness enveloping them… Read More

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Religion Exposed – The All


The modern world has been under the domination of organized religion since its inception in the first century A.D. Many of us refer to this era in terms of C.E., or Christian Era. Under this domination, the world came to accept the biblical god introduced by Judaism, because the destruction of the ancient spiritual traditions left the masses of humanity rudderless in a sea of religious occultism… Read More

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Religion Exposed – The Delusion Of The Masses


Everyone has heard the popular phrase stating that religion is the opiate of the masses, but few are aware that religion is but one aspect of mass delusion.I discussed an expansive thought which became everything, and I described it in terms of quantum physics. Scientists have made the mistake of viewing life as having come into existence due to an accidental “big bang”, which is just as ludicrous as the creation theory of religionists… Read More

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Religion Exposed – Cultural Blindness


In his book “Lila”, author and philosopher Robert Pirsig tells of sailing into port at Cleveland, when because of misreading the chart he believed he was actually some twenty miles up shore in a completely different harbor. Yet the landscape seemed to tie in with the chart – until he remembered having discounted discrepancies between the map and the land, convincing himself that changes had been made to the shoreline since the chart was produced. Writing about himself in the third person, Pirsig states: “It was a parable for students of scientific objectivity. Wherever the chart disagreed with his observations he rejected the observation and followed the chart… Read More

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Religion Exposed – Reincarnation – Traps & Symbols


Our engagement in the esoteric process does not require a belief in reincarnation, nor does it require a belief in any doctrine or dogma. It is, however, guaranteed that during one’s process, personal encounters with past-life scenarios will provide one with the personal experience, and therefore, knowledge of reincarnation as an esoteric principle. The Hindus claim that the Aryans from ancient Tibet conquered the Indus Valley and established the culture, religion and the Sanskrit language, leaving them with the principle of reincarnation… Read More

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Religion Exposed – Statement of Discharge


My decision to abandon Christianity in general, Mormonism in particular, and organized religion completely, has nothing to do with an inability to live the word of wisdom, or to refrain from fornication; nor does it have anything to do with having gone to prison, or having somehow lost my faith. My decision has everything to do with my open minded observation of facts and phenomena, in the face of a series of very profound spiritual experiences… Read More

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Religion Exposed – A Treatise On Religion – Begin The Awakening

Woman's Eye and World Globes

By way of an introduction, allow me to state that many people who read this will immediately label me as a “conspiracy theorist”. This seems to b a popular label used by those who have no other defense to use in behalf of that which they so dearly love and trust. many people have been duped by the politically correct crowd and its propaganda machine into believing that conspiracies are merely theories that are concocted by paranoid and deluded individuals… Read More

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Religion Exposed – Taking The Path Above Religion


The spiritual path, as we have discussed previously, requires personal responsibility for one’s performance of spiritual exercises, following the dictates of one’s Avalokita, and living the ethical life. There is no book of laws as there is in religion, nor is there a just and loving God waiting to punish you for eternity when you fail to obey such laws as provided by those forces existing outside yourself. Dominion, his Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters enjoyed total sovereignty over this planet for longer than the human mind can contemplate… Read More

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